Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What to Wear Wednesday

I don't know about you but one of my favorite pieces of clothing are my

Today I want to tell you about several different kinds of jeans that cost under $50!
I don't want you to think that the best jeans are expensive jeans.
It's simply not true.

So here ya go, some inexpensive options that will be staples in your fall wardrobe.


Here's a pair that have become my favorites this season. I have worn them and worn them until they actually may be standing in my closet right now without a hanger! If you like a skinny jean, then you may want to order right now from Old Navy because they're on sale for $12.99 kidding. I have them in the darkest blue wash called RINSE, but they come in Authentic blue and Slate Gray, too. They are available in long, average and short lenghths as well. They have a really good selection of sizes right now, too, except in the slate gray color which they only have a few of. If you have a straighter body type, with not much booty, then this skinny jean is for you. If you'd rather a jean that's not so skinny, but still has a straight leg AND you want a distressed look which is so in this season, then try this Diva Style from Old Navy. The cost is $34.50.
If you are a fuller figured gal, you absoluely MUST try Right Fit jeans from Catherine's, Lane Bryant and Fashion Bug. These jeans run about $25 and they have 3 different fits.
If you're moderately curvy, try the Yellow Fit, if you are very curvy, you'll want the Blue Fit and if you are straight then you'll want to try the Red Fit. Trust me, if you have not found a pair to fit your fuller bod, then girlfriend these are for YOU. All three of those stores carry them, so find a location close to you and try a pair on.
My final pick today is Riders by Lee.
You'll find these at Walmart and KMart and are Stacy London from the What Not To Wear tv show is their spokesperson. These jeans are under 30 bucks and no matter your size or shape, you will find a pair to fit you. They have a slimming panel inside the tummy and will make you look slammin' skinny!
You'll want to own a couple pair of jeans because they are a staple in any woman's wardrobe.
You can dress jeans up or down depending on your outing and mood.
Remember: the darker the wash, the thinner you'll look. But it's fun to have a distressed look this season, too, if you want to be a bit more trendy.
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Beautiful Blessings!
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