Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Christmas Sweater

I wrote a blog post for Hearts at Home and I wanted to invite you over to read it today. It's about that annual Christmas sweater you have in your closet.
Sooo, should you wear it again this year?
I hope you'll pop over and read it by following this link.
I've given some suggestions on what to wear, what to do with that sweater and how to shine this holiday season!
I spent the last 2 days shopping with a husband/wife couple who flew in from Michigan to get new wardrobes. Talk about shopping till you're dropping!
With a few Starbucks stops in between, we managed to get her and him completely dressed anew. I know it's not likely that we can all go out and re-do our complete wardrobes but what if you could? What if you were given $5000 to start your wardrobe over? Would you head straight to the shoe department first or the designer dresses? Would you hit the jean boutique or would you hit the makeup and hair department?
I should have taken pictures but both had a complete re-do, including hair.
Just curious, as I plan my January video blogs, what would you like to see me report on that would help you as the new year hits? Suggest away, please!
Have a beautiful, fashionable day!
Love, Shari


familyof8 said...

Hi Shari,

I met you on one of the girls get away cruises. We have triplets in common! Can you give me an idea of what a day or two with you would cost someone who wants/needs a new look? I'm thinking it would be a great gift. If you don't want to reply publicly feel free to email me.

Kelly in Bham said...

I would to love to get some tips on getting some basic, timeless pieces for my wardrobe. Maybe I should say some "go to" outfits -- volunteer at school, church, out to dinner -- and a building block item for each one. Wow -- guess that's a lot to cover in a video blog! Any tips are appreciated, especially the ones where you give links to specific items (like those great outfits for driving carpool).

Merry Christmas,

Amy Herr said...

I would be interested in learning what is appropriate to wear where. (That was a cool ending to that sentence.) I know dress codes have loosened up drastically, but I'm still wondering if there are protocols I don't know about.

Wendi said...

Sissy, I love you and my Christmas Sweater....and my Halloween, Easter, St. Patrick's, hahahahaha

Jess said...


Video blogs? So, I can see you and hear your cute voice? :) I love the idea. Throwback to "college" days... I would love a video to remind me of how to count my points! Car and I used to count points all the time and I miss it. :( I can never seem to get to 16 these days....

Amy W. said...

I would like to know how to develop my style. I don't have one but am entering a new decade (30!) and need to find myself. Help please!