Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Need Your Help!

I need your help!
One of the chapters in my upcoming book will be "What You Really Want to Know". Everything from "What's the best eyeshadow for me" to "What is the best thing for my wrinkles (or breakouts, etc.)
Here's where you can help!
What do you want to know? What questions do you want me to answer in this book for you?
If you will do me this wonderful favor and start submitting your fashion and beauty questions (knowing they won't be answered now!) I will love you forever!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I pray you are having a wonderful spring season and that you are stepping out in obedience to wherever God is calling you. I want to say a special hello to those women who went to Hearts at Home in was such a privilege being with you.
Faith Baptist, Loris Presbyterian, and Christian Celebration Center, I love you! We had so much fun, didn't we?
Praising Jesus for all of you!
Beautiful Blessings...please post your questions in the comments or feel free to e-mail them to me at
Love, Shari


Kristin said...

Hi Shari! Here's something that I think a lot of gals need to hear: how to dress in a flattering way while minimizing a large bust. I never wear turtle necks, or crew necks - always scoop, wrap or v-neck since I'm large on top. So many well-endowed ladies could use this information! Here's my personal question - what is truly the best ting to use on our face for the start of wrinkles? Do the more expensive products really work that much better?
Thanks, blessings to you!

Lysa TerKeurst said...

Hey friend!

Should your purse and shoes always match?

Even in white shoe "season" are they really ever right to wear?

Give us suggestions on easy, comfortable, throw on clothes to wear on those just running carpool days--- I think these are the days where many slip back into their comfortable bad habits.

Also--- swimsuits for all the different body types.

I'm sure I'll think of more late. I am always a plethora of fashion questions!!!

Bonnie said...

My question comes in regard to a new problem I have. Turning 40 has been a bit of an eye-opening experience for me. My entire life I was blessed with practically perfect skin (yes, I've heard "I hate you" a bazillion times over it)- almost never have a pimple, no dry zones or oily zones - nothing. The skin on my face has always been beautiful and I never had to worry about it. Now? My skin seems to be drying out and I can't find a decent moisturizer. I don't have millions to spend trying different brands so I'm wondering - can you narrow down say the top 5? I know not every moisturizer is going to work on every person and I'm ok with trying a few but I feel like I've spent far too much without any success already. That would be advice I'd pay to get...

Bridget said...

Patterns-are they o-k for every one to wear or not? I'm forever shopping for a cute top, and usually find one in a pattern or some kind of print. Then I try it on, and say NO WAY!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shari: My question is about puffy eyes and the dark circles that come underneath the eyes. I've tried several products but none of them seem to work. I feel like I look so much older than I am having both the puffy eye and the dark circles.

Also, a good product to get rid of the gray without changing your hair color. I'm having a hard time finding one that will cover the gray in my natural hair color.

Thanks for all you do. All of your advice is appreciated.

AP said...

wow, you answered most of my questions at the true beauty workshop. I will think on this the next few days.
by the way, my friend was just able to get me her little gift from teh girls get a way cruise, the picture frame with everyone's autographs!! how cool, thank you for the sweet message, can't wait to read all the Bible verses on it

Anonymous said...

What are some good hairstyles for teen/collage hair? The only kinds I see is straightened with some bobby pins to hold back the bangs.

What are some ways to hide a stomach?

What should you where to different events(weddings, parties,...) and just at home?


Anonymous said...

what is the best haircut for your face shape? Do you really have to have short hair after 40 years old? does lighter hair make you look younger? best wrinkle cream? how do you pick the best foundation color and what is your favorite brand?
hope this helps....

Anonymous said...

Is powder good or should you use foundation? What is the difference?

When is the best time to wear white shirts? Can you only really wear them in the summer?

Stephanie said...

I can't wait for your book to come out! As a pastor's wife in a small-town, very conservative church, with a very limited budget, I find it a huge challenge to dress in style, modest, yet not too attention-getting for a PW. There is not a lot of pressure here in farm country to dress well, but as a former city girl I have the urge to dress as nice as possible, even if others around me are still in styles from several years ago. ANYWAY, the first question that comes to my head is, what is the best foundation/powder combo for oily/dry skin with large pores? I have fighting the shine my whole life, and my pores have not gotten any smaller. What to do? Thank you for writing this book!

Amanda Chamberlain said...

I have never really figured out how to wear belts and scarves with panache. I would love to add that bit of flair to my outfits, but I'm a bit nervous it will look silly.

Anonymous said...

1. I want to know how to dress more femininely without looking like Little House on the Prairie. : )

2. I have a hard time putting together a Stay-At-Home-Mom wardrobe that is cute enough to go out to coffee with friends but still comfortable enough to clean house in. It seems like everyone is wearing capris, but they aren't very flattering on me.

3. I'm so embarrassed to ask this, but I really would like to know about underwear, what makes your clothes look the best- is there a way to not have VPL without having to wear dental floss or is that the only option?

Oh my gosh...I'm bright red from embarrassment. : ) I think I'll leave this as an anonymous comment now. Ha Ha.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Shari,

The questions I have are about skin care products. I have used many different brands and am confused to which brands are the best for good skin care.

Are the expensive products really better than the average priced ones?

Which products do you recommend for cleansing, toning and moisturizing? Also, is it necessary to use a toner both in the am and pm?

Are eye creams necessary? Can I use extra moisturizer around my eyes instead?

Do the age-defying products really reduce the appearance of wrinkles? Are the products suggested for 50+ women really different than those suggested for younger women?

I'm looking forward to your answers in your new book!