Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm so glad it's summer!
Tomorrow will be the first day that I have absolutely nothing planned to do in I can't remember how long. I'm ready for a break to commune with God and to love on my family.
I really love what God has called me to, I love speaking, writing, traveling and all that goes with it but y'all, I'm a little tired.
I'm excited for the next 2 months to hang out with Luke and talk about boy stuff. I'm excited to not have to rush my quiet time to finish a deadline. I'm excited to sit on the front porch with Dave and watch the cars go by. I'm excited to meet my friends for lunches and coffees.
I'm even excited about writing posts on my blog.
About 2 years ago the Lord led me to take the summer off. Completely off just to spend time with Him and my family. To study, to prepare for the upcoming speaking season, to refine my talks, make them better, work on me and hear what God wanted to say to me.
Last year was my first summer to do that and it was so amazing. I went thru some hard lessons and God taught me some really cool stuff. I don't know what He's got planned for me this summer but I'm sure He's got something up His sleeve.
What about you.
Do you need a break? Do you need to set some boundaries for yourself? Maybe say NO to some good stuff so you can concentrate on the better stuff?
I hope you'll be good to yourself and spend some time reflecting on what's going on in your crazy world, cause all our lives are pretty crazy, you know.
Maybe you just need to get a sitter (swap time with a friend) once a week so you can have some "me time".
Anyway, just reflecting tonight cause I'm really excited about the summer.
And the best part is Luke comes home from basketball camp tomorrow where he's been for the last 5 days and I really miss him. What a way to start my break.
Love you much and will see you next week!


sweettea said...

Thanks. I needed this. :)


ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Oh sweet Shari, I can feel your breath of relief as I read this!! I'm so thankful that the Lord is giving you some time to re-group and getting ready for the next round of craziness!! ;) I'm so proud of you and all you've done this year! And the Lord has been using you over and over in so many lives and I know this next "season" will be even more impactful for His Kingdom. I love ya!!

Alyce said...

I hope you have an amazing summer, Shari. You need it! I hope to get to "meet" you one day too, maybe next speaking season, who knows. I love your idea of getting a sitter! Thats just cause I've got an 8 and a 5 year old here...girls..that like to bicker but have fun...with lots of drama!
I'm ready for my beach vacation. The beach is where I usually feel the closest to God. I love looking out over the Atlantic and just sit there in awe of what our God can create! The sounds, the smells, the scenery...all God's! This year we are spending it w/ very close friends, which will be awesome and fun..and also a movie is being filmed where we go..Im going to try to stay far away as possible..except for taking my girls down to try to meet the star of the movie (Miley Cyrus).
Enjoy your time friend!

Marybeth said...

Hey-- I hope I am one of those friends you are planning to hang out with and have lunch with!!

Wendy said...

I wanted to tell you how I love God's timing. I won a copy of your book on Rachel's blog a couple months back. This week I was wrote a blog on The Measure of Beauty and that night as I laid down to go to bed I finally read your book cover to cover. Oh the timing! Well, my one time post seem to touch women at the heart of an issue (liking the way we look) and is turning into a series. I know, KNOW, I will be mentionting your book. Thank you for your sweet words and pages of truth. :)

Lynn Cowell said...

Thanks for the reminder of what summer should be like. After She Speaks, I'm going to finish it that way!
See you soon!

Micca said...

Loved this post, but mainly stopped in to say... wish we could have spent more time together at the conference. You always remind me of "Sunshine" Miss Shari! I guess it's because Jesus shines in you so brightly!
love you,