Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What to Wear Wednesday: Pullover Sweaters

First of all, thank you to those of you who contributed info for our Thrift Store adventure! So far, we've got a list of the best thrift stores in the following states:
Ohio, North Carolina, Florida, Minnesota, Indiana, Tennessee, Oregon, Oklahoma, Illinois, California, Gergia and Washington DC.
My goal is to get at least one thrift store in EVERY state (and country if you are a reader from outside the US) so I can list it on my new website that will be available in just a few short weeks. Sooo, if you know of one in a place you live in or have traveled to, let me know! So far we've covered 12 states plus DC...keep em' coming!
A couple weeks ago, I featured an article on leggings. I found a video this week from the Fashion Police and if you want a good laugh (and some leggings instructions!) watch this!
Since fall is in full swing let's discuss the pullover sweater. There are some pieces in my wardrobe that I reach for over and over again and one of them is my orange v-neck pullover. I wear it with jeans, my olive trousers from Banana Republic, my dressy tweed slacks, and my dark brown cords. It is one of those pieces that you can dress up or down depending on the bottoms you wear with it and the shoes or boots you put with the outfit. You can even add bold accessories to give a completely fresh look to a pullover that's hidden in the back of your closet. So let's take a look at some of the best pullovers I've found recently.
Preppy Argyle meets modern fit, layer this with a plain t-shirt underneath. This one's from Macy's, $44.
Daytrip mixed Henley sweater from Buckle for $34.
A Pima cotton v-neck from LLBean. I promise you will wear this over and over and over and over again. It comes in a multitude of colors and both regular sizes ($19.95) and women's sizes ($24.95). I love this one!
Land's End long sleeve layering sweater. They say this one is shapely without being clingy! I like that. And it comes in 13 shades for only $14.50! Hey, this is kind of like being at a thrift store!
Okay, on to a not-so-thrift-store price! Here is one from Chico's that is 100% cashmere. Oh it feels so yummy! Okay, I really can't feel it, but it LOOKS like it would feel so yummy, doesn't it? It's a bit on the pricey side at $129 but gracious I might wear it every single day it looks so good. It comes in 3 dreamy colors, stardust, glisten and black.
Ann Taylor brings us this one ON SALE (if you get it on-line) for $49.99, orignially $85. This knock out of a sweater comes in teal and heather gray. You won't need to add too many accessories cause the neckline pretty much takes care of that. Add some pretty dangling earrings and you've got a great finish.
Those should give you some good ideas of what a pullover should look like this season. I like my pullovers to be in solid colors so I can wear them over and over and no one will really notice. This way I can change up the other parts of my outfit and get a different look going on.
Check out your thrift stores and consignment shops for pullovers, too. Make sure they don't have a lot of pilling on the sweaters, though. If they do, they can look old unless you have a handy dandy tool like this one called the Sweater Stone to take care of the problem!
Happy Wednesday beautiful friends!
Love ya,
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Allison said...

Oooh, ooh, ooh, I just had to post our favorite in Alabama, The Foundry, located in Bessemer. It is a great store and is run by residents of The Foundry, a drug and alcohol recovery center. It is awesome!

Rachel B said...

Okay, my faves in Iowa and Minnesota...2 of them are in small towns, but hey there's a lot of small towns around here!

Unique Boutique, Cresco,Iowa. Love this store! Constantly updating stock. Very nice, clean, modern clothes. Great, great, great prices!

Catch My Thrift, Stewartville, MN
(10 miles from Rochester, MN) Love this one too! Great clothes, accessories, home items, baby items, toys, etc. Great prices...and everything smells incredibly yummy!! (wish I knew what they use to make everything smell soooo good in there)

All In Vogue, Rochester, MN
Lots of clothes. Decent prices. Good location in Rochester. Have found some fun things there.

Okay, hope that helps...and that you get all 50 states.

Leigh said...

Thank you so much for what you did last night with P31 and Next Steps conference. I'm anxious to answer all the questions and insure that my look doesn't distract from His word.

Thanks Shari for being an awesome God's Girl!!!1