Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Proud to be 16

So what came to mind when you read the title?
Well I am not 16 years old, I don't have a 16 year old in my house (although he might think he is) and I don't want a 16 year old in my house for another 2 years.
So, yea, it's about my size. Yes indeed, Size 16.
I couldn't sleep last night as my husband has come down with this nasty respitory flu bug that ended him up in the ER on Sunday and since it also was his 55th birthday I got to thinking of the condition he is in.
And then I got to thinking about mine.
You see, I am quite alright to be a size 16. Seriously. I'm really not kidding you.
In fact, I think maybe I've even come to be proud of it.
What, you ask?
Yes, proud of it. Cause really, I don't think I look like it (I might to others, but I've completely convinced myself I'm thin!) And I figure if I think I look alright, then who cares what anyone else thinks!
But then I got to thinking. I stand in front of hundreds of women every single weekend and tell them my height (5'11") and my size.
I do that so women will honestly know that it's not about the size of your clothes, that we are not a reflection of the number on that tag. That God gave us the exact bodies He wants us to have, the exact frame size and everything else that goes along with that. We are made in His image and we are all so incredibly beautiful! I really believe that
(and I hope you do, too!)
But then, there he was, sick as a sickly dog, and the doctors are telling him he must lose weight and begin exercising. Yes, he had a flu bug, but it was affecting his liver and his body so severely that something had to change.
I have (and I think my husband has as well) convinced myself that exercise is completely over-rated. I really don't like to do it. I'd really rather be shopping, or talking on the phone, or watching (not playing) a basketball game.
But as I watched my husband in the ER I realized that we better get serious about our health...and that means we better start eating better...and exercising.
Because we ain't young chickens anymore. But, you see, we think we are!
But mostly, I think we, as Christian women, have a responsibility to our Lord.
He wants us to accept our bodies, the way we look, and be grateful and know we are gorgeous. BUT, He also wants us to take care of those bodies.
The size 16's the 6's, and the 26's.
I have to tell you and fess up that I've gotten so good at saying, "I'm 5'11" and size 16 that maybe some pride has crept in.
And in the meantime, my 16 firmness has turned to 16 fluffiness!
I probably won't EVER be a size 12, God didn't make me that way, but maybe, just maybe, I'd be healthier as a size 14. If eating better and walking a few days a week brings that, then I'm okay with it, and I'll just have to say that from the stage.
But, ya know, I'm okay with that!
Heartfelt question for you: What size do you wear, are you okay with it and do you think if you ate a little healthier and walked a few times a week would you be the same size? Cause you might stay the same, but then again, you might not.
Do share!
Fashion Tip of the Week:
Bright colors are in for Spring! Go out and buy a new eye pencil in turquoise, emerald or bronze and brighten up your pretty eyes! It'll bring some new life to them.
Beautiful Blessings,
Shari (Still a Size 16)


Pajama Mama said...

HI Shari...

As I sat and read this latest post with a bowl of brownies, bananas and ice cream, the question at the end of course made me giggle.

Yes, just eating the banana would have been the healthier alternative. I definitely think walking a few times a week would improve my overall health. And that is something my 13yodd and I like to do (and will again once I recover from my recent surgery.)

I have finally embraced my new size 10 self in the last year or so, instead of trying to stuff it all into size 8s.I don't know that I'll ever be a size 8 again. I am at the point where it really and truly doesn't matter. I would just like to be healthy and keep the clothes I do have fitting nicely.

Turquoise eye pencil!!! Fun!

See ya on FB!

AP said...

hey girl!! Its not so much my clothing size I struglge with, but the extra fluff around hte edges I got after baby number 2. But I know without a doubt if I worked otu more nad ate healthier it would go away. becuase when I dod work out and eat better, I feel better and notice a change.

Erin said...

Shari, Thanks for sharing... I have for the most part embraced my size 12. I would love to be a 10... I do exercise... it's just that eating thing!

One More Equals Four said...

I am a size eight. And, no, I am not happy about it. I have, however come to realize that after 4 babies, things just change and I may never be any smaller. I know that if I kept up my exercise I would at least tone up. I have exercised very regularly since this summer and have seen a 10 pound weight loss. I also feel better about myself when I do it, although if I am totally honest I HATE it! However, recently, I have also realized that I was so obsessed with getting in my exercise that I was getting up a 5 a.m. and often not getting into bed until midnight and my body has finally said "STOP!" There are mornings, now when I literally do not even know my husband has gotten up, showered, and left for work. So, I think it is important to find a balance. I do want to exercise and take care of my body, but not at the expense of other areas of physical health!

Now, how is that for a book? ☺

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Oh my friend how much I love your honesty!!! Not that I'm going to announce my size on this here blog........BUT, I will fully admit that I've got a few sizes to come down! And no, I'm not happy with the size I am but I do know that the Lord thinks I'm beautiful however, THIS is not the body HE created for me......I did this. =) I wish things would've worked out for you to be in that exercise class with Eric. It's been so good and although I haven't seen a HUGE difference in the scale, the inches are coming off. But I have a secret to share with you. Do you have a Wii??? If so Wii Fit is AMAZING. My husband LOVES it and he's a very active person. I think your husband and yourself would really enjoy it! It's a great way to track your weight, exercise and even do yoga and strength stuff in the privacy of your own home. It's BRUTALLY honest with you!! =) Which is good. You are beautiful and you do look great!! Love ya girl!!

Kelly said...

I wear some size 16's and some size 14's...it depends on the manufacturer. I used to be mainly 10's and 12's...for a year about eight years ago I was an 8. I am 5 foot 9 1/2 inches tall. I am 50 year old. I do not like being a size 16. I would be happier being a 12, or about 15 to 20 lbs lighter. I felt better, my back didn't ache, I had more stamina. I admit, I haven't been exercising for months and I eat junk. At work, a few ladies have joined WW and they have lost and look awesome over the past six months. Spring is coming and I need to get motivated. Today. I think I will sign off and go for a walk before work! Let's all help encourage each other!
PS Thanks for the tips on the eye pencils!

Alyce said...

Hi Shari..
Glad to hear your honesty!
I am a size 6..Some days I am a snug 6, others a comfortable 6. I am actually on a mission to lose a few lbs (8 to go). I don't know that I will be in a 4 then, but I don't really care about that..I def. do not want to be an 8 again though. Last year I lost 15 lbs. Over Christmas I gained 5 and still trying to get all of those off. I'm not happy about my body..not necessarily my size..but the shape of my body.. there is just too much fluff between my belly and knees. If you are interested...I am in an accountability blog..its called fitness friday fanatics. its about 21 people right now and we just hold each other accountable to be more healthy. if you are interested..send me a message.
Hope your hubby gets to feeling better soon!!

Tracie said...

Thanks for sharing! I just started to excerise and I am in pain today to prove it. I am a size 4 out of shape! Yet, I am not sure I have ever felt good about my "size". Thanks for sharing your feelings.

Jolene said...

I am nearly six months pregnant with my first child. Before the pregnancy I was a size 6. I will have to wait and see what size I will be after the pregnancy. I am trying my best to eat healthy for the baby and me. Don't get me wrong I love chocolate, and I will indulge in eating a chocolate bar once in a while, but I am trying to eat healthy for the baby and me. Thank you for your honesty, and reminding us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made and beautiful. God bless you!

Wrinkled Shirts said...

I'm a size 16 and I work out like crazy. I teach aerobics for goodness sake. There's something about this booty that won't quit!
If I ate the right things and cut out the lattes I would probably drop to a 14 or maybe even a 12. Then again, you start dropping weight and you lose the boobs! What's a girl to do?
Paula G. <><