Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hi all! The winner of my e-book is congrats to her! The reason I picked her is because of her comment, "My mother never taught me anything much about fashion"....and on the first page of my book I actually say the reason I wrote the book is that the thing I hear most is that very thing! So Amy, congratulations! If you've already ordered the book, I can send you another for you to use as a gift for someone OR I can credit your card....just let me know if that is the case! Just e-mail me at and give me your address and the details.

Today I want to answer 2 questions I recently got from you. First of all, I was asked how big is too big for sunglasses? Really, there is no rule except they shouldn't be so big you look silly! I saw a picture recently of Victoria Beckham (aka Spice Girls) and her glasses were so big they took up MORE than half her that looked silly. Sunglasses should be at or above your eyebrows but just slightly. They also should be flesh to the sides of your face....if they are narrower than your face, no good, if too wide, then too big. If you follow just those 2 simple rules you will have lots of room to do well! Hey, I'm proud of all you tortoise-wearing-sunglasses-gals! You go girls!

The next question was "can I wear silver accessories with my gold wedding rings" or vice versa?
The answer is Yes, you can. I'm not gonna tell you to go ask your husband for new rings! I don't want any bad e-mails! But, honestly, no one's gonna notice that. However, IF you really want to go the whole silver route, then did you know you can actually get your real gold ones dipped? Oh yes you can! And the other way around, too!

I hope that answers a few of your questions and you are getting excited about summer coming up! I cannot believe my son has less than 4 weeks of school left...yikes!

I am off to Huntsville, Alabama tomorrow (thursday) to speak at Southwood Presbyterian Church....Modest is Hottest Fashion Show on Friday night and women's event on Saturday! I hope I see some of you there!!!!! How fun would that be?!

Beautiful Blessings! Shari


AmyD said...

Yay! Thank you so much!

Alyce said...

oh no..I can't imagine anyone dipping their wedding rings another color (or metal).. They should stay they way they were given! Such precious circles of love and committment.
Have a great weekend Shari..

Family O'Foxes said...

Congrats AmyD. I got my book yesterday in the mail. Thank you for the fast service. I devoured the book. :)

I love it. I've never been an accessory, this morning I was trying to count ...I'm only up to 7. I guess I have some work to do.

I have long legs. I hate them (they are ugly after 3 kids in a row)...anyway, my pants are always shrinking on me (or maybe I'm still growing...hee hee). I've taken to rolling (nicely done....just 2 folds- like capris) the bottom of my khaki's so I can still wear them in the spring and summer. Is that an okay look? Otherwise I'm going to have to go naked on my bottom half.


April said...

ok I am so buying that book. my mother did not teach me a single thing either on fashion, hair or makeup. I look at my closet and sigh ( t-shirts and jeans), I am clueless when it cmes to acessories and as far as applying makeup, not a clue. and my hair, it stays in a ponytail. So sad, so sad