Friday, May 9, 2008

Interview with a Hair Stylist!

Hello all! I'm sorry I couldn't get this up earlier but I've been in airports all morning and now just settled into my host home in Florida....oh, it's beautiful! Patti and I are sitting on the patio overlooking an awesome lake with the wind blowing our hair....speaking of which....I ‘m so excited to bring our special guest to you today. (This interview was done on the plane before I posted as I had no internet.) Her name is Patti Curlee (how appropriate is that name for a hairstylist! And her husband is bald!) She is a fabulous cosmetologist…for those of you that don’t know what that means, it means she knows how to do hair! Ha!!! (And by the way, she is my beautiful assistant who travels with me to most of my events….and actually, we are on an airplane right now headed for St. Pete, Florida for 3 speaking engagements! So here we go!

S: Patti, we’ve got many readers who are really concerned with this whole idea of hair! I told them if they haven’t had a compliment on their hair in the last 2 weeks, it’s time for a change…what do you think?

P: YES! That’s right, it’s time for a change…it’s time to go to your stylist and sit quietly!

S: Patti, some of my readers told me they’ve tried that, and actually have told their stylist to do what they wish, but the stylist says NO….what should they do?

P: Go to a new stylist! Or, give your stylist one more chance and take some pics of styles you like and guide her. (Note from Shari, if you don’t know how to guide her, then try someone completely new.)
P: Express some guidance and let your stylist fine tune it. Tell them how short you’re willing to go, your lifestyle, etc.

S: Where should they find these pictures?
P: There are excellent hair styling magazines at drug stores, WalMart, any magazine rack. They have cuts for long hair, short hair and everything in between. They are seasonal so they have the latest celebrity looks and trends.

S: Patti, what would you suggest for someone with curly hair who has no idea what to do with her hair?

P: First you need to love what you have! And if it’s means curly hair, then look in the mirror today and say, “I love this hair!”. Usually curly hair needs layers and texture so it’s not so full, depending on the amount of curl and hair you have. There are also flat irons or 1.5 inch barrel curling irons you can use when you’re styling your hair to control it. If you’d like to go more permanent, you can opt to go for a permanent straightener that
your stylist can advise you on. Depending on the amount of curl, though, it may just help you relax it to help you control the curl. These “permanent” straighteners will last about 3-6 months depending on your individual hair.

S: I think for the most part, my readers want to look great and stylish, but they want to do so in very little time…we’re busy, you know! Any suggestions? Sans ponytail?!

P:L) (Note from Shari…I kid you not, she just looked at me with this blank, sad, turned down lipped face….hmmm….wonder what that means!) It is really not possible. I could give you the best hair cut and color and if you don’t spend some time on it, you’re not gonna look put together.

S: How much time?

P: With the right styling products and tools (and a great cut), you should be able to do it in 10 minutes. If you don’t have 10 minutes, then get up a little earlier….(S: or don’t eat breakfast! Just kidding!) You have to put effort into yourself.

S: New subject. How old is too old for long hair?

P: I don’t think there is an age. I do believe that you will know. One day you will look in the mirror and you’ll see frumpy. Also, remember the compliment deal…no compliments, time for a change. I do think it you are going to keep it longer as you age, make sure you keep some layers in it around your face to give you a style instead of it just hanging.

S: I like to tell women to do a real gut check every year on their birthday….ask yourself, “does this REALLY flatter me?”

S: Bangs or no bangs?

P: I can’t wear bangs cause my forehead’s an inch long! Shari, you on the otherhand….(thanks, Patti!) heheh….It really does depend on your face shape and size of your forehead. Bangs are definitely stylish now so you could start with a long bang that you could still tuck behind your ear and wear to the side. Try it, see how you like it! You need to have the guts to try something new and different.

S: I know I’ve discussed this on my blog this week but I really want to ask you this for your opinion. How do we get a haircut and color without breaking the bank?

P: Go to a small town. If you live in a bigger city, your prices are going to be more. Take the time to drive to a small town near you (even an hour or more away) and find women with sharp haircuts. Ask them who does their hair and how much it costs. Women really don’t mind sharing this bit of info and actually they feel complimented when you ask them. So don’t be shy. If you have to travel every six weeks or so on a Saturday or weekday (if your kids are in school) go for it! But the prices in a small town will be about half the price.

S: Is there a manageable style for a mom of 2 young ones that is easy to maintain that looks cute?

P: Most short styles are manageable with the right products and some training from your stylist. Have her show you how to style it before you leave the salon. This is a broad question because I can't actually see the person....go find that good stylist.

S: Would you recommend any particular products or shampoo?

P: I recommend a different product for every client because everyone's hair texture, need and style is unique. Therefore, you really have to have confidence in your stylist and allow her to recommend the right products and shampoo for you. Trust her judgement. That's the reason some women can't style their hair at home like the way their stylist did because they don't ask for help. You must trust and ASK! It's also fun to have the same stylist you can trust because you get to know each other and can be real! Stick with your new stylist at least 3 haircuts because you can't "jive" after just one...give her a chance to get to know your hair.

One final note from Patti: Make sure you keep yourself maintained. To keep yourself up, you have to go on a regular basis. Don’t think you can go every 3 months and expect to like your hair in between time. 6-8 weeks is the max. 4-6 weeks is the recommended time. Also, take care of your stylist by leaving her a tip. 15-20% is recommended.

S: Thank you Patti for your time today! You have helped us a lot and I can’t wait to hear the results from my readers! And hey, if you readers are ever in Charlotte, Patti cuts and colors hair….and I’ll bet she’d give you a really good price if you tell her I told you to! Hehehe! Right Patti?

P: You bet!

Beautiful Blessings, Shari


April said...

I just might have to drive to charlotte!!
Are you bringing her with you when you come to Roanoke?

Ok so i did hte getting up earlier thing and well could not get my hair to do a thing! I personally think I have the wrong cut for my hair type

dcrmom said...

I just found a new stylist. Ironically, in a small town where I paid $40 for a cut that I'd normally pay $60 for in the more wealthy areas. LOVE her!

Cindy W said...

I did it! I got a new cut. I wanted to share my story since many of you didn't have much luck w/ your hair dresser. I came in yesterday w/ a few pictures and my hair dresser Gina was just as excited as I was. She said it was her lucky day, as I was the 3rd client that came in and said "I need a change, give me a new dew".

As she was mixing my normal hi and low lights, she bounced out of the room with an idea to do a low-low light, I said sure.

Check out before and after pictures at
I like it, it's healthy, swingy and different. I made an appointment for 5 weeks and am lovin' it.


PS, I am in St. Petersburg, Fl!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Shari!
Is it too late to ask a hair question? You talk about how Glamour Girls, Rock Stars and Movie Stars should accessorize with proportioned bags and jewelry. Does hair length fit in with that or is it more according to face shape and hair types?

-tiffany in Madison

Ashley said...

Hi Shari,
I finally found your blog. Whew- I have a lot to get caught up on! :) It was so nice to finally meet you today. Please feel free to visit us anytime!

Family O'Foxes said...

Thank you for asking Patti. Please post Patti's picture. I love seeing how hairdressers look (they usually are so put together).

If you ever do a part is another question.
If you have to shower the night before...should you blow dry your hair and look normal before go to bed? Or just sleep on it damp? (my 11 year old daughter likes to do the latter...I like to blow dry).


April said...

its me I got up extra early today and gave it a try! I styled my hair and not only that I added accessories to my outfit and I got 4 compliments at church!! I am feeling good now!! Thanks!! I haven't felt good about myself since having our 2nd baby

Cindy W said...

Hi Shari, I wasn't able to make Sat. My son had a baseball game during that time. I have not been able to see you the last 2 times you were here!!!

Anyways, thank you for your kind words. I have had so many compliments, a lot of the ladies are also telling me I look younger, yipee! I should have done this forever ago. Better late than never, right.

Hair Check
Accessories Check
Colors that look good on me Check
Feeling good about yourself Priceless.

Thanks Shari,

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