Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hair: Part 2

So how did you do yesterday? Did you take some time with getting ready and then pay attention to what others said about your hair? I'd love to hear a few comments on that today. Please be honest. I loved what some of you had to say yesterday and I hope you will post answers today for some of the dilemnas yesterday. For example, Kim from sunflower seeds wants to have help with her curly hair for summer....any input you curly haired girls?

Jeannie had the best compliment of all....from a bald guy! That made me laugh hard! But how awesome that he was secure enough in himself to tell her he liked her hair...and the fact he noticed! Some of you have had your hair cut for 2 weeks now and your husband still hasn't said anything...oh the nerve!

So what do we do today? Continue on your quest for Hair watching...yes, it's sort of like bird watching, except not! Today you will be adding a new element to your hair watching.

Look for 5 women who look really sharp. Seriously. If you have to take notes to report back, then do it. Girls, having good fashion sense comes easily to some, but it doesn't for most, so if you'll stick with me here, I'll take you places... To a fashion world you never even dreamed of. And imagine how your daughters will feel when she thinks her mom has fashion sense? Oh dear. As you look around and find these women, note what her hair looks like....color, cut, length. Remember, I told you to look for women who look sharp. That might mean a mom at the preschool who has her workout clothes on, but she actually looks good in it, right color, matching, you get my drift. It's probably not the one who just threw on her gray sweats and hubby's tshirt, got it? It may be a business woman you see at lunch. It might be a single girl working in a store. It's probably going to be someone who just catches your eye...and you think, wow, she looks really good. Her. That's the one I'm talking about. Now write down what her hair looks like and report back. If you don't want to comment about it, then keep your notes at home and just keep checking in. But this exercise won't work very well if at least 10 of you don't do this homework on the comment section. So pretty please, will you do it? The more the merrier for this one. There really is a purpose for this.

To reader Beth, I will do a swimsuit series within the next 2 weeks! How about that? So get ready girls, I will get you summer ready to look fab in a new suit....swimsuit, that is!

Okay, off to do your hair homework! Be Beautiful! Shari


Wrinkled Shirt Ministries said...

My whole dilemma with cute hair is that it can be a budget buster. Just last week I went to Super Cuts for a fast, cheap cut and that's exactly what I got. I don't like it but I'm going to have to wait another month or so to hopefully get a good cut. I've even been coloring it myself. Everytime I consider calling "my hair guy" (he's amazing), my hubby & Dave Ramsey scream loud in my ear. I guess I could start hiding my gym payments from hubby and start having a hair affair. :)
Paula G. <><

Alyce said...

Unfortunately, I don't see many people on a daily basis. We live way out in the country. I take my daughter to school every day. Some mornings I just drop her off and never get out of the van. Some mornings I go in. Then..if I don't have errands to run..I come home..for the rest of the day. If I am going to be home cleaning, etc. I will not wear nice clothes or even do my hair. I pull it up in a clip. Why bother? I normally do my hair maybe 2 times a week. Ok, get up off the floor now Shari..don't have a heart attack. I do not run up and down the road..gas is to high, and I have no need. My calling is at home.
Now, last night I was told that I looked another friend. And yesterday someone told me they liked my shirt. direct comment on my hair, but it WAS fixed. Hair care is costly, like Paula said. I get mine done every 8 weeks. Low lights, w/ added high lites now, cut, and waxing.. That is usually between 100-105 every two months. I can handle it, cause I have turned my own hair orange before I will NEVER do it myself again.
So.. I will do my best to take notice of more women and how they look. Another note.. There are many of us mom's who drop kids off at school that look the same.. Its just the way it is around here I guess. When we have somewhere to go, we dress w/ sense. Now..there is one mom that wears her pajamas every time to school. I won't embarrass my daughter that bad.
Then there is another woman, who dresses way to overboard. I don't know what she does, but she has tons of make up on, wears the highest heels, the shortest skirts, ick..its just gross. And her son..well she does his hair in a mohawk everyday.
OK. I am soo sorry I rambled.. I am trying to defend the mothers that just don't need to "dressup" on a daily basis.

Shari said...

Okay, gotcha! So, for today, turn on the tv and see what women you think look sharp...don't just look at shows but look at everday commercials. Or since you're on line, go look around there. Tell me the 5 sharpest women you see and what their hair looks like. And, please, if you ever wear PJ's to school I might just have to come out to the country myself and do something about for the heels and makeup and short skirted lady...another post, another day LOL! Hugs! I'll address all questions and comments but just had to address this one quickly before all you stay at home moms thought you were off the hook!

Alyce said...

You know Shari, I am just trying to be a thorn in your side :-) heehee!
Ok..Well the TV is on... Caroline Ingalls is looking mighty sharp...Paw is trying to get her to go on a trip w/ him.
Maybe I'll try to find something a little more modern. ;-)

Family O'Foxes said...

I did a camporee with Girl Scouts this weekend. There is one mom is our troop who always looks put together. Clothing is always just right and so is her hair. Guess what she does for a living?!! Yep, she is a hairdresser.
Her hair-
COLOR is light brown with strawberry blonde in it.
LENGTH is just below her chin(at the shoulders)...with layers on the top and long layers for side and back.
BANGS- she has them

AmyD said...

Hair question: Are bangs a thing of the past??
P.S. Will be posting homework at the end of the day...I'm not done "watching" yet.

April said...

ha-ha still laughing at alyce's comment on Carolyn Ingalls!! Good one!!

ok so I highlighted my hair yesterday and got ltos of comments on how it brightened up my look. My hubbie however said he did not like it (he opposes change). I commented my hairdresser's cute style (lamost a posh beckhma look, only not as short) anyways she said thanks but I really don't like it, its too much work!!
Sigh, I can not find a happy medium with my hair, its either blah or too much work.
but I will keep my eyes open today for sharp looking women (focusing on their hair, right?).

oh got your book in the mail today, can't put it down!! though I am not sure which body type I am

Amanda Chamberlain said...

I was dropping my daughter off at preschool today and I noticed a woman who always looks sharp. She has short, curly brown hair that has a definite shape. She was wearing a simple v-neck tee and capris, but the color of her shirt was striking and she had an eye catching necklace on. I think we can look cute picking up our kids with very little extra work. Even I could manage a cool necklace and a striking colored top. Of course my 10 month old will inevitably try to chew on my necklace, but that's OK with me. What's a little drool for the sake of fashion?

AmyD said...

Ok, so all the women I saw had these things in common. Shinny, smooth hair. No bangs, although two had like side sweeps. All had coloring of some sort in their hair, all had their hair down. Three had long hair, the others were at shoulder length. Four of them had layers, one did not.
And sadly, after a hair cut two weeks ago (that I thought was rather nice) I have received no compliments. Although the people up north here rarely say a polite hello so I'm not sure one would offer a compliment. lol So, it might be time for another style. I wish I knew where to go for a good cut. Probably should ask one of the ladies whose hair I like...


Dawn T. said...

Hi Shari (and everyone).... Alyce you crack me up!! And although I grew up watching 'Little House' it did take me a minute to remember Mrs. Ingalls and Paw! I'm always the one who laughs late at jokes!

Anyway, when at the elementary school saw a few moms. One, was wearing just below the knee length jeans (very cute) with some sort of wedge I think. She had a floosy like sweater on with the trumpet ruffle at the wrist and I don't remember the color of her shirt. Her hair looked fairly neat pulled back with a headband. The color was auburn brown with some gold highlights. Another mom with a beautiful olive complexion with dark brown eyes and dark hair. Although it appeared that she scrunched her hair there didn't seem to be a hair out of place (love styling gel and hairspray!!). It was a type of inverted bob with longer pieces in the front (albeit scrunched). OOOOhhh, oooohhh - this could be a curly head dilema breaker???? Short and scrunched??? Those are the only two that I can think of that I remember being 'striking'. I did see lots of other women but none that looked out of the ordinary. I'm really, really lovin' the ebook and your blogs this week! Dawn T.

Zoe said...

Okay girls,
I'm posting not only as a member of the P31 speaker team but as one who has benefited GREATLY from a "Shari Breandel hair make-over!"

She really does know what she's talking about.
Her recommendations took me from a SUPER short, sassy, way too bold hair-do to the refined, short and chic hair style I enjoy today.
It's perfectly suited for my frame, age (don't ask) and profession.
Her rule of thumb is not only valid; it's a powerful truth.
"If you haven't received a compliment on your hair in the last two weeks; it's time for a change."
Girls, You'd pay a FORTUNE for the advice you are receiving on Shari's blog.
It's like having your own personal stylist at your fingertips.

Shari, you are a blessing!!!
Love you,

Cindy W said...

Okay, so I have noticed the short angled bob. It's sleek, but in Different lengths, different degrees of angles. I am scared to cut my hair, but I do like the cut. Maybe I will just get enough courage to do it.

I, too, have colored my hair orange, thus the every 8 - 10 weeks to the hair dresser. I get low lights and high lights.

Thanks for the advice. Cindy

Erin said...

I am a little behind on reading blogs, but I have observed some people that have stuck out, mostly at church yesterday...
1. curly long blond hair, pulled back in a low ponytail. She looked great, putogether today at Pre-K picking up her kids in trouser jeans, heels, and a solid t.

2. My cute friend Haley at church ina funky dress and wedges has just below the shoulder darkish hair with layers and recently added choppy bangs.

3. Another friend cute sold tank dress and has shoulder length dark hair. All one length. It's very put together and predictable, seems to suit her.

4. Another mama of preschoolers had a fab black short dress with a tie at the waist and a fun neclace. Her hair is colored darker, inverted bob, chin length.

5. Empty nester mama, another cute black dress. She has longer hair, on the darker side, styled a little with some curl.

Funny how all these people have longer hair. I am a short hair girl. I think the short, almost pixie style suits me... I'll be reading to learn more!

Anne Marie said...

Hi Shari!
I've also benefitted from your great beauty advice when you helped my sister Julie pick out stunning new outfits! That day you told me not to go any blonder which I really listened to. I went and had all of my blonde hair colored brown so I would look more natural, my eyes looked greener, my skin looked better...but not a ton of compliments (men didn't care for it at all!) so I added a few highlights to break it up which was just what I needed. I really love it now! I will watch how light I go now in the future, it was amazing to see how different I looked with darker hair, it had been so long since I had done that. Thanks for your wonderful advice!

dt said...

Now that you said something about looking on t.v. I thought of someone sharp. Deborah Norville from Inside Edition!! She always looks sharp- she has light coloring and light, med. length hair. I also have an older cousin that always looks so put together. Her hair is salt n peppa and is cut really short and buffed up. Her clothes (even jeans) are pressed and hang really great on her- and she always wears accessories too- she is also a hairdresser. I was reading Lysa's blog today- what type is clear? Maybe that's what I am.

Honea Household said...

alright, I have been trying to grow my hair out for some time and it seems to have come to a stopping point at the bottom of my shoulder blades. Should I keep growing it and keep on waiting? I really want a style, but I am so scared to cut it. And I would really like it long so I can put it in hot rollers and it wouldn't scrunch up around my face.

Honea Household said...

However I do get comments on my hair about how pretty and healthy it looks...