Sunday, November 30, 2008

Facebook Crazy!

I've been avoiding Facebook for a long time now. Basically because I didn't think I could figure it out but since my techy steppie was home this weekend (that's our endearing term for step daughter and step mom!) she showed me how to do it. And boy is it ever making me silly!
Consider this your invitation to "be my friend" on Facebook!
How cool is it that we can post pics, comment on what you're doing at the moment, and then again in the next moment if you want to, and say hello to long lost friends?
The best part was getting my photos off my camera and on some kind of album...I've created about 5 different albums tonight...okay, I'm a little crazy with it, I know.
Thanksgiving was wonderful!
My dad and stepmom, and a couple they know, visited from Lynchburg, VA and we also had our regular family of 6 plus Kimmy's new husband his three daughters...we had a housefull!
My husband cooked up a storm and I watched...well, I set the table and then watched him cook, but not before I watched the Macy's Day parade! I love to do that!
And then for dessert we went to MaryBeth Whalen's house. My son, Luke is dating her daughter Ashleigh. I think you call it that, at 14 years old, is it dating? They don't go anywhere without us being in the same room, but maybe it's dating. Well, we do let them go into other rooms but when we're at their house her other 5 children follow them and when they're at my house we just interupt them alot, like every 3 minutes!
But are they ever precious together! Oh my goodness! Luke is 6'4" and dark complected and Ashleigh is 5'3" and blonde with fair skin! If you can, go look at my Facebook page and see the photos I posted. I'd post them here but I don't know how. (Alyce, help?)
Saturday, Luke, Dave and I went to Raleigh for the Miami/NC State game...we lost (Miami, that is.) Sad, but fun!
Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving Day and are preparing for the best holiday of the year! Jesus' birthday!
I'll be in Salsbury this weekend presenting "What Not to Wear: Teen Edition" to Northills Christian School. If you think of it, will you ask God's blessing on the event? I appreciate all the prayers you pray for me!
Fashion Tip of the Week:
To keep your lipstick on longer, apply lip liner over your entire lips, then fill in with your favorite lip color. Take a single ply tissue and hold over your lips, dust loose powder on top of the tissue and this will matte your lipstick. Take tissue off, then apply another coat of lipstick, then gloss...and voila! Lipstick all day!
Beautiful Blessings,


April said...

ha ha. welcome to the world of facebook, its an addiction. I got it to keep up with my dancers!! I sent you a friend request!!
will be praying for your upcoming event!!

Pajama Mama said...

How fun!!! I've recently been sucked in by Facebook as well and it's been a blast reuniting with college friends!! I'm coming to find you...!


Wrinkled Shirt Ministries said...

Hey Shari,
I've been visiting but haven't commented in a long time. I've taken a break from the whole blogosphere but am slowing crawling back in. I'm so excited about Facebook. I've always been a big Myspacer but I've been enjoying the Facebook thing lately.
See ya there!
Paula G.

Alyce said...

Hey Shari...sorry that I haven't caught up on your blog in a while...or I would've helped you w/ pictures there..Do you still want help?? I can show you (through facebook) haha.. I am loving facebook. I didn't think I was interested either...cause all our "youth" were doing it..I just felt too old for it..haha...boy was I wrong. Your son is handsome boy!! And a big!
Well Let me know if you want help w/ pics on the blog...I need to update mine badly..I've got a carrot cake that I want to post soon!
love ya

Musings of a Housewife said...

Love love LOVE your fashion tips!

Anonymous said...

Hey Shari,
I was in Salsbury last weekend. Would love to have seen you we were off by one weekend! I am sure it will be great.
I couldn't get the lipstick trick to work and I was so excited you know I am all about some lipstick staying on!

Miss Sandy said...

It sounds like you had a lovely Thanksgiving. Thanks for the great lipstick tip!