Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Update on Purses!

Okay, Okay, I get all like colorful purses! I love them, too....BUT my post yesterday really had to do with the color of neutral bag you should buy IF you are only buying one of them.

The majority of women carry one purse for everything. And that's how it should be, cause who wants to change out purses all the time? BUT, most women also pick a neutral bag for this one thing. So they pick either brown or black. In most cases.

That's where the rule comes in. I should have clarified it for my more fashion savvy readers...ahem....see comments from!

For Spring, you are right....big, bold colors are in! So go ahead and get splashy, get bright, get colorful, be bold! But if I see you at the mall or She Speaks conference with a neutral bag that DOES NOT coordinate with your haircolor, I might just tell you so! Have a beautiful day~and don't forget to go fill those Easter'd think when your kids get to be 23 years old (triplet stepdaughters) and one who is thirteen (my boy) they'd be too old for baskets???? Nooooooooooo....of course not! They'd still like to hunt for eggs if I hid them....oh wait, I think I do. Oh dear.....maybe it's me that needs to grow up! Ha! Beautiful Blessings my bloggy girlfriends, Shari


Anonymous said...

Hey Shari,
You are too funny! I hope women know you definitly will tell them the truth if you see them. I went for a hair cut yesterday and my stylist said that she heard the conference went well, that you were bluntly honest but funny! The lady that you counted too many points is the one who told her!
About your egg hunt Lauren Ashley who is 19 told me she wanted us to have an egg hunt. I think she wants money in the eggs not candy, ha.
Love to you.

Alyce said...

Hey Shari!
Thanks for clarifying ;-)
I just got a mini makeover yesterday! I cut 5 inches off my hair and add some blonde in there. I'm ready for spring now..with my hair and my teal pocket book!

dcrmom said...

Point taken. :-) And when I see you at She Speaks, I'll be carrying a gorgeous bright coral Kate Spade pebble leather tote. :-) :-) You'll be able to spot me a mile away. ;-)

Erin said...

Such helpful information. I do love my bright green bag! I use it most of the time!

April said...

hey shari!! glad we finally made contact.
oh sigh, can't think about my girls in their 20's. sniffle, sniffle.
the fun part about hiding eggs, is dyeing them together ahead of time.
my mom still makes me an easter basket!!

Digging for Pearls said...

Hope you and your family have a blessed Easter.

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

Interesting! I am always drawn to brown (and I'm a brunette), so kudos to me. I got something right (accidentally). I did have a great muted red bag this fall that I loved carrying.

So it's okay to carry my brown purse with black shoes? I do, but I want your blessing.