Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What to Wear Wednesday: Give Away from Riders by Lee Jeans

Special Announcement: Winners will be announced on next week's blog as women are able to enter all week! Don't forget how BEAUTIFUL God thinks you are!

As you know from last week's blog, I recommended 4 different style jeans based on body types. Yesterday, a rep from Riders by Lee contacted me and offered to give me 3 outfits (jeans and top) to give away to 3 of my readers! Thank you, Riders by Lee!
I promised to answer some of your questions this week, so I'm going to do that first and then we'll get into how you can win an outfit for yourself from Riders by Lee!

Q: Someone asked me how to know the difference between the H and X body types. She said she has a little tummy left over from baby days and wondered which body type she might be. She is 50, size 6 and 118 lbs.
A: Since you didn't post your name I will call you "Pretty Woman".

Dear Pretty Woman, you sound like you have a really good shape with not too many body challenges, nothing that a tummy shaper won't take care of!
Here is a description of the 4 body types:

H: Shoulders and hips are evenly balanced, not much in the rear department, and gains most of her weight in her tummy.

O: Gains weight in upper midriff and bust area. Usually flatter rear, but not always. This is typically a more full figured gal. Nice legs.

A: Small waist. Gains weight in hips, thighs and booty. Narrow shoulders, usually.

X: Balanced body. Similar to H description, except has narrow waist and regular size booty. If she gains weight, typically gains evenly all over or doesn't gain much at all, anywhere.
Next question came from Shannon. She just about cracked me up when after asking her question she decided she was a hybrid H/O body type. Still laughing about that. Shannon had several questions so I'm going to answer a couple of them. Shannon, I hope your first question was answered by Pretty Woman's question. I agree with you..I'd go with the Hybrid version! Buy clothes for the O for your best bet.

You asked about wearing gray since you are warm. Yes, you can wear gray, just don't be tempted to wear it with black. Pair it with coral or turquoise.

And Pink? No...still NO. Tell your daughter I'm the color boss.
And to Rachel B. I think Riders by Lee contacted me because of your question! You have this idea that this brand of jeans are mom jeans..and you don't want to look like you're wearing mom jeans. I'm with ya, sister! The new Riders by Lee are hip and happening and I'm so excited to be able to offer 3 of my readers gift certificates to choose a pair of Riders by Lee and a top of your choice at your local retailer. The only thing I ask of you is if you win, will you send me a picture of yourself in your new outfit and a description of what you think about your new jeans.
Pretty please?
I wanted to let you know a little bit about the jeans and then I'll tell you how to win.
Name: Riders by Lee
Cost: $20 or Less!
Available at: Mass Merchandisers Nationwide
Store locator: 1-888-784-8571 or
Enter a comment about which body type you think you are and tell me why you'd like to win! Why do YOU want a new pair of jeans?
Love you all! Fashionable blessings!
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mythreesons said...

I think I'm an H, but "not much in the rear dept" throws me off. I don't have a big booty, but it's not non-existant. None of the others really fit though.

The reason I want a new pair of jeans is because I only have 1 pair that currently fit me. I've been waiting for the perfect jeans for a long time and have never found them. If Riders by Lee are the ones, I will be SO happy!

Thanks for all your great advice.

Teresa said...

Hi Shari,

I believe I am an H and would love to try the Riders jeans, they sound great. Since I am fairly tall, 5'10", it is sometimes difficult to find jeans that fit comfortably while still getting that length for my height and gives me a pleasantly plump effect on the rear, even if it is "not that much". And it would just be fun to win too! Thanks for all of your great fashion tips and blessings you share!

Tiffany said...

Is it possible to be an H/A combo? I definitely gain and carry most of my weight in the tummy, hips, thighs, butt area and have always been smaller on the top half of my body. Basically I'm pear shaped!

I would love a new pair of jeans! I have not bought new jeans in over two years. I have lost some weight since having my second baby girl last May. I still have about 10 lbs to lose but what better way to celebrate weight loss than a new outfit! I've never tried Lee jeans because like Rachel B. I've always sort of considered Lee jeans mom jeans. Even though I'm a mom doesn't mean I want to dress like the stereotypical sloppy, poorly dressed mom!

Suzanne said...

okay, I think I am an "H", but I do have a booty...(maybe I just need to exercise more???) I'm really not sure:( I'd love a new pair of jeans because even when I "find" a pair at the store that I like, they usually never feel so great when I get them home!
Thanks for all you share!

Kelly Combs said...

I think I'm an A. I definitely carry my weight in my thighs. I'll be 42 in March and have gained 10 lbs in the past 2 years! UGH!

So I'd love to have a pair of hip new jeans for my new fat hips. LOL! Seriously, I wear a size 6, but am on the edge of slipping to an 8 if I'm not careful. I'm not huge, but I'm no longer my former svelte self, and new clothes always make a gal feel better. (I just typed "feed better" before I fixed you think that was a freudian slip?)

R said...

I would say that I am an H-body type but also, kinda pear shaped to. Would love to win me a new outfit!!!!

Thanks so much,
Renea H

Denise said...

I would say I'm a A-body type. I really need a new pair of jeans so I would love to try the "new" Lee Jeans!

Rhonda said...

Wow, looking at that I think I am an H. But sometimes I think my butt is too big so maybe not.

Why do I want a new pair of jeans? I want a new pair of jeans because I have never been able to find that perfect pair. I am a tall, full figured woman. I think in the full figured world they think we are all short. Plus I am in the process of losing weight and I would like a pair to work into.

Thanks for listening.

Val in KY said...

I am definately an "A". I have the hardest time buying jeans not just because I'm short, but because my waist is so much smaller than my hips that I have a hard time with the "gapping" that occurs in the back. I have found that Lee jeans are the only ones that seem to fit me the best, but my belly is larger than it needs to be so it makes my lower half so out of proportion with my otherwise "small frame". So I would love the opportunity to win a pair of jeans that would fit me :)

Anonymous said...

I am an H. I'd love to win a new pair of jeans because I've lost about 35 pounds since last May (still working on the rest of it) and I need me some jeans that fit!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd say that I'm a X body type! I have 3 kids and I never buy new clothes for myself and would love to get a new outfit for once!

Pretty Woman said...

Hey Shari - This is "Pretty Woman". I sound a lot like an H but I would like to think I am an X. I do have a nice booty, my waist does cut in and when I do gain weight it seems to be in tummy, booty, upper thighs, waist.

Why do I want a new pair of Lee Rider Jeans, to show Rachel B that you CAN be 50 and wear Rider Jeans and NOT look like you are wearing "mommy jean"!

Anonymous said...

I am an "A" _ TOTALLY!

I would like a new pair of jeans because ALL I HAVE are "mom" jeans!! And whenever I make myself try on some new ones, they don't fit or flatter!! UGH!
I will say that LONG ago when "mom" jeans were all there was, my favorite brand was Lee b/c there was no gap from my larger hips/smaller waist combo... so even if I don't win them, I am going out to BUY some!!!
~missie ray G

Rachel B said...

GREAT STUFF! Sooo thrilled that Riders is giving your readers a deal! :) Maybe seeing all these pics of gals in their fab Riders will change my way of thinking. ;)

I am an X for sure! However, I am 6 months pregnant at the moment so things are a bit different for me now. Would love to win and try out these jeans for myself, but I may have to wait a few months to fit into them! hee hee

Laura said...

Hey Shari, I am definitely an O woman. Full figured would be an understatement.

Finding clothes to fit this full figured frame is always a challenge. I usually just give up trying. I would love a new pair of Lee jeans.

Look forward to following your blog in the future.

Tania said...

I would love to say that I am more of the X, but that is not the case. I am more of an O. I would love to have anothe pair a jeans. I have the "Riders by Lee" and have to say that they are some of my favorite ones.

THANKS for sharing your fashion sense with us. I enjoying reading your blog.

faithWalker said...

Hi, Shari! I think I'm that H/O combination. Oh and new jeans...would be great! Two pairs of jeans just went into the "too big pile." Oh happy day!!! :)


Julia said...

I am an A I think. My waist is not as small after 4 kids, but still always have problems with the butt, thighs, and hips fitting in jeans. I also have smaller feet and ankles, so hard to find jeans that help me look balanced. I also have problems with jeans either being too long or too short because I am 5'5". Please help me get out of the mommy jean rut!! :-)

Rachel B said...

Oh, just read my own comment above and realized I said the wrong thing! I am an A body type not an X...that is when I'm not preggers.

Just posted a link to this post on my own blog. Hope that is okay!

Rachel B said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tina said...

I am probably a hybrid too...hee, hee...but more of an A than anything. I have so much trouble buying jeans because my waist is small and my but/hips are not, plus I have short legs and my pants are always dragging, but not short enough for short length or petite. I'd love to try a new brand of jeans...haven't worn lees since middle school.

Erika said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Erika said...

I AM an H Girlfriend! I would love to get a new outfit since I am a mom of 4 and I always seem to put myself last!
I have not treated myself in awhile since I gained about 40 lbs after loosing 70! I need something to get me motivated to keep on track and to look my best on the outside as I do on the inside.I would love to get pampered! Shari! This is Elizabeth not Erika I am on her computer!

Suzanne Eller said...

I think I'm an "H", friend. Even at my thinnest (I was a rail, not the fashionable kind in my childhood and twenties), I still didn't have a waist. If I gained anything it was in my tummy. "H" it is, then. : )

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Ok, I'm not sure what my body type is so I'm creating my own new category...

Category CE. Cellulite Everywhere.


Why I want to win? Oh my goodness because you KNOW I heart the jeans that are $20! I would be a walking posterboard...I can't keep a deal to myself for anything!!! And I need to look super cool next month at that teen conference and so not mommyish.

Digging for Pearls said...

I think I'm an H. I also am petite which makes it hard for me to find jeans that are actually comfortable. I would love a pair that actually fit great on me.


Anonymous said...

I'm an H.....but almost wishing I was an O so i'd have a little more to work with up top (lol).
I keep trying different brands of jeans but nothing seems to fit right or it doesn't accentuate the "best part" (aka: hiney, derrier, "back", backside, butt, buttocks, fill in the blank). So, I'd like to see if these would work. Thanks!!

Lysa TerKeurst said...

Hey sweet friend... I don't ever know if I'm a d or an x... Either way I'd love to win a Rider's outfit that Shari picked out!!!

I'm totally into Shari outfits! And I'm loving your book!!!


annika said...

I believe I'm an H. I have a 17 mos old daughter and having her magically made all the fat in my body move around! I now have a tummy I didn't have before!
My biggest reason for wanting a new pair of jeans would be that my other jeans dont fit me correctly anymore and I feel uncomfortable in them. Economy being what it is, I'll have to keep my jeans and keep working on changing my body back unless I can win a pair. What a blessing that would be!

Kimberly Ann said...

Hi Shari,

I believe that I am a cross between an H and an O with my weight gain all happening in my bust and stomach area. I will be getting married in Spring of next year and I just feel like I need a confidence boost before the big day. A new outfit that actually fits properly might be just the ticket.

Alyce said...

Hey Lady!
I would say I am an H body type, although I do have some booty, but not like JLo! I've got enough, not too big, not too little. So anyway..
WHy do I want new jeans? Why wouldn't I???? I love me some jeans!! I think this is a great giveaway and very thoughtful of you guys. I need new jeans so I don't have to justify to my husband that he needs to buy me some, lol!

Ashley said...

Hey, Shari! I am an A type. I would love to win these jeans cause I am 8 months pregnant and really in need of some good jeans when I get done baking this baby. Love ya, sister!

P.S. The hotel is done and reopening Feb 13th. Looks beautiful from the pictures I've seen.

Amanda Chamberlain said...

I think I'm an X, but not a skinny X. I have a fairly large bust and large hips and thighs with a smallish waist. I have a little tummy like an H but not too much. My jeans are usually a little gappy (is that a word?) in the waist.

I would love a new pair of jeans because I'm a stay at home mom and I live in jeans. My other jeans tend to slide down and expose too much middle. It's quite embarrassing, especially when bending down to scoop up a two year old.

Thanks, Shari!

Anonymous said...

I think I'm an H???

Anyway, I would LOVE to win because I have recently lost 30 lbs. and I have nothing that fits (good problem, but frustrating at the same time!) I am thrilled to find your blog!

Tracey said...

I believe that I am an O. I've got the shoulders, boobs and hips to prove it. I'm currently working out a lot and I'm in need of new jeans. Since I'm working my bottom off new jeans would be great. I love my Lee shirts because they fit my boobs - one of the few shirts I don't have to pin. It would be great to have some new stuff to wear that fit and can help shape me up where my time in the gym hasn't quite "fixed" me yet. I'm having brain surgery in a month and would love to have a pick me up as well. I'm not kidding either! Lee has always fit me well and the tummy panels are GREAT!

the alleys said...

i think i'm the H/O hybrid but probably more O.

who doesn't love some new jeans? on top of that, jeans recommended by you are even better!

would love you to win :)

the alleys said...

i think i'm the H/O hybrid but probably more O.

who doesn't love some new jeans? on top of that, jeans recommended by you are even better!

would love you to win :)

Gina said...

I am a 47 year old mom of two daughters(14 and 17). Just trying to find modest and decent-priced jeans for them has left me overwhelmed and not too eager to hunt down a pair for me! And I am not willing to trade in "my big girl panties" for a pair of jeans that gap in the waist and shows off my granny panties! So, I would love a new pair of jeans that would allow me to continue to wear my "big girls" and not worry about them showing when I bend down.I am 5'10 and an A shape.
Thanks,from me and my girls!!!!

Gina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tara said...

Thanks for the tips, Shari! I'm always mixed up on my body type (though at least I'm clear about my coloring!). I am H because of the tummy....and A because of the thighs. Or maybe it's H/O?
I would love to try some new jeans - the last pair I loved was from Lands End, but they've been discontinued, so now I'm stuck....I don't know where to begin in finding something new. This would be a great start! Lee jeans were always my favorite when I was a teenager. (Now I'm in my 30's with 2 kids - hence the tummy problem.)

LaDona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kathi C said...

I used to be an H body type but now I believe I am an O and I don't know how that happened!
I am looking for a pair of jeans that will hide my "muffin" top and be attractive and flattering to my body type because we have "Blue Jean Day" every Friday at work and it sure would be nice to feel comfortable driving to work and sitting at my desk without constantly tugging at my shirt or pulling up my "old jeans" to cover this problem.
Thx for your help

Pajama Mama said...

I am definitely an A and getting more and more A-ish as the years go on!! I'd love to try out some Riders and see if they really are hip and cool these days...besides the fact that I have a stack of jeans in my closet that are too tight. I'm down to just a few pair that actually fit...and I wear jeans EVERYDAY!


Marybeth said...

Since even the fashion diva herself can't figure out which body type I am, I can't tell you which type I am. But I can tell you I would love to win!! I love jeans-- you know us hip and happenin mamas live in our jeans!!

Shannon said...

I think I am a type H but I have a booty but I gain most of my weight in my belly and hips.

I would love to win as I currently only have a couple pairs of jeans that fit me right now so a new outfit picked out by you would be great!!!

LaDona said...

I think I'm an H body type.

The economy has been real hard on us. Lost our home & business last year. We're really starting over. The money that I do make pays the bills and I do make sure my kids have decent clothes for school. I do with the clothes I already have, which are getting worn looking and not fitting properly anymore. But as most mothers in this economy we sacrafice and do without to help our family. And to win a new pair of jeans right now would just tickle me pink. What woman wouldn't want to win three new outfits!
Love your newsletter! Such a blessing!

Sherry said...

Hi- I am an X body type. Love your Wed. blogs and your devotions. Some day I would love to bring my daughters to one of your events - I have 3 daughters at home and 2 outside the home - what a time we would have! I want a new pair of jeans - because I have plenty of jeans and none fit - I would like to prove that Riders by Lee are what they say.

Kelly Family said...

Dear Shari,
Well, I guess I would say that I am an H shape. My baby is now 2 years old and I can honestly say that I just recently got my baby weight off, however that tummy of mine is still the "baby tummy." I am so confused about jeans these days. I have friends that spend over $100 for a pair jeans. Really? I can't imagine spending that kind of money on jeans even if I had it to spend. To me it is more important of how the jeans look on me - not what brand they are! I would love to win a pair of these jeans not only to have as a celebration of my weight loss, but also to show my friends that they don't need to spend their money on jeans that are over $100 and perhaps they could use that money to donate to a worthy cause, and yet still have a great looking pair of jeans.
Thank you,
Becky Kelly

Jekka said...

I would guess I'm an A--I own one pair of jeans. Not because I don't like jeans but because 1) I can't afford to buy them and 2) I can't find a pair that doesn't gap in the back. If I find a pair of jeans that fits my thighs, stomach and hips then they are too big in the waist.
I read Rachel's blog on a regular basis and I have to agree with her. I would have never tried Riders because when I was growing up they were mom jeans.
Excited about the possibility of trying something new.

JesD said...

I am definitely an H. 4 babies in 4 years has done a number on me. I would love to try these jeans! I'm new to this blog and never really considered that the way I dress makes a big difference. I use the excuse it's hard to look nice because of the kids. I want to try harder for myself and my husband.

Stefani said...

I am an A shape. After years of hating my shape, I'm finally embracing it. I love the body that God has blessed me with!

I would love to win a pair of these jeans! I have actually looked on multiple occasions for these exact jeans because I've heard such good things. Unfortunately for me, a 6 long is not an easy size to find. :P
Thanks for all of your encouraging posts! I love reading your blog!

Michele said...

Dear Shari, I guess I am an "H". If I gain weight it is from the bottom of my bust to my knees. I was holding my own pretty good until last year when I turned 50 and everything seemed to turn to fat. I have been fighting back with exercise and cutting back on the breads & sweets. I would dearly love to win a new pair of jeans (who wouldn't?). These jeans sound like they would help me to look less "frumpy". Something I have really come up against in the last year. I am having a hard time finding a style that doesn't make me look like a matronly grandmother but also doesn't look ridiculous for my age. Help!


Zoe Elmore said...

Speaking as an "O", Of courase I need new jeans. I'm over 50 and and "O" body type. Helloooooooooo
Are you kidding me? NO one makes FLATTERING jeans for "O"'s.

Natalie Pendock said...

Hi Shari!

I know I am an X body type because you told me so last winter!! Well, I must say that I was totally disappointed when you said I was an X. I always thought I gained weight in my stomach.... then you pointed out my big booty and thighs!! LOL. Anyways, after your amazing conference and your amazing support, I have learned how to dress my body type and I have had so many comments about how much thinner I look! But, the most important thing I learned from you is that I have to love me for the way God made me, no matter my size. That is a hard for women, but totally what I needed to hear. I would love to win the outfit because I dont have the money to buy myself jeans or clothes. I would be blessed forever if you picked me. Thanks. Natalie Pendock

Natalie Pendock said...

Opps... sorry.. I am an A!! Lol... I made an error in my last post! LOL!!

Kristin said...

I think I'm an H, but leaning toward A tendencies! nerw jeans would be great! I didn't know Lee had revamped their image, and I've worn thru my most recent pair!

Judy McGuire said...

I guess I'd be a combination of H & A together that would be HA, but it's not so funny :) I would love some new jeans to take on my mission trip to Brazil!!!

Samantha said...

I'm an H...definitely no waist. I'd love a new pair of jeans b/c after reading Shari's book "If Clothes Could Talk" I realized that none of my current jeans are working to flatter my H figure! I'd love to win a gift certificate that would motivate me to actually go out shopping and step into a dressing room with a clear mission. Based on the jeans on the Riders website, I think I would start by trying the mid-rise straight leg jean in antique dark.

Jennifer said...

I heard you speak in Nov. at Hearts at Home. Thank you!

I think my body type is H. I cannot find jeans that fit both my waist AND my hips/thighs. If the waist fits the h/t are too big. If the h/t fit forget about buttoning them up!

I would LOVE to win a new pair of jeans because I've fallen into the MOM TRAP! I'm an at home mom in the process of cleaning out those 'mom jeans' and replacing them with some classy ones. I want to be a confident role model for my girls in everything I do....including getting dressed each day!

Terri Lynn said...

Wow ... I kept waiting for another selection! Have you noticed that as you scroll down it spells HOAX? Thought that was a little funny, especially since I am a cross between H and A for HA!

I would, like everyone else, welcome a free pair of jeans. I'm not sure that Lee would work for me - in the last few years I've been a strictly Levis women's jeans woman as I have a short inseam, an ample booty and even at 5.6 I have long legs, so the lower waist long leg length jeans work best on me. As I'm down to one pair of jeans I'd be happy to see if they'd work for me if I'm one of the winners.

Thanks to you and Lee Jeans for making this possible. Good luck everyone!


LauraB said...

I am an H. Used to be an X, but lowering metabolism and a sweet tooth took care of that! :) I wear jeans to work all the time, so I don't have any "nice" jeans, and since I'm tall, it's hard to find jeans that look good and fit well. Recovering from my honey's long period of unemployment precludes my shopping right now, so a free outfit would be really cool!

Anonymous said...

I believe I am an H shape but I have the added bonus of being a lower case h, or as the fashion industry likes to call it: petite. Being 5'1" is such a challenge in finding jeans that fit! That's why I would love to give these jeans a try.

Anonymous said...

I think that I am an A because it seems that a lot of my weight gain is in my thighs & booty but I don't feel like I have an narrow waist. Maybe if I would feel comfortable accentuating it then it would look narrow.

The reason why I want a new pair of jeans is because I am only 5 feet tall and I really seem to struggle with finding a jean that is the right length and fit.
About a year ago I had to have part of my thyroid removed and it seems that one of the side effects is weight gain. I am 37 years old and at my heaviest that I have ever been besides when I was pregnant. If the jean fits me in the thighs then it seems too big in the waist.
So I am a short chubby girl that can't see to find the right jean that fits my body & I feel helpless at times when I go shopping.


Sarah said...

I am definately an "H". I was surprised to hear you say Lee Rider Jeans in your blog the other day. Since I am 6 feet tall I have tried these jeans in the past. They were definately mom jeans and I was in my twenties then so I have stayed away ever since. As I walk through my thirties I am wanting to look like I have it together since life dictates that you cannot always wear yoga pants. Looking at their website gave me hope that there is the perfect pair of jeans for a tall, "H" girl with not a lot of fashion sense. I could use some help.


Anonymous said...

What a cool giveaway! I think I am an "X" but I am quite busty so I don't know if I can still be in that department. :)
New jeans would be nice because I am struggling with the same 10 pounds over and over. I lose them I can fit in a size 6 I gain them back I need a size 10. Well all my jeans are now size 6 and I really need to be wearing a different size because the muffin top just ain't attractive!!! I really don't want to buy a bunch of bigger size jeans because I want to lose the weight. I know I am supposed to dress my body how it is now, I just am hoping I'll lose these 10 pounds soon and not need the bigger jeans!


Jenny Provin

AP said...

I think I am an H. why do I want to win?
well I currently own one pair of good jeans and sigh, my daughter had "washable" paint on her hands, grabbed my jeans to stand up and after 3 washings, this washable paint still hasn't come out.

Anonymous said...

I am an "H" body type...I have a "barrel" shape. I think I need a new pair of jeans and shirt because I recently had a tummy tuck after losing over 60#s but still had overstretched skin from 3 babies. I haven't bought new jeans since the tummy tuck and seriously need a new pair!!!

Lynn Cowell said...

I think I am an X. For one reason, because you told me so at one of your conferences :). Also, because I gain weight all over.
I'd love to have a new pair of jeans because I got some great new boots for Christmas and would love a pair of jeans that I could tuck them into.
Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

I would guess to be an X. It would be a total blessing for me to win this because I do not even own a pair of pants or jeans. I think my family and friends would all FREAK OUT if I won and put them on!!!! Thank you for considering me, love you sister, Celeste

Nancy said...

I believe I'm an "OH" and well, that says it all, doesn't it?!

After a grueling year of working on my inside, I'm ready to put a fresh coat of paint on my outside. A new outfit would give a kick start.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

My body type has been surmised
Does that mean I can't win a prize?
I am an HX combo girl,
My search for jeans has me in a whirl!
My older jeans were cast aside
My wardrobe has a void inside.
And still I search and slowly wait.
The stores I've shopped now numbers 8!
And even online I have looked,
With this pursuit I now am hooked.
I've tried to follow Shari's lead,
But haven't found the jeans I need!
Though Riders Jeans aren't on my list
If they just fit I wouldn't diss!
The thought of having jeans at last
Would truly be an awesome blast!
Love, Lucy

Anonymous said...

Hi Shari! Wow--I loved reading about the body types. I'm a hybrid/mixed-breed too! I think I'm an H because I gain ALL my weight in my tummy....but I also think I have a flat rear which would be O. I would love the chance to have some NEW jeans, mainly because I've gained about 15 pounds this year due to some chemo drugs I've been on.....and I hate it! I only have one pair of jeans and they don't even look that good. I'd like a "good fit but cool" pair of jeans that look good on my body. Whoever wins--enjoy!

Heather Nelson said...

Hey Shari~
Thanks for your great blog and newsletter. I love the message you're sending to teen girls and us not teen girls! Thanks for reminding us that God loves us as we are.

I am an A. I would love to win a new pair of jeans because I still have not found that "perfect" pair for me (and when I find it I will buy several, so if Lee jeans are the ones, then I am glad they are very affordable!). In fact, my search has been so long and frustrating that when I answered your survey questions, I bumped my price range up thinking maybe I need to bite the bullet and just pay more to find something that fits--w/o the gap in the back.
Anyway, thanks for all you do to help us all feel like pretty women!
Heather Nelson

Stacie Parks said...

I believe I'm an X. I would love to win a pair of jeans. My husband is the one who takes me jeans shopping and thinks we have to pay $72 for a pair of jeans for them to look nice. I have a long torso and short legs and it's hard to find jeans that fit. It would be amazing to find a pair of $20 jeans that fit as well as the more expensive brands. Thanks for the opportunity! :)

Shannon said...

definitely an H. Have a baby stomach even after my "baby" is 10. Trying to work on that!
Thanks Lee!


Shannon said...

definitely an H. Have a baby stomach even after my "baby" is 10. Trying to work on that!
Thanks Lee!


Leah Gillen said...

I am, without a doubt, an A! But...not A for apple...A for a solid pear! Yep...that's me...a pear! I don't even like pears...go figure.

Anyway - I would love to win a new pair of jeans, because I'm so embarrassed over my body image right now that I've been refusing to buy anything new. I've been the thrift store queen for awhile...until I can "rationalize" buying new clothes (which I keep telling myself will be when the weight comes off). So, needless to say, I'm needing something new...long overdue actually.

Heidi said...

Hi Shari!

I am an H on the way to shrinking to an X hopefully! I think there's a waist in their somewhere! So I need a new outfit to fit my current size. I'm down 40 with 40 to go!

Jayme I. said...

When I met you in person you said I was an X - but I tend to gain in my hips and thighs (constant struggle!), and I need to lose some of the baby belly. I have had a difficult time finding a pair of jeans that fit my waist and my hips/thighs. I have recently gone through my closet as you've suggested - only to discover one pair of jeans made the cut. I would love to have a new pair! The one pair I do have was bought at a thrift store (which I have to be careful its still current style) - so a NEW pair would be awesome.

Thanks for all you do - I love being encouraged by your helpful hints - and I know how I feel about myself makes a big difference to those around me!

Julie Gillies said...

Hi Shari,

I belive I'm an X, minus the "doesn't gain much at all" aspect. *smile*

I'd like a pair of Lee Jeans because I'm with Rachel...they have the stigma of "Mom Jeans" and I'm reluctant to buy them, even though I'm a mom AND a grammy.

By the way, I LOVED your first newsletter this past week. What a treat to read it and learn something about fashion. I'm not a shopper; just give me a list and let me get what I need and be done! Your newsletter will help me do just that. Thank you! (P.S. I still think of you cutting up my food at She Speaks 2 years ago when I was so have a heart of gold, Shari!)

Oh, and I PROMISE to share a photo if I win.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love your blog! I'm an H with O tendencies. I'm nearly 6 feet tall, 180-ish lbs, but small-boned. I have PCOS (insulin resistance) and we tend to gain in the "spare tire" area. As tall as I am, I've been so thankful that they are making "long" jeans that are actually LONG.
I'd love to win the jeans because I wear white jeans with scrub tops to work (more flattering than scrub pants!) and having another pair would mean less frequent laundering.
God bless,

Deborah Ann said...

Another 'HO' hybrid body type here. I gain mostly in the front, but I definitely wouldn't say my backside is 'flat.' I have a nice butt, at least that's what hubby says!

Great giveaway! I love the Riders that have an elastic waistband. If I ain't comfy, ain't nobody comfy!

Sara said...

I am an "A" body type. I have a really hard time getting pants to fit me in the waist. So, I'm excited to try a pair of jeans with a "no gap" waist. And, it is always fun to win things!

Question: Should an "A" type wear the capris with the tight leg bottom? Thanks for everything!

Daphne said...

I think I am an X...with a bit of H thrown in, because we just can't be boring now, can we? I've lost 50lbs in the past couple of years and have lost from every area. I'm less than 10 pounds from my final goal weight! When I do go up a couple pounds, I tend to notice it in my belly area.

I would love the jeans because I have a really hard time finding jeans that fit well and aren't way too low cut. It's been really hard to find nice, flattering clothing that is modest since losing weight. The top would be an added bonus...I'd choose something in a new color that I've never worn before, and maybe splurge on a new haircut, too!

It was so wonderful to see you at Hearts-At-Home in Rochester, MN this past November. Your workshop was fabulous! You are a blessing to all!

Andy and Jennifer said...

I think I am an H with a little A thrown in. After 3 kids, I just don't wear jeans. I have one pair that kinda' fits... Thanks for the chance!

Reagan said...

I'm totally an H and I'd love new jeans so I could look like a HOT mom!

Carolyn said...

Hi Shari,
I have an HA! body type. Most everything jiggles when I laugh!
I would love to win a pair of Lee jeans because just this past weekend my youngest sister made me trade pants with her to prove to me that I did not have to wear "mommy" jeans & that I could wear jeans that fit snuggly & yet were still comfortable. It was wonderful to trade her my size 20W for her 16W Lee jeans even if it was just for a few minutes. She handed me money & insisted that I go buy a pair this week. I'm looking forward to my new pair & would love to have another pair so I won't have to wear the same pair all the time.

Marilyn said...

I think I'm an A or an X. I'm pretty balanced overall but have a baby belly I'm working on! I would love to have some new jeans that fit nicely - not mommy jeans, but not teen jeans either! Stylish and classy without being out of date.

pj said...

I am definately an "A" body type. I've had an hourglass figure all of my adult life. However, a little more is in the lower half since my last child was born when I was 37 years young! After that, I carry a lot more in my lower half.

I would love a new pair of jeans from Lee because I just can't seem to find a pair that fits correctly for my body type. These sound like they would be a great solution to my new "mommy" body without "mommy" jeans.

CLE said...

I believe I'm an H and I would love to have some new jeans. I've been wearing "hand-me-down" jeans from my cousin. Unfortunately, they are very thick stiff denim and not very comfortable, so I don't wear them much. I would love to have a pair of up-to-date, softer jeans (maybe with a little stretch). Yes, I could buy a pair but I'm in the process of losing weight and would love to wait until I'm closer to goal to spend money on jeans. Thanks for a chance to win.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shari,

I was at your workshop at the Hearts at Home conference in Rochester Last November. You are so fun and I love reading your blog! I think I'm an X. The reason I would love to win a new pair of jeans is that I have been doing the Weight loss Wed. with your friend Karen Ehman and have so far lost 26#. It's been fun to see my normal body shape return but none of my old clothes fit very well. I've been wearing one pair of jeans that is getting too big now and everything feels sloppy. I would be so excited to be able to wear a pair of jeans that fit right!

Rebecca Ann

A Touch of Country said...

I met you a few months ago at hearts at home and was inspired by all the great information you gave me! Thanks it has really helped me and am loving the color swatches. I am an H body type and finding good jeans is always such a bummer...I have probably 30 or more pairs of jeans in my closet and none of them fit well! Ugh!

Anonymous said...

I'm an H and I would love a new pair of jeans....I quit smoking a year ago and put on a little weight. I need to get some bigger clothes for my new heavier but still healthier body. Thanks!!

Lori said...

Dear Shari,
I am enjpying your Blog. I am an A. Gains weight in the booty and THIGHS, but I have a small long waist. So finding a paor of jeans that fits well, is a quite a TASK! I too have always thought Lee jeans were Mom jeans,so I never gave them much attention. After your blog, I will be checking them out, and hopefully, will win a pair! But I was even happier that I came upon your Blog, because I too sponsor a child from Ecuador thru Compassion, but sometimes Satan wants to make us question what if our money is really helping the children. So I was so thrilled to see your photos and descriptions on facebook of your trip there. I will be forwarding your link to other family members who help sponsor children through Compassion.

TDGriff said...

Well...I think I'm an A hiding in an X body. People think I'm thin, but they haven't seen me in a swimsuit! I have wide shoulders but only seem to gain weight in my thighs (and backside). Jeans and pants are a nightmare--always have the big gap at the waist; 5'4", so most are too long & petites are too short; bum is bigger at top but blends into my legs, so there's no definition... I do have a pair of jeans that I really like, and I think they are Lee.

I would love to win a pair of jeans that I could wear and actually feel fashionable and confident in.

Thanks for all your sharing and insights at the seminar this weekend at Legacy. It was a fun time!

Sara said...

I'm pretty sure I'm an X. I tend to gain and lose weight evenly all over. I would love a new pair of jeans as I'm just bored with my jeans right now. I have a difficult time finding a pair I feel good about myself in. I have straight leg, flared leg, wide leg, and really don't love any of them. I'm open to trying something new.

Josey Bozzo said...

I'm going with the H/O hybrid. I really think I fall somewhere in between.
I love your blog! It's fun to hear about all the latest fashion from you.
I would love a new pair of jeans. Jeans are my absolute favorite wardrobe piece. I live in them. Unfortunately I often have trouble finding a pair that fits just right. I am 5'2 and a little on the heavy side (l65 gulp!)
Finding just the right pair of jeans is crucial, I believe.
I have heard of these jeans and they carry them at my local Walmart. But I often wondered if they are really as great as they say.
Thanks for the opportunity

Everyday Becky said...

I'm hoping it isn't too late to enter this giveaway. I would LOVE a new pair of jeans. I am sitting here in the only pair that currently fits me and (blush) there are big holes in each knee.

I know I need new ones but jean shopping is so hard for me. I have an H-shape (no waist, flat bottom)not exactly the body you sahpe to look good in jeans.

Trying to find a new pair always feels like such a chore. Winning this would be the perfect inspiration.

Thank you for the chance to win! Have a great week!

Paula said...

Hi Shari,

Thanks for the opportunity to win a pair of jeans and top!
I'm an A/X. If I gain any weight, it's in the lower half, hips/thighs. And it's the last place I lose too!

I recently lost 55 lbs thanks to God's grace and Weight Watchers, and I have been able to maintain my weight for just over a year now.
I had to buy an entirely new wardrobe, as I had dropped 5 dress sizes in my journey to getting healthy! (I know, poor me with all that shopping, right?) But in all seriousness, I could use another pair of jeans to fit the new me.

Thanks again for your ministry to all us gals!


Kelly said...

I am an A shape. I would love a new pair of Lee Jeans as I am 5" 1/2 and it is hard to find jeans for my height.

Lisa said...

I think I am an X body type. Jeans are a staple in my wardrobe and a pair of jeans that have a great fit make all the difference in the world. Would love to find "my perfect jeans!"

Robin said...

NONE of these sound like my body! YIKES! I am a fashion disaster!