Sunday, March 16, 2008

Some info on my events/appointments

Hi all, What fun it was in Lexington! It turns out I didn't take pictures but if anyone else at the conference did, I'd love some copies...and Lisa B. can help me post them...after all, since she can't go far on her new Harley she has some time to help me!

Lexington was awesome....I must tell you something funny, though. Remember when I told you when I arrived in New York, they had a driver for me holding the sign with my name on it? Well Lexington has them beat! As we (my assistand Patti and I) exited off the highway to turn into our hotel, the Comfort Suites had "Welcome Shari Braendel" on their big sign!!!!! About that time, my sister Wendi called me on my cell so I had to tell her. She said in the most serious of tones...."Well you better take a picture cause THAT'S never gonna happen again!" We laughed and laughed....and pulled over and took a pic with my cell phone...not too clear, but at least I have it!

On another note, I've had some requests lately regarding how I go about doing the personal shopping appointments. Also, April asked how to find out about The Modest is Hottest Fashion Show event. I'm going to use this post to tell you about both.

First of all, if you are interested in knowing about the Fashion Show event for girls and their moms, please e-mail me at to give me your address and I will mail you a full blown event on DVD....this way you can show it to your women's or youth ministry dept. so they can see if it's something they'd like to do! I am now booking for Fall 2008 and Spring and Fall 2009.

Next, here is the info for personal shopping appointments OR in-home group workshops:

4 hour session: $250 This is individualized to the specific needs of the client. This will include all that is in the description below and/or personal shopping time. This can also include a wardrobe evaluation in her home. Appointment takes place in home or a store of choice. If this appointment is strictly for shopping, we will meet at the store and client stays in dressing room while I bring her things to try. All is done within client's preferred budget.

4 hour session with 4-6 women: $125 each includes color analysis, color swatches, body type analysis, wardrobe ascessment. Each woman brings several outfits to be assessed. Makeup and Accessories are also discussed. This is usually done in someone's home but can also be done in the training center of Dillards/Northlake. If done here, we can also have professional bra fittings for each and a short personal shopping time. I will send you a list ahead of time of what you need to bring.

4 hour session with 2-3 women: $175 each same description as above.

All appointments are discussed ahead of time to determine what is best for the client. I believe once you meet with me, you will know how to do this on your own for the well spent...hey Mother's Day is coming up!

Have a super day! Beautiful blessings to you, Shari



Family O'Foxes said...

Too bad I live in Oregon....
This sounds like money well spent.
I keep looking at the swatches trying to figure out which one is me (maybe warm...but I think of those colors with people who have red head). I have very slight freckles (so I don't know if that counts).

Alyce said...

Hey Shari..
Glad you had a great weekend.. I'll see if I can get you to come to VA. I might want to get a DVD from you..pass it on to our youth minister. Some of our girls show too much skin!!

I'm trying to blog..when you get a chance.. stop by and offer suggestions..


Anonymous said...

Hi Shari,
If I fly you to Germany, do I have to pay you too?? Or can I just feed you for a couple of days!! I am having a serious look at my closet. I cleared out all offensive colors 2 years ago, but I really need to shop. Maybe we can meet halfway on one of my visits to Ohio sometime. I think I need to order your swatches too. Need all the help I can get, thanks for blogging it.

Love Sis

Shari said...

Sis, if you fly me to Germany I'll just bring you your swatches! When are you going to Ohio? Happy to meet you but it would be West Virgina that's halfway and I'm not sure how the shopping would be! Say hi to Rod for me....

Amy: what color hair and eyes do you have? Give me the details and I'll analyze you this way... Shari

Alyce: Hope you're feeling better today! If you want me to send the DVD so you can give it to your church ministry leaders/youth/women's...I'd be happy to..just need your address!

April said...

thank you for the info!
hmm, woud you come to VA for a shopping appt?

Marybeth said...

Oh I could so hear Wendi saying that to you!! That is SO her!! I can just see that whole scene playing out-- I linked to you on my blog today, with a note about how you are coming over tomorrow. So now you are locked in! See you then!

Family O'Foxes said...

My eye color is hazel (mostly green color depending on what I am wearing)...and my hair color is a mousy/dirty light brown.

As a teen I did Color me Beautiful and from that I was a "summer"...blonde as child getting darker as I aged.

I looked on my blog for a current picture.
That was a couple of months ago (yes, my hair is weaved).


Shari said...

Amy, you are a more black on you! Just pretty, soft colors...and you'll be shining brightly!

Family O'Foxes said...

Shari, Thank you! :) SOFT, huh?! I don't own clothes in those colors. I usually wear blacks and browns. Now, I'm going to have rethink my wardrobe.
You are the best! I love your blog!