Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Good Intentions

I had such good intentions about posting more this summer and now it's almost over.
I really can't believe it!
For any of you who attended She Speaks last weekend in Charlotte, NC, it was simply amazing. Really.
I don't remember a year where I felt so refreshed, so engaged and so impressed. Impressed by all the teaching, all the atttendees, and the organization of the whole event.
LeAnn, our exec. director really just rocks the house.
Thank you to those of you who attended my session, What To Wear. It was so great to meet so many of you who I've gotten to know through your blog comments, facebook friendships and thru e-mail contact. It's so wonderful to put a face to a name.
I am celebrating the end of summer here in Cocoa Beach with my husband while my son is in Orlando with his AAU basketball team. Dave and I drive back and forth each day to the games and it's been so refreshing waking up to the sounds of the ocean and walking for an hour each day on the beach.
Luke's team is winning! He is 14 and 6'6" so basketball is his thing.
They have competed against teams from all over the country and are now in the final 16!
It's fun to watch my boy do his thing.
I've been in much prayer over some changes and updates to my conferences so I'm very excited about what God is revealing to me. It's time to add a few things, take some things out, but mostly it's time to make Him even more famous, that God of ours!
We'll be returning next Tuesday to NC and then on Wednesday, I'll be kicking off my fall season of speaking at Stonebridge Church in Charlotte with an event for women and girls of all ages called
"How To Be In Without Letting It All Hang Out!
I love that title and the gals at Stonebridge came up with it! It'll be a fun show for sure!
Please let me know how I can serve you. Is there something you wish I'd talk about or discuss here? How's it going for you in the style department of your life? Feeling a little frumpy these days? Don't know what to buy for Fall?
Would love to help you however I can!
Beautiful Blessings Always,


ThreeGirlyGirls said...

I love your new title for your first kick-off of the fall!! You are an amazing woman and you just keep on making His name famous!

I love ya and I'm so proud of your little...well...big :) guy! He's awesome and I know you are so amazed by what God's doing in his life.

Have fun at the beach and please address shoes very soon for the fall on this here blog. :)

Love you!


Everyday Becky said...

I was so excited to see a blog update from you this morning. I'm so fashion challenged and so grateful for your help. : )

I felt the same way about She Speaks. I came home so in love with Jesus and so impressed by how He was glorified by everyone there. It was a life changing weekend for me.

It was so great to meet Patty and to get your book and my new swatches. I came home inspired, read the whole book, and now I"m excited to try going to that scary place called THE MALL. : )

Have fun cheering on your boy!

Becky in Idaho

Help Meet in the Making said...

Can you blog about some of your speaking points from your new show?? Sounds like fun!

April said...

yeah an update!!
speak on
fall shoes
makup application tips

Stephanie said...

I was just wondering today--if I can purchase one cardigan sweater for fall to extend my wardrobe, what color/shape should it be? I have a lot of gray and brown basic pieces in my closet right now.