Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Weigh In Day

Tuesday is weigh in day at my house. Oh what a day...sometimes I look forward to it and sometimes not. My husband has been put on a strict diet from his doctor...he MUST lose 50 lbs. And soon. His liver is a mess and he's way bigger than is healthy. I think he's cute that way but I'd rather have him alive and a bit thinner so he's gotta cut out some stuff. Well, a LOT of stuff. So we began last week with a series of Stir Fry. Okay, I'm a meat and potatoes kind of girl, raised in Ohio by meat and potatoe parents. My dad raised us by telling us that Coke and Chocolate Bars are food staples AND that carrot cake is a vegetable. You are laughing....he is not kidding! And he is the healthiest human being I know. Oh, and did I tell you he's almost 76....oh yes, indeed! And still golfs at least once a week....and is an inventor. Just had to throw that in cause that's really cool, isn't it?

Anyway, my poor husband has to live with me and my son who in reality, got my dad's genes. I pretty much stay the same weight and just have to watch it a little bit. Now, hear me on this, I am 5'11" and am very happy at size 14. I could work to get to a 12 (maybe eat a few less girl scout cookies this week) but honestly, with my height, I don't feel real good when I weigh much less. Luke is my 13 year old who not only got PawPaw's genes but also his eyebrows...much to his dismay! That's a story for another day...(my dad's are pure white and about 3 inches tall!) I wonder if my dad ever reads this???? Hmmmm. Anyway, poor Luke and I have been subjected to Dave's stir fry all week....broccoli, onions, mushrooms and more broccoli. I have been making jello and rice krispy treats for a low fat dessert alternative. (Because if we get one more delivery of girl scout cookies I think my hubby is gonna start throwing them....why did we order so many??)

So we just knew that today was gonna be a good weigh in day cause Dave worked really hard all week to eat right. On the scale I went first....oops, put on one pound. Too many lemon cookies from those darn girl scouts. Then Dave. Happy Dave cause he had stir fry, remember? And he walked around the mall with me so long his feet hurt so he got his exercise in. Weigh In begins. He lost .5....yes that was POINT 5 pounds. Try this again. He goes UP one pound. Try a third time...he goes down...finally....1.5 pounds. Finally, a fourth time....down 1.5 pounds. He decides to go with that one....(since it did register that way twice by golly).

So, it's off to begin another week of ....Please, God, NOT stir fry, but of trying to eat less, move more. Our one thing different to do this week....drink 6 glasses of water per day. Maybe that'll help. And hiding the Girl Scout cookies. Hey, what does this all have to do with fashion you might ask? It would be nice to fit into our spring clothes, don't ya think? So I'm off to drink some water...won't you join me? Beautiful Blessings, Shari


dr_tawnda said...


My husband and I are both on a lifestyle change program to lose weight (diets don't work because it has to change how you view food, otherwise you just gain it back). I have about another 65 to lose and he's got 50 to lose.

One thing that helps me is that you've got to think about this as a discipline problem. And being at a healthy weight is God honoring. This body is His temple after all and it is our responsibility to take care of it.

We have a 6 month old daughter and I am also doing this for her. I want her to learn to eat healthy, exercise and take care of yourself. Obesity is a serious medical condition that I would never want her to suffer from.

I pray your husband will have an easier week and that he is able to lose weight and maintain it. Oh and drinking water increases the metabolism!!

Charlene Kidd said...

I will let you have my scale. I went to weigh in and it is broken!! It is stuck on 25 pounds. Let me know if you want it.
Happy healthy eating,

Shari said...

Pleassssssssssse Charlene....send it on! In fact, I'll just come and pick it up....should we have lunch out at the same time? love ya, Shari

Alyce said...

Hi Shari!
Lets do Biggest Loser together! I have fallen in love w/ that show this season..never have watched it until now. Of course, I watch, and think "why can't I lose like that", then I snap into reality and realize I am not on some "ranch" w/ no responsibilites except to lose weight. I can't work out 6 hours a day, nor do I want to!.
I hope you don't have to live off stir fry this week. Do you want me to come cook for you? haha! maybe not, I like butter too much.
Oh..and I thought that was too funny about your dad and your upbringing. I was raised on Pepsi and nabs and cookies and cake, etc. We always had a dessert made at home.. Its a southern thing for me I guess.
But I am trying to lose, I could lose 20lbs, but I'll be happy w/ 15.. Lets do it!


April said...

SO I am in need of fashion tips. Dealing with weight in a way. I jsut had a bay. Stil have a slight belly hanging out and since I am breastfeeding, well I am slightly bigger there too!! HA!! So nothingis fitting right. I sitll get 3 more weeks til I am approved by doc towork out. What are some ways I can inexpensively dress nice and avoid buying new clothes and avoid wearing sweatshirts every day?
and I agree thsoe girl scout cookies are evil

Erin said...

Shari, I am a very happy size 10, and finally got back to a 10 last fall after having 2 kids. So the past few months, I have been watching what I eat, but doing things pretty loosely. Today, I put on my size 10 Talbots jeans that I got in Dec., and felt a little snug in the bottom. So, I am back to my First Place eating plan, and cutting out sugar, until Easter. I found this post very appropiate this morning!

And, I am from Ohio too. Are you all BUCKEYE Fans? My 18 month old holds her nose everytime we say "Michigan" for Michigan stinks! I doubt I'll ever go back, I love the Southern weather!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shari!
I've been on a toxic cleanse since Nov. 6, 2006. It's called Isagenix. It's really worked for me! I've been a size 22 most of my life, starting as a freshman in high school! I am now down to wearing size 12 pants and large tops. I've lost between 60-70 pounds, still getting a few off from the holidays. When a friend said the words "toxic cleanse" I KNEW this was for me. My health has greatly improved, in fact I see the weight loss as the bonus and my health improvement as the real plus! Now I know not every program works for everyone and I usually don't say anything about what I use, but if your husband has to lose weight, stay healthy and do it fast...this could really help him. The web site is www.isagenix.com my email is marygeer@sbcglobal.net if you want to contact me further. BTW ~ I was the one who emailed Natasha about doing a fashion show and I'll be helping her. Plus I'll be going to She Speaks this year.
God is good!
Have a great day!
Mary :)

Carolina Mama said...

This is awesome! Best to you and your husband on this journey. I know, the Girl Scout cookies.... Yes, I will join you on the glass of water!

natenkristy2 said...

would you like a recipe for a healthy & delicious chicken chili?

Shari said...

I'm so glad so many of you feel my pain! And yes, Kristy, send on the recipe....I don't cook, but my hubby does and is willing to try new things! Thanks! Shari