Friday, October 17, 2008

Bra Fitting Event at Dillards Northlake!

You know how crazy I am about wearing the right bra...honestly, I'm a little obsessive about it.
If you are like most women you are wearing the wrong one! I had no idea how great the right bra would make me look (and the right shaper!) until I was pulled over at a women's show by the bra police...seriously. Well, kind of. Anyway, if you have never been fitted for the right bra, now is your chance!
Dillard's at Northlake Mall in Charlotte, NC is having a Bra Fit event this Saturday, October 18th from 10am to MUST go! (Tell them I sent you.) It's going to be like one big party!

We gain a little weight, lose a little weight and wear the same bra! Make
plans to visit Dillard's Northlake this Saturday and you will help fight Breast Cancer as
well as doing something for yourself.

Enjoy as you help KNOCKOUT Breast Cancer! I hope you'll go and support this beautiful cause, as well as get some new support for yourself! hehe! LOL!
Beautiful Blessings this beautiful weekend!


Alyce said...

my bras are toooo expensive to keep changing! I bought new ones when I gained I've lost weight and can tell a difference, but at $45-$48 a bra, I can't keep buying new ones!

Lysa TerKeurst said...


Oh I am laughing so hard. Come over to my place and look at comments.

Someone called me a trendsetter...I know, don't pass out. He he he he...

Love you friend!!!

Tiffany Stuart said...

I recently went to Dillards to browse with my mom. I was shocked at what I discovered. I blogged about it on October 24th, I think. With pictures too.

I live in Colorado Springs. FYI. Not sure all Dillards are sporting the fashions I posted.