Monday, November 24, 2008


What a weekend, what a blessing, what an amazing group of women and girls!
Bev had been receiving amazing attack leading up to our event but again, God won. It was so beautiful! And lo and behold, I woke up Saturday morning to SNOW! I was so excited because we don't get much of that here in the Carolina's. Bev lives on a cattle farm/ranch (not sure what they call it) and she has 4000 cattle in her backyard! Oh my word! Yes, I said 4000! We passed a farm on our way to the airport and she told me that farm had 60,000 cattle...can you believe it? I have never, I mean never, seen so many farms (or cows!) in my life!
It was awesome!
I just want to thank all of you in Iowa for making me feel so, well, Dutch! hehe! That means you treated me like one of you, like family!
My favorite part was staying at Bev and Wayne's home and sharing meals and stories with them. I believe God led our conversation and I can't wait to see how our friendship grows. One of the most amazing things, is that somehow, God weaved Wayne and my husband, Dave together for a friendship and my husband wasn't even with me.
It just turns out that part of the reason I was there was for our husbands, mine and Bev''s just a really cool fact, Wayne even called my hubby today...God is good.
So you're wondering why I titled this "Snoon"? Well, I'm sorry, but I said "what?" and "excuse me?" more often than ever before! Did I mention it was a Dutch community??
I couldn't understand them!
So Bev said that someone had eaten at the "snoon". WHAT? At the snoon, she said.
I'm sorry, but did you say at the snoon? What?
Here's how it goes: they eat at "this noon" but they run it together to say "the snoon". I'm not kidding! It is the cutest thing you've ever heard! I even dreamed about their words last night. And then they talked about how the "crap hadn't cleared"....what? Yes, the crap hasn't cleared yet. What? Only to find out that they really meant the CROP!
Oh my goodness!
I'm sure they had some trouble understanding my kind of southern accent! I'm really not southern but you can't help picking up a little of it, ya know y'all? Yep!
Fashion Tip of the Week:
Buy skinny jeans to tuck in your knee high boots! Don't try to do this with any other kind of jean, it won't work!
Wear these with a long sleeve turtle neck and then put a pretty sweater on top of that, one that has short sleeves and is bulky. It will look so pretty!
Now, for those of you who live in warmer weather and want to dress for winter when it's 80 degrees outside:
1. Wear darker colors, leave your whites and pastels for summer and spring months.
2. Wear boots paired with jeans the way I said above, but add a blouse and belt instead.
3. Wear wool gabardine since it is a year round fabric.
4. Change out your accessories to bolder, deeper pieces.
5. Wear pencil skirts with a cotton short sleeved sweater in a dark color, pair with boots or flats.
6. Wear walk shorts with a cotton sweater and add a long scarf with it like the kind I described in last week's post.
7. Change out your purse to a winter bag, put your lighter and brighter colored bags away. This is one way to look like winter without sweating!
8. Put away open toed sandals until spring. Wear closed toed flats and heels or boots instead.
9. Vests are a fun way to add a winter flair in warm winters.
10. Finally, think snow...and maybe it will! LOL!
Hope this helps my warm weather friends!
Beautiful Blessings and Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!


Zoe said...

Good Morning my fashion friend,
I always look forward to your fashion tips.

Hey, we will miss out on the Miamii game this week; our future daughter-in-law is spending Thanksgiving with us. YEAH!!!!
I will look for you on TV; you know those camera guys always scope out the prettiest ladies to put on camera.
Happy Thanksgiving sweet friend,

Musings of a Housewife said...

I just got boots to wear over jeans, and I'm discovering I need skinny jeans now. ACK! Where does it end?

Love the tips though! :-)

Renee Swope said...

LOVED seeing you yesterday - even at the risk of getting a fashion citation for wearing black. But don't you just love how I risk it with you!!!

Even better than seeing you and getting your fashionista advice, was spending time together. It was so good to be with you. God is doing so much in your heart and in your life. I loved hearing about it all. I could tell you've been in the Potter's hands, being made new for His glory - from the inside out.

Thanks for being you and for being so real with me yesterday. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Love you,

April said...

so glad you had a great time!!
skinny jeans scare me!! but glad you posted that tip. the other day I was out and about and saw alot of girls with boot cut or flared jeans shoved into their boots, and soo there was a lot of jean puffing out at the top, and to me it looked more redneck then

I hope you and your family have a very blessed thanksgiving.
I informed our worship pastor that the dance ministry needs new outfits because half of us are softs and can no longer wear black, HA!!

Charlene Kidd said...

I am so glad you stopped by my blog. I am really enjoying my time in Florida. It is very relaxing. I do hope your families Thanksgiving is wonderful and blessed.
I am so ready for the pj party; whenever it is!!!

Melanie said...

Hey Shari!
Thanks for your great tips for those of us who live in semi-tropical climates!

Rachel Olsen said...

I can just picture you smiling, calmly, pretending as if nothing were wrong as someone keeps telling you in all seriousness that the "crap hasn't cleared yet." Giggles ~ Rachel