Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What to Wear Wednesday: BOOTS!

Each week I'm bringing you news about a fashion item you might want to have in your wardrobe. Because we are busy women, I know it's important not to give you the frivilous stuff, but the items you and I will wear on a regular basis, maybe even every day.

So this week I bring you BOOTS!
Boots go with just about everything. Paired with jeans, skirts or trouser slacks, boots will go a mile and look every bit as wonderful in the evening as they do in the daytime and on the weekends as during the work week.

If you are only going to purchase one pair, there is a basic rule you should follow.

Buy your boots in a color that is closest to your hair color...yep, that's really what I said! This way, no matter what you are wearing, you will get that "put-together" head-to-toe look.

You see, you can wear all green clothes, and with your black hair and black boots, you'll be coordinated! With your blonde hair and taupe boots (no silly, I don't want you wearing white boots!), you've got a polished look. Medium brunette, medium brown boots. Red head? Go for a coppery brown or rust. Dark brunette, go for chocolate. Gray, White, Silver or Salt and Pepper? Go for Black since you most likely have a little pepper going through your hair or opt for cool gray to finish off your outfits.

Now that we've got that covered, what should your boots look like for fall?
Well, first of all, the over-the-knee kind are super trendy and hot!
I found some that you might like to check out...
* Here's a flat suede pair by Chinese Laundry I found at Nordstrom that can be worn either over the knee or folded over for a cool slouched look. They only come in black though and are about 100 bucks.
*Here's a faux suede pair that cost way less money...$39.99! They come in three colors, cognac, black and gray. The cognac would be great for blondes or light brunettes. I found these at Charlotte Russe. They have a slouchy look to them and I love them!

If you don't want your boots to go over-the-knee, then try one of the following recommendations. They have the same effect as the above mentioned boots, but stop under your knees instead of over them.

*This is the Marley style from Payless, on sale for $26.99. They come in black and brown and even come in extended calf sizes to provide extra width.
*Here's a nifty pair from Rack Room shoes that come in brown only. They are called Brandelina and might be just what you want if you require your boots to have a little bit of a heel. They also are nice on your pocketbook coming it at just under 40 bucks.

You into the cowgirl look? Then this is the season for you, girl! Western wear is begging to be worn so make sure you check out some of these babies!
*DSW Shoes...Coconut Nelson Cowboy boots...very half size big...beautiful boots...$139...gray, brown and black.
Cavender's is the place to shop if you want exotic boots and don't mind a hefty price. Just for fun, check these out...I couldn't pick just one pair, so I'm sending you here.

Rain or Snow comin' your way? These all weather proof boots are just the thing you'll want to get your kids smiling! They will have everyone else complimenting you...with big grins on their faces...take a look. Again, I couldn't pick just one.

Boots should be representative of YOU, and your wonderful personality. Make sure to walk around in them for a bit in the store to make sure they're comfy or if buying on-line, then wear them in your house on carpet to make sure they feel good.
When wearing your boots with a skirt, then wear some fancy tights, like the patterned kind or textured ones.
So let me ask you...if you are going to purchase ONE pair of boots this season, what is your pick and what color will they be? And of course, what color HAIR do you have?
Love ya much,
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Alyce said...

Hey Lady!
It's been a while..I've missed ya!
What do you think of leggings coming back???? I just can't go there yet!!

Shari Braendel said...

Hey Alyce, I've missed you too! Leggings have their place...but I'm featuring them next week so we'll have a nice long discussion about them then....happy fall!

Lynn Cowell said...

For Mariah's back to school shoes this year, she chose cowboy boots. I find that quite brave for a 9th grader. She looks so adorable!

Amy Carroll said...

Ooooo, friend! I LOVE this format. I'll be here every Wed. catching up. I'm dying to wear some leggings. I loved them as a teenager, but I'm not sure how to pull them off at 42. I'll be back next Wed!

gallerhea said...

Ok, I have just one question about boots. What kind of boots can a 5'1" oompa-loompa like me wear? (I know I would look ridiculous in the adorable over-the-knee type you highlighted in your article!

:) Rhea

Shari Braendel said...

Hi Rhea, yes, leave the over the knee boots to someone else but you certainly wear the kind that hit just below the knee. Wear them with the same color tights and keep your outfit monochromatic in color so you look will be wonderful on you. And get the boots with a heel. Thanks for stopping by!

Rachel B said...

Okay, so my favorite pair of boots is black, but my hair is blonde. Is that a big no, no?! I just think the black goes with everything. They're tall boots with a big heel. I'm 5'9" already. :)