Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What Purse should YOU buy?

I was looking thru some old photos from elementary school the other day and found my second grade class picture...the group one. I was standing on the end on the top row (because I was almost the tallest, next to Mary Ellen Gum....how do I remember her full name?) and there I was....in my warm, autumn colors, dress and matching purse. Yes, I am serious. Matching purse....same fabric as my dress! How many little girls actually take their purse to the group photo? Most are left in their locker or at their desk...not me....So it started early, yes indeed it did.

Anyway, I want to post about what color purse you should be carrying the majority of the time.

The answer is: Match your hair. Get as close to coordinating it as you can to your haircolor. Most of you (because I've seen you at the mall, you just don't know it) are carrying black purses and your hair is not. Now, if you have white hair, get a taupe or camel color...or a metallic that you like. If you are a redhead, your metallic choice should be gold or bronze, not silver....because it's closer to your hair color. If you are a medium brunette, then a medium brown is best....dark brunette, then dark brown or black is fine. If you have salt and pepper, then black is good as it will match the pepper.

Hope that helps....any questions?


dcrmom said...

This makes sense. BUT. I like colorful purses. Green or coral or red or bright yellow...

I know, I have to be difficult. :-)

I think a green bag goes with almost everything. It's my favorite non-neutral neutral.

Of course, I don't have one. Hmmm... :-)

Alyce said...

I have to add on to what dcrmom says.. I am using a leather one I got from Target this year for the spring.. it is in a soft Teal color. really cute and perty..
I think using neutral color pocket books all the time is boring. I know I shouldn't use black, but I have and love a purse I bought in Savannah last spring that is a black and white Toille print.. gorgeous!!


Family O'Foxes said...

Why didn't you stop me when you saw me at the mall? Geesh! I would of love to meet you. :)

Yes, I always carry the same black purse (and my hair isn't black at all). Shame on me. Lastnight I broke my zipper pull on my purse...so my hubby should be fine with me getting a new purse.

Where do you get a reasonable price purse? I usually just get mine from Target or Shopko.


Shari said...

Amy, I think Target is a good place to get a purse...but also try your inexpensive shoe stores, like Payless. They have trendy bags to go with their trendy purses and are at a good price!

The Davis Chronicles said...

God BLESS you! Heaven knows there are plenty of women out there who just need simple fashion advice and a little help. And couldn't you stop me at the mall and compliment the fact that I was carrying the right color (diaper) bag for my hair color? I have two cute little kids, so I'm easy to spot.
If you flip through those no-no magazines like US and OK and People, they always have fashion do's and don't and usually you'll see some pint sized fashionista trying to make a statement that comes out all wrong.
I have dark hair and so I normally carry a dark bag and the same is true of shoes. Dark haired women seldomly have lead to wear white shoes. On my wedding day, that's it. I think white shoes with dark hair is terribly unbalanced.
With dark hair, I can usually pull off a red acessory such as shoes or a purse with black that pop.
But really, I'm no fashion model. I just have a pretty good idea of what not to do and a strong desire to stay away from it. I tend to lean a little bit more towards some Jackie O type classic cuts, but not the color schemes she had. Bumble Bee Yellow isn't me. :o)
~ Catherine

Deb said...

Now, I just do that naturally! What a treat to know that a non-bag person like me is already doing the right thing. Lol.

Family O'Foxes said...

Thanks for the tip, Shari! I will look there. Now, that you pointed out black is all wrong for me...I'm very self-conscious of my mistake.

Now, I need to find a light brown purse with highlights. hee hee!