Friday, March 14, 2008

A Personal Shopping Appointment!

I had such a good week! I met a woman well over a year ago, it might have even been two years, but she got my color swatches at an in-home workshop I conducted for her 2 daughters- in- law and her (it's a 4 hour appointment with 2-6 women where I ask clients to bring 4-6 outfits and I analyze them, tell them what is best for their body shape, how to accessorize, what colors they should wear, etc.) Anyway, she found my website and e-mail on the swatches and e-mailed me several weeks ago and set up a personal shopping appointment with me. We were scheduled to meet on Tuesday at 10am. I got there early, and so did she. Except we couldn't find each other. Okay, Dillards is really not that big, but when you haven't seen someone for awhile you really don't know who you're looking for. I kept checking my cell phone but no message. And of all days, I left my daytimer at home. The thing is, we forgot to EXCHANGE cell phone numbers with each other...I was just hoping maybe she had mine. She didn't.

I had my assistant with me so I decided to take advantage of the time and do some shopping myself. I finally figured I must have had the wrong day. I am usually very careful with my dates...not usually, ALWAYS careful, but this time, I figured I must have gotten it wrong. Finally, at noon, yes, NOON, I was standing at the accessory counter looking for something to go with one of my new outfits and this beautiful woman comes up to me, leans on the counter and says, "Shari?" I say, "Carolyn?" Oh dear. She had an armful of tops (which I made her return all but one) and had decided I must have left since we hadn't found each other. Have you ever done that? Crazy.

So, I called my husband, asked him to take care of carpool that afternoon and Carolyn and I shopped till 6pm! And oh my goodness....she had driven over 4 hours for our appointment...she lives in Atlanta! Can you imagine her dismay? But, it all turned out well, we even went out for lunch and she stayed an additional night in a hotel.

But on to the good stuff! She got a slammin' wardrobe! Wow! She is already beautiful, (she doesn't think so) but she is....she has the most porcelain skin and we found some really neat stuff! Here's the thing. As you grow older, it is important to take time when shopping. It's also important to buy better quality, which means you may have to spend a little more than you are used to. The reason I had Carolyn return the 6 or 7 tops she picked out is because they looked inexpensive. She is retired, a grandma, a wife, a mother and on her way to Disney World! She's gotta look, she's gotta look GREAT! And sometimes when you let someone else tell you what to wear, it's a good day! I put things on her she would never have chosen for herself. But then, we usually just buy quick and cheap, don't we? Here's what I want to say to you today: You are worth full price. What I mean by that is this, when shopping and you find a bargain....meaning it's on sale and you think it might work for you, ask yourself this question..."If I could afford anything I wanted, would I pay full price for this if I could?" If your answer is YES, then buy it. But, honestly, for the most part, you'd probably say "no". We tend to buy things just cause their on sale. Don't do it. That's how you end up with a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. Plan your wardrobe purchases. Just like you might plan anything else you a menu.

I am off to speak in Lexington, NC. Can't wait to meet a beautiful group of new women. And would SOMEONE please drive here on Monday and show me how to post pictures? Lisa B.....can't you get on that Harley of yours? It's really not THAT far. Smiles! And Beautiful Blessings to you all, Shari


Charlene Kidd said...

Your stories never cease to amaze me. I really like your suggestion to ask the question before buying something on sale. That could stop unnecessary spending. Have a great weekend.

April said...

I am horrible about buying random stuff. My closet is full of random stuff and nothing matches. Not only is it all random, it is really all casual. So how does someone go shopping with you? And how do I get information on hosting a modest is hottest event?

dcrmom said...

Hey Shari! I need help with a trip to Disney, myself. I'm going with a group of bloggers (can't wait!) and I have no clue what to wear. I'm thinking my typical jeans and t-shirts are kind of slummy for an event like this. But I don't have any (okay, one) summer skirts, and my favorite right-below-the-knee length shorts are kind of faded. Sigh...

Anyway, it sounds like a fun shopping trip! I wish you could show us pictures. :-)

Dawn Ward said...

April, Since Shari mentioned she is off to speak at an event, I thought I would respond to the question about Modest is Hottest.

Shari has all the information posted on her website, You can see her schedule and contact information. Instructions for booking are also included. Hope this helps.


Lisa B @ simply His said...

Ha Shari! I got my motorcycle license Wednesday but I'm just not quite up for a long road trip :D

Email me when you get back, and I'll help you post some pictures -- because the stuff you're describing? Would go so much better with pictures!

Oh, and I check out the Harley clothes -- I'm on the lookout for some v-neck shirts that aren't too skimpy!

Have a great weekend in Lexington! And let me know if you're up for more personal shopping appts -- it won't be long until I can get on my Harley and ride to Charlotte -- of course, we might have to ship the clothes back to my house. There's just not that much room on a Harley :D

Family O'Foxes said...

What a great reminder about "would I pay full price for this."

Good luck this week!

Alyce said...

Hey Shari..
All your info is wonderful..but for those of us that just can't afford new clothes that are of high quality, we have to make the best of what we've got. I'd love for you to take me shopping!
Charlotte is 6 hours from me..too far!! I love the Concord Mall though ;-)