Monday, May 5, 2008

Chelsea Clinton?

Another exciting weekend! Except this one had a little twist to it, albeit the reason I didn't post on Friday. I was to speak at Crossroads Church on Friday night and all was going pretty smoothly until thursday afternoon. I received a call from CC event coordinator who informed me that the Clinton campaign Faith and Family people called her to see if Chelsea come could to our event on Friday night. Yes, we are talkin' Chelsea Clinton. There, then, continued 36 hours of c-r-a-z-y prep, "is she really coming", buzzing, and all else that comes with any politician's kid coming to your event...think security, social service, you name it, we wondered. So it was pretty exciting until I prayed about it. Seriously. Have you ever gotten yourself worked up over something only to have God decide differently for you? Here's what happened.

The first thing you have to understand is that the enemy hates the Modest is Hottest event. I mean, truly hates it. So every single week, my family or me, or the dancer or the event coordinator or something involved with this show goes under attack. You see, girls and moms are changed. Not by me, but by God. I just get to be the instrument He uses to get His point and message across....which I am so very grateful for. So in the middle of all this "excitement" I forgot to pray about it.

Somewhere a gazillion miles away from here, in Hawaii of all places, there was a sweet sister in Christ who woke up with a burden for me like she'd never had before. We met on the phone about a week ago and talked for a l-o-n-g time. We connected like sisters....and of course we are, in Christ. When she woke on Friday morning, she began praying for me, with a huge burden. She felt I was about to be or was already under some sort of attack from the enemy. She cried out to the Lord on my behalf. And literally, she cried and covered her head with blankets. She was so burdened she even called her pastor. While this was going on, and I would assume it was all happening about the same time, I went to get ready for the evening and it was now near 1pm my time. (Remember we are 6 hours apart.) I began praying. I asked God to please, please make sure His will was part of this whole Chelsea thing. I told him that if I had any pride issue whatsoever in this, please remove it. I told him that if there was one girl who might be coming that evening to meet him for the very first time, then remove it if it would be a distraction. You see, satan is clever. He can get us all caught up in what we might think is "good" or "fun" or "exciting" and completely distract us from what we are supposed to be concentrating on. Oh, he is good at what he does, don't ever forget that.

So, here I am , before God and praying to make sure His will is in all this, asking forgiveness if I'm excited about the wrong thing. And then it happened. I went to my laptop, opened it up, a new e-mail came in right then, and it said this, "Chelsea is not coming tonight."

There, just like that. God had His way.....the enemy did not. Now hear me on this, I'm not saying Chelsea is the enemy.....but she was a distraction and satan will use whatever he can to divert your attention. I wonder today, what are you supposed to be doing? What has your attention that shouldn't? Where does God want to use you, but you are too busy to pray about it?

I will go back to the issue of Hair tomorrow, but this was just too good not to talk about and share with you. I have a team of 7 women who pray for me. As soon as I heard from Maria in Hawaii, I forwarded her e-mail to them and they started praying. I know I'm under attack on a regular basis....and so are you. It just may not be so obvious. Do a gut check today. Are you distracted? Busy? Call a few friends and ask them to be your prayer warriors. Pray for each other. Send out an e-mail once a week to each other asking for prayer on a specific issue. Dont' ever think satan won't bother you. If you think that, he's already doin' it. I pray you have a beatifully blessed day! love, Shari


Wrinkled Shirt Ministries said...

Wow Shari, this was so good and I really needed to read it this morning. I have been so distracted lately because of a couple of opportunities that have been presented to me. Good opportunities yes, but God opportunities NO. I heard a pastor say yesterday, "many times we are too worried about filling our own bag that we forget to fill God's bag." This is where I've been lately. Trying to do too much for all of the wrong reasons. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa B @ simply His said...

This was awesome and just what I needed to read this morning. Thank you Shari! I have been distracted and ready to shut down the past few days.

It's awesome that you have pray warriors!

dawn t. said...

I love how our LORD works among us. Oh, He just lifted me out of my comfy chair and right onto the floor, on my face no less, to ask forgiveness and praise him for redirecting my passions and excitement. The statement I starred yesterday from Pastor Greg was, I don't have to be confident or know what I'm doing. At that point I can then have the good sense to completely depend on God! Oh yes, that I would be obedient Father! love, dawn t.

Zoe said...

Thanks for the reminder to keep first things first!!!
I can't wait to hear about the details of your event.

Family O'Foxes said...

A timely post. Something I'm sure we all are guilty of.

I can't wait to hear more about your "hair" post. I get my hair cut on May 15th (every 5 weeks). :)

I was looking at a website for face shapes and hair cuts...but I got all confused on what shape face I have. It turned out to be like "rocket science."

Family O'Foxes said...
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Cyndi Falls said...

Thanks for the encouragement and the open mind that you have to seek God first! The women from our church that attended Friday night had an absolute BLAST!! The vibe and excitement have become contagious!! Thank you for who you are, what you do and who you represent. I LOVE YOU and will be praying for you and your ministry daily.

Erin said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing!

Carrie said...

Hi Shari! Thanks for the information on swimsuits. Did you post the summer wardrobe essentials? I seem to have missed them. All I can find are the winter wardrobe essentials. Thanks! God Bless!