Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Visiting from the P31 Devo?

Happy Tuesday to you!
If you're visiting from the P31 devo today, welcome.
What has God allowed in your past that gives you a "degree" to speak about? In today's devo, I wrote about my husband who isn't one to pull out his bible every day or go to Sunday school but as a teenager, Dave was homeless and walked thru something that many of us will never experience and in doing so, he learned how to cope. As an adult, he can share with others his experiences that a homeless person would never understand if I shared it, but because Dave has experience there, someone in a homeless situation would be comforted by his past and how he survived it.
What are you passionate about?
Do you love to sew, knit, play an instrument, cook, run, read? Maybe you love animals or holding babies. Maybe you love to write and are the best letter writer or card writer there is!
Sometimes I think we put a box around the word "Christian" and assume everyone is supposed to be alike. Why do we think if someone is successful in one area of ministry that that is the only way to be a success? Why is it that we think our idea of how a Christian should be and act is the right way? Seriously now.
Just because my husband won't go to Sunday School doesn't make him bad. I know many people who go to Sunday School every week and wouldn't dream of speaking to a homeless person.
I think we need to step back and look in the mirror today.
What is it that you have been telling yourself you "should" be, yet you really aren't wired that way? On the other hand, what have you been telling your children they should be but they aren't wired that way? What do YOU have to offer to the community that only YOU can do? You might be the most amazing cook around, but if you think no one wants your cooking, you're missing the boat. I'd love to taste your cooking! And I know there are those around you who are missing out on what you have to offer.
I have people tell me all the time how they wish they could do what I do.
Let me ask you: What do YOU do? What is the world missing out on because you are too afraid to step out and do it? It might be that your neighbor would love to have an orange cake that only you know how to bake. Or it might be that the little girls at the shelter would treasure having time spent with you as you teach them how to knit. Maybe you are an amazing listener and you could visit someone at a nursing home and let him or her tell you a story about when they were younger...your listening ear is what they've been waiting on. Has God asked you to start a neighborhood bible study but you don't think you're qualified? I promise that whatever God has asked you to do, the only qualifications he requires is your obedience.
Only YOU, are you. Stop wishing you were something that someone else is...become the most amazing YOU that there is. I promise you, there are those around you who will be so blessed because you did. What has happened in your past that you could share with someone else so they can learn from it...or be comforted by it?
I pray today you will make a decision to take one step toward that one thing God has for you...and then tomorrow, take one more step. Pretty soon you will be walking in your pretty high heels toward the life you always dreamed of.
Remember: God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the the called.
Beautiful Blessings my friend...tomorrow, What to Wear Wednesday's topic is:
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Anonymous said...

This is Cristina from Romania. We haven't met and it's unlikely that we ever will - in this life. I just finished reading your devotion "Coffee, Anyone?" that came to my email as I receive Encouragement for Today from you guys. Thank you so much for sharing your heart and for giving us such a beautiful image of your husband. As far as I'm concerned, he probably does more than the "right-churchy" people do (and by this I don't mean to say that people who have high positions in the church are not good enough). Being Jesus to our neighbor is our ultimate call. It's as simple as that.

thank you again,
Cristina from Romania

Amy Carroll said...

I am so touched by your devo and blog today. You put your finger on a very important topic, and I love you even more for writing about it. So often we really do embrace a cookie-cutter Christianity when God so obviously loves diversity and uniqueness. Just take a look at creation! Thanks for encouraging us to be uniquely ourselves.

Brandee said...

Love the devo today Shari! I think this is SO important for women to know and understand.

I love following your blog about fashion and I still use my color cards and book I got at "She Speaks" in '08 :) Thanks for your ministry and for all the women at P31. You guys are the best!

God's Blessings,
Brandee, TN

Sandy at God Speaks Today said...

Thank you for your devo today. Sometimes I get frustrated with my husband because he doesn't get up and read his Bible every day. But I could name at least five times off the top of my head where he did things like your husband did that morning with the homeless man. Just being Jesus to other people.

Years ago I grasped the concept of using my unique gifts and talents for the Kingdom. But somehow, I missed the practical application of giving my husband that same freedom.

I really needed this today. Thank you so much.


EncourageMentor said...

I'm so happy I found your blog today. Each of us is truly God's masterpiece in the making! He never wastes hurts in our lives but will use them to build us up in character and authentically reach out to others. Thanks for the inspiration!God bless!

melissaricheson said...

Thanks for your devo and your post! Such truth and a GREAT perspective!

Andrea said...

Indeed came from P31 Devo! What a gift today! ;o) Your husband and mine are very much alike! He's the guy that would ahve been down there with the coffee, but not up in the morning to read his bible...lol I LOVE that about him. I am the one afraid to make the one on one connection.
God has been talking to me about stepping out. Your words have spoken to me in a big way today.
Thank you!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Enjoyed the P31 devo very much. Being separated from my husband (by man's law divorced), I admit it was hard for me to read and tempted to stop reading as I do with anything involving marriage or husbands. Envy can take over.

Very thought provoking, very powerful.
Sweet blessings,

Anonymous said...

Shari, Thank you! What a great devo, great blog, and great speaker you are! (I snuck over and watched one of your video clips.)

Anonymous said...

What a great devo today. It really spoke to me as I have been thinking along this same theme. What, where does God want to me go? Who does HE want me to speak to or do something for today in His name? I just ask and pray that He will put me in the right place at the right time and yell in my ear NOW, jump, just do it for me. It also made me realize that I need to let my husband be just who God created him to be. Thanks for a great devo.

Alexis said...

I came over from your Encouragement Today devo and just wanted to say, "THANK YOU!" I have been pondering this topic for quite some time. I know that I am supposed to step out and "be Jesus" to someone, yet I never know what that looks like! I am not the outgoing, talk to everyone person so I thought I would be no use on the "Jesus" front.

But...God will lead me. I loved what you wrote on your blog about the "degree". Yes, I may not have been homeless. I may not have the extroverted personality. But I do have gifts that I can use to encourage.

Thanks for sharing, Shari!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful words, challenging message and comforting truths!
There is freedom in setting out to be who God made us to be instead of who we think we should be!

Thank you for being exactly who God made you to be!!

Mary Singer Wick said...


Your devotional really touched my heart as your husband and mine share many of the same Christian characteristics!

Sad to say that many sisters in Christ criticize their husbands because they consider them to be lacking in spiritual leadership. They base their comments on what you pointed out: Sunday school attendance, serving on church committees, getting up early to read their Bible, etc...

While these things are very important for spiritual growth, I agree with you that Jesus can show us a true leader by how that person reacts when challenged. My husband has often invited a homeless person to lunch or dinner with us. Sometimes he simply buys their meal if they don't want to join him. He's kind, caring and honest. I know people see Jesus in him as they do in your husband.

Bless you for sharing the practical side of Christianity as a reminder to be the hands, feet and heart of the Lord to a hurting world. What a beautiful demonstration of that your husband was.



Anonymous said...


I believe your message was one I needed to hear, to take my husband as he is, even though his faith and devotion are not the same as mine. I do pray for our sons, as they have not had the Godly father that I wish my husband was. I do not see Christ in them or in their lives, and I get discouraged by simply trying to live by example when no one is really watching anymore (3 of our 4 boys are out of the house). I need to find a way to stop wishing for what isn't and will never be. I can't change the past, only look to the future. We are a close-knit family; I just don't see a Christ-like view reaching out into the world from my family. I'll keep praying that God will call them in His time, and that they will hear Him.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the devotional. I think it is very practical. I pray for people to see that they don't need a lot to serve the Lord but a heart that is being led and touched by Him.

Wendy Blight said...


I LOVE your devo for today. What a precious reminder to me that being "godly," and "walking the Christian walk" does not look the same for everyone. Sometimes I look for those things to check off the list in the life of my friends and family...especially my husband and my children. I judge...sometimes even myself. Thank you for showing me a new perspective...a beautiful perspective.

I leave your post today with such a precious picture of your husband and this homeless man whose life was touched by Christ's love in a profound way.

Love you,


deborah said...

I am taking a step today. My hands are shaking and my foot feels as though it is in cement...but I'm stepping. I'm trading in my fear for faith this morning as I know that God is with me! Thank you! As I leave my house today this is just the verse I needed to take with me.

Donna said...

I came over from "Encouragement for Today", and can I just say that I love your blog?!?! I will be back tomorrow. :)

What an encouragement for me to be Jesus to someone today...just what I needed to hear. Thank you!

Nancy J Locke said...

I was touched by your devotional today in my email. What a beautiful and giving spirit your husband has. You sure chose the right one. :D

Blessings! Nancy J Locke

MarLo Huffington said...


Love the post today! What a beautiful gift you have for speaking truth in love. I know your words are going to inspire many to embrace who they are and put it to full use for the kingdom!

Blessings my friend!


Suzie Eller said...

I loved your devo today, Shari. Especially the insight into your husband's story. Thank you for sharing.

Vern ~ Inspired said...

Well said my friend!
Thank you for sharing this powerful story with us...and encouraging us along the way!

Van said...

As I read you devo I thought "why I'm not surprised! That's Shari's man to a T." So glad to have read that insight into such a special guy.