Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hair and Stuff!

This is gonna be short today. I have 2 writing deadlines today and I've got to get them done before I head to St. Petersburg, Florida tomorrow to speak at three different churches this weekend for their Mother/Daughter events. I'm writing an article on jeans and tops for Brio magazine for the Sept. issue (if your not familiar with the mag, it is for Christian teen girls!) and also have a deadline for my new book proposal. I'll tell you about that when I get the okay!

But for now, I just have this to say: I am very concerned for those of you who are going to a hairstylist who gets upset if you tell them to do what they think is best for you. That would be like me taking a client on a personal shopping trip and telling them to pick out their own clothes. There. I said it. Enough. Get my drift? Seriously now. Why would you go back to someone like that? Cancel your appointments. Find someone

On that note, tomorrow, for my final segment on hair, I am going to interview a hair stylist with questions you've posted along the way and some of my own. If you have questions for her, please ask them today. I can't wait to see what she has to say!

For now, happy Thursday! My husband is golfing today and I'm home alone!!!!!!! Don't you just love days like that sometimes? Here's the thing, I am NEVER home alone. Ever. So, it's rather....ah....wonderful! And he really needed a break! love ya, Shari


Digging for Pearls said...

Just wanted to wish you Happy Mother's Day Shari.


Alyce said...

Thanks for all you do Shari!
For the hairdresser...Ask her to comment on age and hair styles. I see too many woman in there 60s that have the loooooong stragly hair..
I can't think of anything else. I too have had a hair dresser that didn't really help alot when finding a new style. I loved her, she does wonderful color, but when I sat down once and said..Ok..I want a change..Make me over..she was told me she didn't like it when clients did that..Almost like she wasn't confident enough in herself. I told her I wouldn't get upset...its just grows back. But anyway..I am actually seeing someone else now.
Enjoy your day of peace!!

April said...

ok, going to find a new hairdresser.
because i am stuck in ponytail land.

my question is there a cute manageble hair style for a mother of a 3 yr old an 3 month old that has never learned how to style her hair

Julie said...

What's the best style for naturally curly hair?

I have thick, curly hair and my stylist always says that curly hair is different. I usually bring in photos of wispy, playful hair. He tends to cut it in a bob, with long bangs and long layers.

Family O'Foxes said...

oh fun, we get to ask questions...:)

- what is a must have for hair products to style your hair

- what is a good all around shampoo

- is there such thing as certain lengths for certain ages....use to hear that after the age of 50 no long hair

- should we be using hair spray in our hair

- why can the hairdresser make me look cute and fresh and when I try at home I look frumpy and old

hee hee...there are my questions. :)

Lisa B @ simply His said...

I'm with Julie. I have thick, curly hair. I know shorter hair makes you look younger, but I don't know that it's for me right now. I just turned 35 yesterday and I already look younger than that :)

I'm curious about bangs/no bangs and how you decide. I think I've heard it has to do with the shape of your face or something.

Oh, and I've gotten a few compliments this week on my hair -- most about the color being so much darker since I went back to being a brunette instead of a red-head. Funny thing is, all the compliments came when my hair was down -- not in a ponytail :) Yes, Shari, I hear you!

Erin said...

Questions, let's see...
I do want to know like the others about the age thing... Can we keep super short hair as we age? I think Jamie Lee Curtis pulls it off well. Do you remember Cindy McCain (John McCain's wife) had short hair, now it's long. I liked her short hair. e

Thanks for the comment about glasses on an earlier post. That helped me, and I do enjoy some fun glasses!