Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What to Wear Wednesday: Boyfriend Jacket

Can you believe it's only one week before Christmas? Where in the world did this year go?

In honor of the holiday I am writing in RED today!

Can I just say how much I love all of you? I know I don't get to talk to most of you in person but I really do appreciate the feedback I get from you, either as commenters here or by personal emails.
Thank you for lending me your thoughts, ideas and wishes for what you'd like to have me blog about.
I don't know about you, but the thought of an approaching new year always gets my juices flowing. I have a very entrepreneurial mind so there's something about January 1st that gets my mind working overtime and sometimes it simply exhausts me while at the same time excites can that be?!
Enough of that and onto some fashion stuff. I've been looking at the latest fashion mags, reading the trend reports and have realized there's an item I've neglected this season:
The boyfriend jacket.
I really like this simple piece of clothing because you can do so much with it. It's actually one of those items you can dress up or dress down.
Let me explain. First of all, a boyfriend jacket (and I'm really going to try to post some pics cause you all know I'm a dunce when it comes to posting pics so if you see them on here, please silently applaud me and if you don't, well then, say a prayer that the video blogs start soon!)
Anyway, a boyfriend jacket is a throwback from the 80's that you can wear again even if you DID wear it in the 80's. (I know, I know, I usually say that if you remember wearing a trend before you're probably too old for it now, but NOT for this one.)
The boyfriend jacket is a simple, unstructured jacket that is boxy. It has a fuller body and is loose fitting. You can wear this jacket with your jeans and boots (with a t-shirt) and the jacket takes your look up a notch. OR you can wear it over a sequin tank, flowy chiffon-like pants and stilettos. Or still yet, you can pop it on over a simple black or brown dress and it adds a new flair to it.
Basically, you can wear your boyfriend jacket with just about anything in your wardrobe.
I'd recommend getting it in a basic neutral color so you get the most bang for your buck. If you'd rather be more colorful, however, then find one in a soft pink or raspberry or perhaps olive green or rust, depending on what's best for your coloring. If you enjoy patterns then you might find one in plaid or paisley.
Finally, the boyfriend jacket is a staple that will look good for quite awhile. You'll get tons of wear out of it and I'd recommend for all body types.
Now off to find some you see them? If not, my picture duncehood is confirmed.
Love you and Fashionable blessings!


Zoe Elmore said...

A boxy jacket on my fun size cury frame? Not sure about this one, I might have to skip it. I want to hear the details of the couples shopping trip.

Kathy Friend said...

Love the Boyfiend jacket! My favorite way to wear one is belted...that way I don't lose my waistline. Zoe may want to try one this way. I also found a great BF jacket that has princess seaming (it is a tuxedo style) that I love LOVE! White t-shirt, jeans, the BF/Tux jacket and load on the layers of chains an pearls!

casual jackets said...

Really cool jackets. Very nice!

be blessed said...

CAbi had one of the tuxedo jackets on the fall/winter line--perfect for using as a BJ jacket. I loved telling the gals to roll up those sleeves and wear thier jackets with jeans--with everything! Great blog post, Shari!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Nice post & nice blog. I love both.