Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Shoes and Bags and Where did I find these??

Hi gals, I've had several questions about where in the world did I find these clothes I'm telling you about. I was sent to a really cool website by my friend MaryBeth that I think one of her Disney friends told her about. It is a place where you can find all sorts of things....kind of a woman's idea of paper dolls! But it gives you the link to all the clothes I've listed. So if you want to go check it out and see all the clothes go to this link. You'll have to search around to find the exact items I posted about but just to give you an idea, the kakhi shorts are from Kohl's, on sale for $18. The white pants are from Alloy and are $14.99, the jean shorts didn't show a price and the printed skirt is on sale for $ was originally $248. All the tops except for one were from the United Kingdom! Oops! But if you'll read my comment from yesterday you'll know that the purpose of this wardrobe listing the way I'm doing it is not to have you find the exact items but to give you an idea of what a working wardrobe looks like....a working wardrobe is one that "works" for you and not against you. You can find items like these at Target, Walmart and Saks Fifth Avenue, too. It's all about your individual budget. So try not to get caught up on finding the exact items, but use this as a guide to build your own fun wardrobe.

Okay, on to shoes and bags today! Here you go. I have listed a pair of tennis shoes (really cute ones!) from Coach. I normally don't advise women to buy a brand name but when it comes to shoes it's a different story. If you want comfort, you must spend a little more. I have a pair of Coach slip on tennies that I adore. They are honestly the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever owned. They zip me thru airports like none I've ever worn. I got them on sale for about $45 but I will spend full price for them when these wear out. They are awesome. So if you need some comfy flats for walking alot (not for walking walking....does that make sense?) but for running around alot, then I highly advice you try some by Coach.

Enjoy the pics today! I will post the add on accessories next post for this wardrobe. Notice I've posted 2 big bags and 2 smaller shoulder bags. You will need one of each for travel cause if you're walking all over Disney or some other vacation spot, you want something easy to carry over your shoulder and also you don't want it to be very heavy. I posted 2 of each to give you some choices.

Beautiful Blessings, Shari FYI, I'm off to Iowa on Friday morning to speak at a women's conference this weekend so I'll be back on Monday to answer any questions! Not taking my laptop cause my host says I'll have lots to look at cause there is cattle out my bedroom window!


Family O'Foxes said...

Another great post! Thanks for all the great infomation.

This past Fall I became a Skechers girl. I love those shoes.

Wish I was going to the conference you are speaking at this weekend. Have fun!
You look fabulous!

Family O'Foxes said...

I posted your "swatch books" on my blog. And I wore pink today. Which is a color I never wear.
Here it is:


Mommy_23 said...

Hi Shari,
It's your pal Dana, from Lexington. Found my way to your blog yesterday and have been reading, reading, reading, to catch up on the conversation. I absolutely adore the Coach tennis shoes, and I agree with the investment in tennis shoes (not that I have any fashion sense at ALL!) I also will probably have a gazillion questions. I am beginning to "sort through" my wardrobe (of sweats, t-shirts, & lounge wear) to "weed-out" unflattering items. Should I purge old shoes as well? Some of my shoes are well, really pricey, and don't have a lot of mileage! Do they go? Also, being a little more "voluptious" & "curvy" as a size 24, most flat shoes make me look short, and wedges make my back hurt, a lot! Help!! Help!! I've been asked to speak at several women's events and I want ot look "put" together as opossed to "slapped" together, make sense?
Anyhoo, hope the cows put on a great show and I am sure the Lord blessed your weekend! Much Love, Dana!

Zoe said...

Yikes, poor sweetie;I hope you've returned to the land of the living. Your repetoir of stories certainly continues to increase and so does the level of drama.

I can't wait to hear how the Lord will use this one. Just imagaine the ladies who couldn't attend this weekend but will be there to see and hear you in the Fall.

Remember Job 42:2, "I know you can do all things, no plans of yours can be thwarted".
His plan for you and those ladies was not thwarted;it was accomplished perfectly for His purposes.

Rest up friend, you must be exhausted!
Do I need to make you some Greek chicken soup?
Love you,
P.S. Your magazine cover is fabulous just like you!!!