Thursday, April 30, 2009

Writing, Writing, Writing....need some more help!

Hi all! I am in the middle of finishing my manuscript for my 2010 release so forgive me for not blogging lately. It's travel on the weekends, writing in the airports, and writing at home in between life stuff, like laundry, carpool, basketball games and hubby and son time!
Could use some help again, if you don't mind!
I'm finishing up my swimsuit chapter now...(you're gonna love it!) and then getting to work on the hair and makeup chapter. Here's where you come in.
I am splattering testimonials throughout the book from women who I've helped in the past, either in person or on-line thru e-mail, blogging, etc.
What I'm looking for is one or two liners...or three, and then your first name.
I've pulled some things from past blog comments for the other chapters and even got a few from last year's swim post. So some of you are already mentioned in there!
If anyone has anything to say about swimsuits, i.e. finding the right one after last year's post, or finding the right style for you, suits, coverups, etc. or if I told you to get your hair cut or colored a different way...would love those comments can either post here or e-mail me at
I'll be asking for more stuff for the coming chapters so please ask anyone you know to contribute stuff...would love to add your comments...sooo appreciated!
Love you, Shari


Tara S. said...

I would love to read your swim post from last year! I'm a relative newcomer to your blog (since late fall '08), and I don't know how to find that post. Any tips? Sounds like it would be extremely helpful for me!
By the way, I'm about to peruse your "If Clothes Could Talk", yet again, in advance of a shopping trip where I hope to get some nice outfits for a college reunion. I LOVE that book! Thanks for all your tips!

Musings of a Housewife said...

I second Tara's request. I'd love to see the swimsuit post from last year.

Amy Carroll said...

Girl, you know you totally bossed me into getting my hair cut short again--and I completely love it! Everyone looks at my old pictures and comments how they like to see my face now.

Love you!