Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Undergarments...some answers!

Good questions on the comments yesterday. Kelly had the best advice for what to wear under shorts so take a look at that. For undergarments, the more seamless, the better, no bulky stuff either. Underwear is such a personal thing. Some like cotton, others silk and others nylon/poly. Dr twanda wanted to know about matching....I kind of like that! For years I always matched bra and panties....had mutltitude of colors. Now I tend to buy the same color so I don't have to think much about it, yet it matches! I do recommend everyone have some light colored sets and some dark colored sets, though, depending on what you're wearing on the outside. Buying a good bra is essential.....when you look at yourself in the mirror, your bustline should sit evenly between your shoulder and elbow. Most are hangin' too low! I suggest a good dept. store where you can get a good fitting. Seems that some of you like Victoria Secrets, just make sure you are getting a proper fitting. If your straps keep falling off, Julie, then something's wrong....they may need tightened, or it's the wrong style for you. Are you an A body type? With narrow shoulders, gaining weight in hips and thighs? If so, you may need a racer back type bra so you won't have slipping. For a good tummy control AND bra in one, Wacoal makes a camisole/bra you slip over your head, and the body of the cami fits over your belly and sucks you's awesome! Make sure it is longer than the fullest part of your tummy....know what I mean? Cause you don't want your fluffy stuff coming out the bottom of should be smooth all over. It's pricey (about $68) but is a all in one dealy. I also saw a Hanes "waist cincher" at Target that looks like a tube top. You just step into it, pull it up, it flattens your belly and makes you look like you have a waist! Pretty neat! You gals are full of good ideas! Okay, tell me this for today's topic....who's wearing hose these days???? Anyone? Beautiful blessings! Shari


Anonymous said...

Hey Shari,
You keep coming up with more rules is this another one :)? I don't know if I can keep up! Are hose not cool or should I say stylish?? I usually only wear hose in the winter when I wear a black dress or black in it with black shoes or boots and black tights or hose. Since I am one of the few who can wear black...YES!

Cindy said...

I try to avoid hose as much as possible! Bare Bisque.

dr_tawnda said...

Hate em. If I need to wear some I wear the knee highs. They work the best and stay up so much better. Though if I need to wear full length I always get the kind that also works to suck everything in.

Miss Sandy said...

Hi Shari,
Great advice. Hose, hate them, they are hot and I never get a good fit even though I use the chart on the back of the package. I do wear them if them some in winter or depending on the event and dress code.

I was wondering about your new e-book. I got an email that there was a problem with it and it would be another week or so before it was out. Is it available yet? I'd love to purchase a copy. Also, will it come out in a hardback version?

Thank You and have a great week!

Wrinkled Shirt Ministries said...

I have to wear hose with my work uniform, plus I wear the really tight ones. I feel that they help with the "Verigross" veins. That may be all in my head but since I have to wear them anyway I'd like to think I'm getting some type of benefit out of it.
Paula <><

Alyce said...

Hey Shari!
I do not like Hose at all. But I do wear them on Sundays, Oct/Nov-April. Come May and warm weather, they are GONE!