Monday, April 21, 2008

How about a compliment?

Oh how I do love me a compliment, don't you?! But women today just seem to not get or give enough of them...when was the last time you had one? When was the last time you gave one?

My mom was so good at giving compliments and I think I'm pretty good at giving them too....but I really make a point of doing so. If I see someone with nice skin, I tell her. If my sister's hair looks good, I tell her. I even try to find something nice to tell the drive thru ladies at McDonald's (where I drive thru way too much!) But it's so good to get one, isn't it? So I gotta tell you about one I got last week!

I was speaking at Northside Christian School on modesty. Well this guy was there speaking to the students too, who used to be on MTV's Real World and has a great testimony. Out of the blue, I mean, the clear, clear blue sky, he said as he was looking at the fabric on my sleeve of this crinkly patterned blouse I have, "you know, you are modestly hot!" And then, after realizing what he said, blushed and laughed and all those around us, cracked up! Because, how cool is it, to be "modestly hot"? I think he just thought the fabric of my blouse was really neat, and it is, but the words came out of his mouth so fast, we all just laughed! He was totally embarrassed because he meant it so innocently but just saying it stunned him...and me! So girls, are you "modestly hot" today? What was the last compliment you got? I'd love to hear it....but even if you don't want to tell me, I challenge you today to go out and give one to someone who needs to hear it. Compliment them on their smile, their hair, their outfit. Tell them how nice they are to be around. Tell your husband how cute he is! Tell your kids they did a good job. But go give a complete stranger an honest compliment....and make her day! And don't forget to dress "modestly hot" and feel good about who you are! Beautiful Blessings, Shari


Alyce said...

You go girl!

AmyD said...

Hi Shari! Wow, I'm so excited! I don't think I've ever won anything before. And wouldn't you know it, just two days ago I purchased the book. When we got our computer back it was one of the first things that I did! lol My order number is 1709. I bought a soft copy and had it sent to my home. I can't wait to read it!

AmyD said...

P.S. Just last week I went out shopping and took your advice on purses with me. I purchased a nice brown purse to match the color of my hair. It looks SO much better than my little black one I used to carry around. Thanks for the tip!

Family O'Foxes said...

I'm with you giving "real" compliments. They mean so much to the person you give it to .
I try to do it often. :)

Julie said...

Love the comment "modestly hot"! Just recently, my sister-in-law told me I dress conservatively. I didn't take it as a compliment--but your story makes me think I should!