Sunday, August 3, 2008

Interview with Purse Designers!

I'm excited to introduce you to 2 Christian purse designers who own a company and create and sell handbags! I've interviewed them and here's what they had to say....oh, and they're giving away a wonderful bag, too, so place a comment by answering their question at the end for a chance to win!

Hello Marti and Bobbie Jo, tell us about Living Water Creations…how did you get the idea to come up with your company?
Living Water Creations is a Christian Handbag & Accessory direct sales company started by two women with a passion for handbags and the Lord. Our business began with the two of us sewing custom handbags as a hobby for local customers. When we started offering embroidery as an option, customers were asking for scripture on their handbags. We got so excited because we knew that the Lord was giving us a bigger vision than what we had envisioned.

Who designs the handbags?
We design most of the bags ourselves or we take our manufacturers bags and make changes to them in order to make them our own. Between Bobbie Jo's creativity and my eye for detail, I think we have created some classy but fun handbags.

How long has your company been in business?
We started sewing the custom handbags together in 2005 but officially started Living Water Creations in 2006. Marti and I were doing home parties ourselves for almost one year and then in late summer of 2007, the Lord expanded our tent strings and we started offering the opportunity for women to own their own business with us.

Tell us about each of your responsibilities, who does what?

We both do a little of everything (except the books, oh mercy, Bobbie Jo is NOT allowed to touch the financials...ha ha). With the two of us being the only ones running the business, God has truly given us talents beyond our normal capabilities. Bobbie Jo is more of the creative dreamer taking care of searching for products and for communications and training for the Pursenal Advisor Consultants. I am more of the meticulous one dotting the I's and crossing the T's. I takes care of order fulfillment and anything having to do with running the business (paying bills, financial books, etc.)

Can a person special order a bag? Size, shape, color, scripture?
Yes, but our custom handbags are not currently on the website. If someone is interested in seeing our custom line, they can e-mail us for the current bag selections and fabric availability.

How do you work your business around the needs of your families, and tell us a little about each of your families.
I (Bobbie Jo) have 2 children-Amanda 13, and Sammy 10. Being a full time mom and wife is our first priority and meeting the needs of our families come first.
Being able to run the business out of our home is such a blessing also and really helps facilitate meeting their needs.

I (Marti) have been married to my best friend and soulmate, Gerard, for 16 years. We have a magnificent son, John, who is 13. (John is truly my greatest accomplishment to date!) My family is extremely supportive of my business. Gerard and I also own a business that he works at full time, which keeps him on the road. Our family time is extremely important, so as such our priorities are God, family, business. We each take part in each others interests, so they help me with Living Water Creations and currently our family is involved in Gerard running for TN's 5th District seat in Congress.

What is the price point of your bags?
Our bags run from $21.99 to $75.00. The custom handbags are our most expensive line of bags.

Tell us about the quality of your handbags?
Our handbags are hand sewn and extreme attention is paid to detail. We've had less than 1% of our products returned and in each case, we have paid for shipping and replaced the product. We also are concerned with more than just the product quality. Equally important is the quality of our service and the delight that our customers take in using our products in "Spreading God's Word...One Purse at a Time!"

Do you design anything other than bags?
We have also designed our note cards, bookmarks, and our purse charms.

How would a person go about ordering and how long does it take?
We have all products in stock and ready to ship. Usually the products can be shipped within 1-2 business days.
Our custom handbags take approximately 3-4 weeks for delivery.

How can we find you? Do you have a website?
Yes, our website is Please visit us and sign our guestbook, read our old newsletters, and shop for your favorite handbag.
You can also contact us by phone for more information at 615-500-4318.

Please add anything else you’d like for my readers to know:
If any one is looking for a great opportunity to encourage women, earn money while doing it, and become a part of a company where faith and business interact, please contact us for more information

Okay bloggy fashion's 3 questions for you to answer for your chance to win a handbag!
1. What is more important to you when purchasing a handbag - price, design or quality?
2. How often do you purchase a new handbag?

3. Why should you WIN this handbag?!

Thank you Bobbie Jo and Marti! We wish you many blessings in your business! We'll let the readers place comments for the next couple days and we'll draw a winner on Wednesday! Beautiful Blessings to you all!


Alyce said...

Good Morning..
Great interview..never heard of a handbag business like this before.
Ok..answers to questions..
At this stage in life..Price is more important as I choose a handbag. We are cutting corners and trying to make some budget changes, with that said..I might buy a new bag maybe once a year now. I have a big plastic box full of bags..and I think it makes my husband cringe..hahah! So I have to cute with that said..That is why I should win..I wouldn't be spending any money!! I might be interested in more info on joining the team as well.
Have a great day!

Brittany said...

Adorable purses!! Okay. Living on a budget, price comes first. After that design.
I usually buy a purse once or twice a year. And I should win this purse because... I just bought a new one and my hubby thinks that should last me for the next five years. Yeah right. But he couldn't object if I won something though!

Question for the designers
Have you ever thought about diaper bags with scripture? I would be snapping that up in a heartbeat. )

Valarie said...

Ask anyone who's ever shopped with me and I ALWAYS end up in the handbags and the shoes. It's an issue! haha Love this info and LOVE your bags!! GORGEOUS!

Ok, I used to be a quantity vs. quality kinda girl (loved the little $5 bags at Target) but as I've gotten older I now really look at quality PLUS a great design and finding a bargain is a special talent of mine. If it doesn't "feel right" when I hold it and isn't built well - I don't buy it.

Unfortunately, my man was laid off from his job this summer so I haven't bought a new handbag in MONTHS which I usually get at least one each new season. Which leads to my next answer - THAT'S why I need to win! I'm havin' some withdrawal! haha Really though, it's been a difficult summer for our family and with all extra money going to school supplies and clothes for kids that leaves NOTHIN' for momma and this would be a GREAT treat!

Thanks for offering this prize!!

Shauna said...

I just love to find other moms running their own business...and having a purpose at the same time! Love the bags.
1. Design & Price are most important to me. First - I look for something affordable but it has to be "me" for me to purchase.
2. I don't purchase new handbags too often as most of my funds are going to my 3 kids.
3. Hmmm...why should I win?!?! You know, I don't win much of anything (playing the sympathy card)...but really...I would love to win. I don't indulge in much for myself. I am just way to practical. But I think that as women - we need to indulge in the things that we love occasionally. We carry our purses everywhere...all the would be a blessing to have a reminder of God's promises right in front of me every day.

Wrinkled Shirt Ministries said...

Okay Shari, you know I'm an honest girl and I have to say when I first started reading I thought the handbags would look cheesy or too crafty to carry as an everyday bag. Oh how wrong I was. They're gorgeous and the designs and styles are very trendy.

#1. Price is always a big issue for me. I'd love to be able to pick a bag by design but when you like Coach you have to be very selective and a bargain hunter.

#2. I'm only able to purchase a good quality handbag about once a year. I may pick up a bargain at a yard sale more often.

#3. I should win this bag because a flight attendant should be super trendy. Plus with all of the airline cutbacks I will be taking an extended leave of absence, starting in September, making the fashion budget non-existent for awhile.

Mrs. Sidney said...

Hello, I loved the interview and can't wait to go check out the website (right after I post a

For me price is important right now because of the economy and gas prices. I actually only have three purses in my closet and I have had two of them since before my son was born (just turned 4 in June). I can't stand to buy a cheap bag because they never hold up.

So, I only actually buy a new purse every few years because I don't want to buy low quality. I wish I could afford to buy more!!

Why should I win?
I would love to win a purse because I would start using it right away and I think it would be a great way to advertise in San Diego, CA.

Thank considering me for the drawing!! I am sure the purse will go to a good home.. where ever it end up!!
Blessings, Ronel

April said...

what is most important to me is design. I want it to look nice. I got to carry it everywhere and want to hold on to one a long time, so I want a design I love and won't tire of.

I purchase handbags not so often. once a year maybe.

why I deserve it,hmmm. well right now I am carrying around a diaper bag. I just can not find anything cute and fun around here that also goes well with mom and 30. And shari, on your list of things I needed to buy when I went shopping, Idid not complete the list. you said buy a purse that you can look at daily and put you in a good mood. I found NONE! so as a 30 year old mom and needs something fun and cute in her life, well ok, my 2 children are fun and cute but you know what I mean!!

April said...

oh and I agree with brittany diaper bags with scriptures, awesome idea

Dorothy Champagne said...

Wow, thanks for the opportunity to win a purse!

1. Price

2. Only at yard sales - so it's been a while since I purchased a purse.

3. I'm no more deserving to win a purse than any of the other posters. I would love a new purse - but I'm sure there is someone else that really needs it more than me.

betty lou said...

You go, girls!
#1 - Right now, price is more important!
#2 - I love purses!!!! I used to purchase handbags every 2-3 months, but I had to prioritize! So, I've bought 4 in the last 2 years (one was a Christmas present from my husband:D).
#3 - Deserve one? No, not really. I am starting my 29th and last year of teaching school, and this would be a wonderful treat, since I may not be buying many once I retire! Want one? Yes, I would like a purse that expresses my faith and possibly starts a witnessing opportunity!
Good luck on your business, ladies!

Anonymous said...

Your bags look like a great combinaton of price, design & quality.
As I think about question #1 I realize I don't shop by price because I simply don't buy it if it isn't a well designed, quality bag. I think design is the thing I'm really shopping for.
I don't buy a new bag even once a year. It may be every 2-3 years.
I'd love to win one of your bags. My daughter in law has a birthday in September. It would make a great gift for her that I would otherwise not be able to afford.
May God bless you in your ministry. It reminds me of 'writing His Word on our doorposts' - whatever it takes to keep it before us.


Tammy R said...

I love the look of those purses and better yet...the idea of God's Word right there at the checkout counter!
#1.Price is important but the quality and design would also be important...don't think I can choose.
#2.I purchase a new purse about twice a year.
#3. I'm a girl-girl and always carry my purse where were I go.
I love the idea of wearing my heart on my purse!

Erin said...

Great stuff! Here are my answers:
1. Price- I usually find my bags at TJ Maxx or Target

2. I buy about 1 purse a year.

3. Why me? Because it's been almost a year since I bought a purse! Really, it doesn't matter!

Leebird said...

Wonderful idea! Having scripture on my handbag would truly allow me to take God's word with me everywhere...and what a conversation piece.

1. I need a purse that is sturdy, big enough for all of my junk, and good for all kinds of outfits. I'm not big on changing purses every other day.

2. I purchase a new handbag about twice a year....but I usually buy them at Ross or somewhere cheap.

3. I should win the handbag because I have never really had a "nice" bag...I would show it off to all of my Coach purse-toting buddies and say that my purse is a Holy Purse!! :)

Anonymous said...

Marti and Bobbie Jo,
What a creative ministry you have!

Here are my answers to your questions:

#1. Design is the most important to me when purchasing a handbag. I have been shopping for a handbag for a while and the first thing I notice is color. Since reading Shari's blogs, I have been following her advice and looking for a handbag that matches my hair color. (I have red hair so I'm looking for a bronze or medium brown colored handbag).

#2. I usually purchase a handbag once every two years.

#3. It's hard to answer this question! The reason I will give is that it is my birthday in three weeks and I would be thrilled to win!


Celly B said...

Thanks for introducing us to this company!

Although price and design are important, quality is so important to me at this season in my life. With a two-year-old and a four-year-old, my purse gets a lot of hard use and winds up carrying hair bows, action figures, and snacks. I need a bag that won't fall apart.

I usually try to buy one new bag for the fall/winter season and one for the spring/summer season.

I would love to win a purse because I have carried the same brown purse for two fall/winter seasons and the same straw one for two spring/summer seasons.