Monday, September 15, 2008

Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes!

I love shoes!


Have you been shopping lately to see the latest styles? Wow!


I say Wow, because Wow, some are beautiful, and Wow, some are simply awful!


A few highlights are that shoes are in every color this like the hue, you got the shoe! Seriously.


The other bit of news is that shoes are on the "heavy" side.


Full shoes. Tie shoes. Croc shoes. Colorful shoes.


The main scoop to know for fall is to work your outfit around your shoes!


*Buy your favorite shoes, then add them to an outfit you already have.


Here ya go, take a look at some really cool shoes and find your faves!


Pajama Mama said...

Shari! Are you kidding? I didn't exactly like any of them...maybe the 2nd one just a tad?

April said...

ok those lace up yellow things are wow, umm not so pretty...
and honestly, I don't think I could safely walk around in any of them, lol

Shari Braendel said...

I'm telling you....they are not too pretty as far as pretty goes! Didn't I say there were some questionable ones???? LOL! heheh! Love ya, Shari

Pat said...

Honestly, I am a shoe-a-holic but have found myself in detox! It is a rare day for me to go to Nordstroms shoe dept. and come out with no credit card balance.
I was in there last week and RAN out shaking my head.
Whatever are we going to do to stay in fashion?
This seasons shoes are UGLY!!
Show me the way to the "pretty" ones!

Erin said...

I am in shoe mode right now... I am looking for some red heels to replace my spring summer red wegdes. I discovered that I must have red shoes!

Alyce said...

wow shari..some of those were hidious..haha!
I don't think I am allowed to buy anymore shoes this year! haha! I've got enough..go to my blog and you'll see that my 4 year old has enough too!!!

Lelia Chealey said...

I don't like the mannish style ones or the tennis shoe ones. I'm just going to wear my flip flops all winter! :)
I had the pleasure of meeting you in person this summer at She Speaks & you are just as beautiful in person.
I'm so glad you'll be doing the "Behind Those Eyes" study of Lisa's book! I can hardly wait to see what God does with each of us.
I love seeing how God has taken your passion and turned it into His ministry. This is really awesome!

Shauna said...

Hey Shari,

I love shoes also...but I am so glad that you threw in that some are pretty awful right now!!!! Because it is so true.

Love ya,


Starr said...

Oh My!!! You have touched on a subject near and dear to my heart!! Shoes are one of my biggest weaknesses. I have a ton of them, and I DO wear all of them (Not at the same time, of course!)
Can't wait to go shopping for the next pair!
I always spend minimal amounts on them, though. I have found that if one looks hard enough, you can find really comfortable shoes that look great at a bargain price.

I have a question for you: I have a pair of gray pinstriped dressy pants. I was wondering if I can wear a patterned blouse with them, or does it need to be a solid blouse? This dilemma has kept me from even daring to wear the pants, though I love the way they look. What is your opinion?
Love ya,

Tessie said...


I went to your class this past weekend in Henderson NV and I just wanted to say thank you for all the great info and for reminding me of my self worth and that no matter what size or weight I am, that I am beautiful.

I love your blog and will be following it for ideas. BTW- I am not a big fan of the shoes for this fall either. I will just wait and see if the styles change for the better come spring.