Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Teeth Whitening...and the purse winner!

I'll bet you don't know that one of the best anti-aging things you can do is floss your teeth everyday.


I know, I know, who of us really enjoys doing that? Would you believe that I do? Isn't that strange? But I don't floss nearly as much as I should. Nor do I floss nearly as much as my friend, Margie. If you're reading this, Marge, or if you know Marge, then you know what I'm talking about. Margie cannot even make it to her car after a meal before pulling out that stringy stuff...she can't stand the thought of anything in her teeth...we love that about her! If you're ever in South Florida and you look over and see someone in the car next to you flossing her teeth as she's at a stop light, just yell out, "Hi Margie!"

Yesterday I had my teeth whitened by that machine where you have to sit with your mouth all packed up with creams and gauze and junk and you feel like your mouth is gonna stay like that...forever. And then the 90 minutes you're in there getting this procedure done does feel like forever. So here I sit, writing this, and all I've had to eat or drink for the last 24 hours is white stuff. I've had white chicken breast in spaghetti with white sauce, white cake with white frosting,

(did I mention I'm trying to lose weight, but hey, it was white)

white milk, vanilla yogurt and water. I even had to go out and buy white toothpaste. I've always wanted to have this procedure done so Nikki at Charlotte Dentistry took care of me today and whitened me up!

The hardest part was not wearing lipstick ...at all! We had to go to a church function so I put a little glittery white eyeshadow on my lips to get a little sparkle!

Anyway, hope you have a beautiful day! A special thank you to Bobbie Jo and Marti from Living Creation Designs for the wonderful interview this week. They drew a winner and prayed the receiver would be the one God wanted to win.....so the winner is:
Betty Lou!
"Thank you ladies for taking the time to comment on our handbags. We are so blessed by your support and the great ideas and suggestions that you posted for us to read. Just so you know, we do have a diaper bag line which is our Mary Collection. It is not on the website because it is part of our custom handbag line. Let me know if you are interested in seeing our diaper bag style/fabrics, embroidery, etc. bobbiejocaldwell@hotmail.com and I will send you an e-mail with all the information and pictures. Also, we wanted to encourage you once again to go to our website and if you sign our guestbook, we will send you a coupon to use on your next purchase. We have one grand prize purse winner, but we want all of you to be blessed.
Thanks again, Bobbie Jo Caldwell & Marti Donovan"


Alyce said...

Morning Shari...hope you are up and flossing those new pearly whites! I have always wanted to get mine whitened..but insurance won't cover that luxury. I'll have to use those sticky icky strips!

Mrs. Sidney said...

Good morning.. I have also wanted to get my teeth whitened but haven't yet, maybe soon!!

Have a good day!!

karen ehman said...

Hey Miss Shari--

Want to connect with you about Kenzie and I coming to your Michigan event in a few weeks. Can't wait to see you AND your pearly whites!!!

April said...

I used to be a flossing fanatic, then stopped after having to get ready so fast with 2 kids. I need to get back into that.

congrads betty on the purse!!

April said...

I also tried to go to the website of the purses, and the link would not work