Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What to Wear Wednesday: Thrift Store Shopping!

I am so excited about today's topic: Thrift Store Shopping!
Last week when I was in Michigan I realized it has been one of the hardest hit areas of our country by the recession. I decided that when speaking to the groups of women there I was going to show them how you can be well dressed yet do it in a very inexpensive way. And so I did. And boy was it a hit! The thing about thrift store shopping is making sure you look for the colors of clothing that flatter's so much easier when you target it that way because then you don't have to look at everything. When I showed the audience Patti's new clothes on her they oohed and ahhed because she looked so good and the colors flattered her so!
The day before one of the events, Patti and I, along with my friend Sandy and her sister, Carol, hit the thrift stores!
I wanted to see for myself just how many deals one could find there.
And oh did we find some deals.
Let me tell you about some.
In Grand Rapids, there is a store called New 2 You Shoppe. It is a thrift store that supports the local Christian schools by providing scholarships to the kids.
Here is where we found the following:
For Patti: White long sleeve blouse with cuffs, Banana Republic: $6
Hot pink Ralph Lauren Sport sweater with zipper and hood: Had original price tags on it, $88. We paid, $8.50
Ralph Lauren tweed blazer: $8.50
Becky found (We suggested she go the next day!): J Crew ivory sweater: $5
Awesome shirt dress she's gonna wear over her skinny jeans and brown slouchy boots, adding a brown belt with it: Dress: $4
Ann Taylor cashmere cardigan sweater in soft green, including matching shell: $12
Me: Claiborne Men's dress shirt in fabulous color gray for my hubs: $4
So here's what we're going to do today, I think it's gonna be fun! Tell me about a fabulous find that you have gotten at a Thrift store, Consignment store or a Goodwill. And then, I'm going to compile a list of the best thrift stores around the country and list them on my website so no matter where you live, you'll know where to shop for the best deals.
Tell me, tell me, tell me!
Just think how many women will be so grateful to know where to go but not have to spend a fortune? Tell us what the name of the store is, and the city it's in. Tell us what you've found there and we'll list it!
Let's try to get a store in every single state...ohhh, I can't wait!
And if you are from another part of the world, tell us about your finds, too..and we'll list them cause we don't want to leave anyone out! You never know when we'll be headed your way!!!! Romania, here I come!!! hehe!! You never know!
I'm excited. Let's get that list going!
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Beautiful Blessings to you!
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Katie Riedinger said...

I live in Columbus, Ohio. The best thrift store in town in Ohio Thrift on Cleveland Ave. I have two, soon to be three, children under the age of four. Since I have been pregnant for about the past two years, I am always looking for cute maternity clothing. I get such good deals there! Every last Wednesday of the month is 1/2 off day; I always see friends in there, it's a great day! Also, having three girls to buy clothes for, they have awesome deals on Children's Place and Gap brands, which I would never pay full-price for. I love saving $ and shopping "green":)

Amy Carroll said...

This is one of my favorite topics! We have an amazing Goodwill in Cary at the corner of Ten Ten and Kildaire Farm Rd. I even heard a guy from NYC raving about how it was the best thrift store he'd ever been in.

About half or more of my wardrobe comes from thrift shopping. It's become fun for me and my version of hunting and gathering! (Or the P31 woman who spins and clothes her family for the winter...)

Tammy Nischan said...


I don't know if I'll make it to a thrift store in the next couple of days, but I DO LOVE THEM!

I stopped by to tell you thank you for your great P31 devo today and for sharing my son Nick's favorite verse. He passed away last November and this is such a hard time of year for me.

I almost didn't click open the devo, but when I did and I saw JOSHUA 1:9, I JUST KNEW NICK WAS SAYING HI!! And God was saying, "I AM WITH YOU!!"

Thanks, Shari!

Love, Tammy Nischan

EncourageMentor said...

I live in 30 minutes from Atlanta and there is a great consignment store called Back By Popular Demand. It has wonderfully upscale items that are very affordable. We bought my daughter's prom dress there for $40 bucks!

Victoria said...

Hi, I love, love, love shopping at thrift stores. Recently I found a red Kenneth Cole handbag and matching wallet for 2.99 total!!
I found this fabulous bargin at the Salvation Army store in Brandon, FL on Hwy 60/Brandon Blvd.


WeLikeIt said...

I so enjoy reading how each of you in P31 keeps God in all areas of her daily life!
Best Thrift Store in Minnesota is the Goodwill in Elk River, Minnesota... About half of my wardrobe comes from there. (The other half from various other Thrift Stores!)
(Melanie Chitwood's surogate, step-mother-in-law

Amanda Chamberlain said...

About a month ago, I found a red Polo 100% cashmere V-neck sweater for $4. It looks like it was never worn. I can't wait for it to get cool enough here in North Carolina to wear it. I found it at the Goodwill store on 55 in Apex, NC right across from Beaver Creek shopping plaza. I also love the Goodwill store in Briar Creek -Raleigh, NC.

Kathy Friend said...

Oh goodness, where do I start! I've done quite a bit of thrift store hunting for news stories recently - here is what I found:

Consignment shop in Carmel, IN - silk authentic Gucci scarf, the most beautiful dusty pinks and browns - $12

Goodwill in Granger, IN - Jimmy Choo shoes, size 6 (I am a 7 1/2 but got them for a friend), practically brand new $25. Lots of Coach handbags, lots of Ralph Lauren and Talbots excellent condition clothing.

Goodwill in South Bend, IN - authentic Gucci vintage handbag (the brown 'g's style) $25

Goodwill in Indianapolis, IN - adorable vintage handbag, red pat. leather $4

Serendipity Consignment Botique - Granger, IN - Isabella Fiore handbag $70 (brand new, retailed for around $400). Also found an Escada sweater / jacket for $12

Consignment shop in Chicago, IL - Doncaster sweater dress $10 (great condition, probably retailed for $500 ish), Christian Loubouton shoes $125 (brand new, no scuffs at all on the sole, retailed for at least $400 - %400)

LOVE Consignment / Thrift shop shopping!

Marlo said...

I love Consignment/Thrift Shopping, too, Shari! I usually go straight to the handbags (such a weakness) to see what I can find. The best find was in a store on Capitol Hill, DC, and I found a nearly new, tobacco-leather, authentic Kate Spade bag for 32.00. Well, it was 40.00 and I got it for 32.00. That bag has lasted me years and looks better the longer it ages!
My favorite shop here in Asheboro, NC, is called All About Fashion. I mainly love it for my children I find great stuff there for them all the time. There is another store here in Asheboro called, The Red Door, that is a thrift store used to make money for the Family Crisis Center. It's a great place, too.

Faith said...

I live in Ooltewah, Tn and I shop at The Samaritan Center. On the thrift side of the store you can get clothing for only 50 cents! I have found Ralph Lauren, Liz Clairborne, Old Navy, Norton McNorton, Banana Republic, etc. I'm sure you get the idea. On the other side of the store, the clothing is a little higher because things are brand new or almost new. I found a tea lenght black sequined dress from Talbot's for only $10! They also sell furniture and home goods. For anyone needing food, help with bills, etc. they are there to help. The employees make it fun to shop there. I love it!

Beth in Oregon said...

In Oregon, try Value Village locations in the Portland area. If you bring in a donation of clothes, they give you 20% off your purchase. Recently got my son a men's navy blazer, probably at least $150 new, for $8. He needed it for dinners on a cruise and I didn't want to hit the mall. I got a J. Crew embroidered jacket with the tags on for $9. Proceeds fund good causes.

Cari Lyons said...

I am so impressed by your ministry and believe the church body really needs it. I am a fellow fashion lover/stylist and will enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for sharing the message I truly believe in...we are made uniquely beautiful by our Creator.
When in Tulsa, OK please shop at the Echo Resale Shop for fabulous bargains.
Cari Lyons

Karrie said...

Hi My Dear Friend,
In Bloomington/Normal, Illinois I have gone to 2 stores with my teenage daughter. She loves Plato's closet. She got a pair of awesome jeans there (new, tags still on them, originally $89) for $20. We have also been to Penelopes (near downtown Bloomington). It can be hit or miss but it is fun.
Karrie Ingalsbe

valerie said...

I haven't really had a lot of luck at thrift stores and there aren't any that I know of real close to where I live, but I will tell you that I always get a very sweet call from a sales clerk at our Dillards when they are having the extra 40% off already marked down items.

This past weekend I was able to purchase several adorable things for very little. I bought two pairs of shoes, three tops, a jacket, a shirt for my husband & a caddy for my kitchen to hold utensils and it added up to $129 tax and all!!! I love those kinds of sales. The jacket I found was originally $209 and I got it for around $37.

I got a ton of compliments on it. I always share when and where the sales are so others can also be blessed.

The shirt I bought my husband was originally $75 and it was marked down to $18 then they took 40% off that! It was a great day.

You are right.....if a person gets out there and searches, there are great bargains and you can dress beautifully on a budget.

I did the same thing at the end of the winter season last year at Dillards and now have some really cute things to wear now as it's starting to cool off.

Thanks for sharing. I'm gonna locate me a thrift store!!! (OKC area) :)

Anonymous said...

I love thrift stores. When we travel, I try to seek out a new one to visit.

Doing a little research on Google or asking friends about their favorites, really pays off.

In my recent visits to our local thrift stores, I can tell that the word is getting around about the great deals to be found.

Catherine said...

Hi Shari!

There are two good places here in Los Angeles. One is the scholarship store at the Fashion Institute in downtown. The items are new - some overstock or damaged. They recently had bathing suits for $1! I got a cute top for $2.50.

Also, there is It's a Wrap in Burbank. They buy wardrobe from tv & movie productions, so there are a lot of designer labels. I got an Isaac Mizrahi dress from his Target line for $3.50. I also found a nice Jones New York skirt suit for $39.

Patti VZ said...

I love Goodwill - favorite place to shop! In the Orlando area Goodwill has an upscale version for the higher end clothes in that section of town. You can get some great sales there too!

Tee said...

There's a store in Matthews (right outside Charlotte) called Finders Keepers that I've been shopping at for over 15 years. The last thing I remember buying there was a pair of Delman flats, retail over $100, for around $15. Great store and the owner is a sweetheart.

DeenafromIowa said...

Hello Shari
I need a friend like you to go shopping with. I have no sense of what looks good and what does not. I live on a farm and figure the animals don't care what I wear!!
Have a happy day!

Digging for Pearls said...

Hi Shari,
It's been a while since I stopped by your blog. I love the new look. I'm praying for you today.


Leigh said...


We have some wonderful thrift and consignments stores in my little corner of North Carolina. One of my favorite places is "My Back Porch" (515 Broad St. Fuquay Varina, NC 27526-1707). I bought all my clothes for the She Speaks conference back in August from there. I wanted to save the money I had set aside for clothes in order to get books and pay for the Next Steps Conference. It was fun and an adventure. I bought a pink leather biker jacket!!!

Kelly said...

Shari! I LOVE thrift store, consignment shops AND yard sales :) Most of my clothes have been found at these places - at a total FRACTION of the cost retail. I'm over-the-moon when I find a fabulous skirt with the tag still on it :) Thanks for sharing!


Tammy said...

I love going to thrifty shops but many time I get frustrated, to much stuff to look through. What a great way to narrow it down. I look for jackets and broken in jeans!

Stopped over from Lysa's blog.

In His Grace,

Jennifer said...

I love the fashion tips!

Lynn Cowell said...

I got a pair of black crop pants from Anthopolgy at Platos Closet in Matthews, NC for $5! They were on the clearance rack.
I read Lysa's blog that you went shopping with her to pick out her speaking outfits for this years speaking season. Any chance you want to do that for the rest of the team? :)
Love you!

shutterhappyhope said...

I do not normally shop at thrift stores, however, I am a bargain shopper. I like the idea of being fashionable while being on a budget!

B His Girl said...

Loved catching up on the Fashion Do's of the season. I promise I will not wear leggings. B

Anonymous said...

I was at the said "Michigan event!" I was in the dark brown top with the wrong bra!! You really helped me to see myself in a whole new way! My friends and I literally went shopping for 6 hours the very next day - on the way home from the Hearts at Home convention! Our first stop was Bali! My 'girls' have never looked better! We all had our fancy color swatch bags in our purses and boy did we have a time!! It was such an eye opener! Walking out of the dressing room to model for 6 girlfriends in the RIGHT COLOR and STYLE - there's nothing like it! I don't think I'll ever shop alone again! This is a whole new thing for me, this "being fashionable!" My sister wants to kiss you - she's been trying to convert me for years!! After the convention, my sweet, honest, fashionable friend, Kelly, came over and we did an overhaul on my closet - color swatches in hand! I took 4 giant tubs of clothes to Goodwill and I feel good in everything in my closet now!! I owe it all to you -you kickstarted the new me!
Thanks so much, Shari! Keep doing what you do best!!
Amy Dillingham