Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spring Trends

Special Note: A portion of this post has material from a post I wrote for the RadRevolution website for teen girls in January.
Spring is in the air!
I don't know about you, but there's something about spring that makes me want to shop. In fact, I've been doing some "pre-shopping" just this week! Pre-shopping, you ask? That's when I find a few websites and find things I like and add them to the shopping bag as if I was actually going to buy them! Just today, when I was on my computer NOT pre-shopping (!) my husband asked me what I was shopping for...he just assumed I was at the web mall!
Since I've been getting prepared for you, looking for the new trends and doing research on color, I thought I'd share a few things with you that you might want to look for!
Hues like super lemon, dusty rose and vibrant green will have you looking like a fashionista who’s in the know! Other shades in plain view this spring are slate gray, fuschia red, palace blue, and lavender.But what if you’re a girl who wants to wear prints? Are they going to be popular this season? And if so, what kind should you opt for?
Get ready for a season of bold, beautiful patterns of gorgeous florals to give your wardrobe a lift. Wear these bouquets in fabrics of soft chiffons, lightweight crepes and silky, luscious poly blends. Pair delicious floral blouses with flowing wide leg jeans, add a pair of metallic roman sandals and, girl, you will look super cute!
Flowers not your thing? Then ride the safari bandwagon cause the animal prints have it! Giraffe prints, snake prints and leopard prints are the talk of the town! For example, feel free to wear a giraffe printed slim skirt with a lacy t-shirt top (make sure to wear a cami under it for modesty purposes!) and slip on a pair of wedge sandals to make an entrance! Or if a skirt or dress isn’t your thing, yet you want to add a little bit of safari sophistication, then find a belt or scarf with an animal print and voila, you’ve just added a dash of flash!
Sound like a fun season? I can’t wait to go out and add a little splash to my own wardrobe!
A few other items to look for this season are soft pants and shorts. These come in natural hues and many roll up at the bottom. They sit low on your waist and are amazingly comfortable. You'll probably reach for these instead of your favorite jeans.
Dresses are all the rage! Jessica Simpson's new collection is very chic. You'll also find great dresses at The Gap, Target and department stores like Dillards, Belk and Macy's.
No wardrobe would be complete without a dash of color from a new pair of tennis it the new Keds Green Collection or a pair of brightly colored Chuck Taylors!
Well there you have it! A leg up on Spring! Start cleaning out your closet and get ready to go shopping! Even if it is some "pre" shopping! It's fun, you should try it!
Fashionable Blessings!


ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Great tips! Thanks Shari!! =) I hope Dave (I mean David hee hee) is feeling better! Have a great week!

Micca said...

Flowers have NEVER been my thang!

I do like animal prints! I guess I'll be going wild this spring.

I've always said it would be nice to be a Zebra. That is if I were an animal. Black and White stripes look good on everybody...don't ya think?

Plant Lady said...

Great advice about color! I am one of those who wear too much black because I'm trying to "shed" some of the weight I put on since my marriage. I am 5'8" and weight about 230 pounds. (There, I've said it!) My husband says that I don't look big, but I have trouble finding clothes that are stylish and that fit well. Most of my weight is in the tummy area. I would appreciate any advice to update my wardrobe to include some colors and whether or not I need to do prints. I have had a few prints and to me, they seem to make me look bigger. Can you help?

Plant Lady