Sunday, December 7, 2008

Teen Boys and Teen Girls

I wonder if there's a class we can send our kids to that teaches them how boys and girls are so completely different in the "emotions" department. And that girls might say one thing and not really mean it the way it comes out and that boys would just rather have fun with no real emotional attachment.
We had an issue this week that I am sooo not ready for. My son has a girlfriend that he really really likes. The problem is, girls are emotional and boys are not. So when Luke figured this out, he wanted to back out cause all of sudden it seemed serious. A week ago I would have told you he was as serious as a 14 year old can get, but boys are still boys.
I feel so in the middle of this because Luke's girlfriend is one of my dearest friend's daughter and it feels sad.
So now Luke wants to take a break and he has told her this. But here's the cute thing (probably not to her, though): He said he wants to take a break because he really thinks if he stays in the relationship he's gonna do something stupid and that will mess things up for later in case he wants to date her when it's true dating time (like when they're 16, each of them aren't allowed till then.) He thinks if he does something stupid (his words) then she won't even want to talk to him when it's time down the road to really date.
I think that's pretty smart, but it still hurts alot...all of us. Except Luke is pretty much going about his usual activities but I can tell there's a little sadness in him but he's not talking about it.
And so it is with this part of life.
How do we tell boys that girls are emotional and how do we teach girls that boys really are still little boys...and they just want to have fun and not get serious? They think they want to, then they get scared and then feelings all get hurt.
So I'm sad this weekend for all of us. Cause it was such a great excuse to go see my friend MaryBeth...and I'm sad for Luke and Ashleigh cause I think they could have built a wonderful friendship, I hope they still do.
Ahhh, the joy of motherhood!
Fashion Tip of the Week:
With all the rage of the sweater dresses and since it's the season of crepe-y fabrics, you might find your clothes clinging to your body...Try this:
Hairspray your tights or panty hose and watch the fabric not cling anymore!
If you're somewhere and you don't have hairspray nearby, go into the restroom, slap water on your hands and pat down your panty hose or tights. Voila, no more clinging!


April said...

I think even as a married couple we still need a class on udnerstanding each other's emotions and inner workings!!

Alyce said...

You've just reminded me how I do not want my girls to get any older ;-)
We also need to have a session on this for fathers of daughters!!! My husband really struggles with that relationship. He has to understand that girls are sensitive..I just want him to get on the right track before they get too much older.
See ya on facebook!

Melanie said...

I think that girls attach their emotions to people earlier than boys. Girls long for that "bond" which is reserved for an eventual marriage. I have advised my daughter to "back things off" in her mind where those feelings begin. Girls naturally envision every boy they date as potentially "The One." I don't think boys do that. The "Dateable" books have been very helpful as have the Boundaries books.
In her current relationship the young man she is dating was already reading one of the "Dateable" books himself!

Charlene Kidd said...

We had a similar issue with Katie. We will have to compare notes. I just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you.