Monday, February 25, 2008

Ohhh, I'm back!

Ohhh, it's a new day...and week. And one with much less stress. Thank you for all of your prayers last week for The Modest is Hottest event. It was a great success and God did His thing and showed up big time! We had pre-sold 650 tickets and another 160 moms and daughters (and one dad and his 2 tween girls) bought tickets at the door! over 800 were there. I still haven't taken the time to figure out the directions that Lisa B. taught me (thank you!) on how to post pictures but soon I'll have something to show you.

As for this week, I am mostly resting. I will speak Tuesday night to Joe Gibbs is an outreach event and the women of the racing community have been will be fun! But other than that, I've just planned a few lunches and coffee with friends and also am planning a bridal shower for another friend so pretty much this is a relaxed week.

As for fashion and/or beauty advice this week, I'd like to open up to a few questions. I really am quite brain warped from last week so I am going to turn it over to you girls.....let's talk about undergarments this week.....what are your challenges, faves, and questions about them? Let's get it started...anyone? Beautiful Blessings, Shari FYI: April asked me a question last week on how to bring the Modest is Hottest event to her town....all you have to do is e-mail me at and I'll forward the information to you!


Alyce said...

Glad you're back Shari! Wish I could be with you this week for coffee and chats! Would be fun.
I want to know if any of those undergarments, like Spanx, and the like, are comfortable. I have a pair of tummy control briefs and sometimes its just too tight on me. I like it w/ certain skirts, dresses, but a lot of times, I have had to go to the restroom at church and take the thing off it was so uncomfortable.

Dawn said...

Hi Shari! I hope your week is restful, you deserve it!! I like Spanx the best! I've tried Assets (the spanx off-brand) and they are good, but a bit thicker and heavier feeling. I've also tried the Hanes brand and they are ok too. I particularly like the capri length under slacks. But I have to say I'm concerned with the shorts/bermuda season coming up and how to hide the spanx. I think with bermudas they may be ok, but a walking shorts I don't think they'll work. I've tried all sorts of boy shorts and with my large rear-rumpas and ample thighs those things just seem to roll up and bunch up in a not-so-comfortable place! How do we keep cool and keep our cool this summer?
Much love, Dawn

dr_tawnda said...

I love Victoria secret. If I could afford it that would be all I own. I have a friend who only wears coordinated underware and bra. I never ever give my undergarments that much thought. I wear plan old cotton because it is comfortable. Should I be putting more thought into it? Should we be coordinating? I never where uncomfortable undergarments because...well they're uncomfortable. Is there anything out there with a reasonable price tag that doesn't make you feel like you've worn undergarments 2 sizes to small? I personally recommend that no matter what for bras go to a place that measures you. Don't go it alone to figure out your bra size. You'd be amazed how a great fitting bra can change your day!!

Pajama Mama said...

HI Shari,

I'm so glad to hear that things went so wonderfully at the Modest is Hottest event! My 12yodd keeps asking me when we can attend one!

I must admit to something: I do underthings on a budget. I know my VS bra size and then buy them (NEW) from ebay (NO! not used...ew.) And I shop for other underthings on clearance at Belk's. I have found some great things on those racks! Recently, I found seamless panties to wear with jeans (the tag said so) and they are my current favorites.


Julie said...

I have trouble finding a good bra with support. When I thought I had discovered one.. the straps kept falling off my shoulder!

Kelly said...

Donna Karan Body Perfect Level One "bike shorts" are really comfortable and flattering, giving you no vpl. I have a few in nude and black and wear them all the time under my work slacks. I also have the capri length ones, but they are not quite as comfortable as the shorter ones. Jockey also makes good underwear and camis that have a smooth line under clothes.