Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What to Wear Wednesday: Week #1 Basics

I was expecting to show you my first VLOG this week but you'll have to forgive me and just know that it was more stress than I could handle. Kicking off a new season is fun, but there's so much that comes along with it I just had to let myself off the hook and say no. I did purchase the video camera and am told it's perfect for what I need it to do so I'll just surprise you one of these weeks and it'll appear!
I promised a year of simplicity so that's what you're gonna get. If you read the blog comments from last week you'll see that Zoe made a resolution to donate 4 bags of clothes and stuff every month last year. And she did it. This year her goal is to donate more than that. Okay people, if I donated 4 bags every month I wouldn't have anything left in my house! Zoe...are you a pack rack? Or can you not miss a sale? If you wear size 11 shoes, can I come over? Oh wait, you probably wear a 5 or 6 so that's not gonna work! I love your idea, though, so we're gonna use that for our list of things to do this week. Except I doubt most will get 4 bags..but then again?
So I digress.
Back to the basics, here. When you went thru your closet, did you find that your wardrobe held a)many of the same colors or b) lots of different colors?
Do you have more bottoms than tops or vice versa?
To work on our simplification method, I'm going to give you a list of things to do this week.
Here you go:
1) As you peer at your now cleaned out closet, go thru it again. Are you sure you want to keep the only pink sweater you have that you only wear once a year? I want you to slim down even more (in your closet, silly!) What about those jeans you wear every day but are really out of style? Go thru your clothes and shoes again and make a goal to move out 2 more bags of stuff that you should have moved out last week. I'll bet you can do it!
2) Is the bra you have on right now the one you usually wear? Then go to a mirror and stand in front of it. You might need to change tops to do this. A pullover sweater would be a good one to wear for this exercise. Make sure it's solid in color, too. Look at yourself from all angles. Is your bustline sitting where its supposed to be, halfway between your shoulders and your elbows? Can you see your nipples thru your shirt? Now look at your bra. Are the straps stretched out? Are the cups still smooth or have they dimpled with too much wear and washing?
3) Make a shopping list. Do you need to make your #1 needed item a new bra? Keep this list handy because you're going to be using it again. Just because you're making a shopping list, doesn't mean you need to run out and purchase the needed items now, but this is to help you keep from impulse shopping. You are only going to purchase items if they appear on your list.
4) Go thru your underwear drawer. When was the last time you bought new undies? Is it time for a few new pairs? If so, add to your list. Throw out the holy and stretched out ones.
5) Do you have a shaper that is necessary for you body type? If not, add to list. You might want to take a trip to Target to check out the shapers there to try some on to see what works best for you. Sara Blakely has a line there called Assets and they're all priced under $20.
6) What do your nails look like? Do you need to give yourself a manicure and pedicure? Or has it been awhile since you've been to the salon to have this done? Whatever works in your budget, make it a priority this week to get your nails looking good. Pick a color that you love and cheers you when you look at it. If you want to stick with a neutral color, then by all means, choose it.
Add "buy nail polish" to your list. It doesn't have to be expensive.

7) Wear an outfit this week you've never put together before. Pick a different top to wear with those jeans you wear every day. Pair your outfit with earrings you haven't worn in awhile. The pics at the top of the blog are to give you some ideas. Look thru your closet and see what you can put together that is stylish and nice looking. Let me know what you found.
That's it for this week. Each Wednesday this month I'm going to give you a list of things to do to simplify your closet and wardrobe to get you where you need to be.
Have a great week! Hey, let me know how many bags you moved out once you do this!


Jennifer Renee said...

Shari, here I go. My wardrobe has many colors. Mostly solid colors but not all black like my friend said I always buy. I mostly wear dresses and if I do wear something that needs a top I already have it matched up. However, come to think of it, I do have a few shirts in my dresser drawer that I haven't worn in many years because I have nothing to go with them. I've been holding on to them waiting for the day I find something to go with them like a skirt or jumper.
I want to comment on number 7 of your list. My mother would always try to get me to mix and match my clothes. I've never done this and in my world it's not going to happen. Shari you may understand my reason. When I buy something like a skirt I find something to go with it. Whoever I am with can help me with this.
I can't believe I'm about to share this. The bra issue has always been a problem for me. For years I never felt comfortable in my bra. I always felt like I was sagging and falling out of it. When I went to visit my Spiritual mother in September she helped me out a little with this problem but I don't know.
I wont even start about my nails except to say they're horrible. I have a bad habit of picking at my cuticles and the skin around my nails. I'm praying about this.

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

I need a new bra! And I cannot believe I just wrote that on a blog. :) See what you to do me Shari. ha!!

I love all your ideas but I struggle with the nail thing. I don't like nail polish. So should I just stick with something clear?

I like your list idea! I have a list like that for things in my house so why not for things in the wardrobe? Great idea! Love you bunches!

Scentsy said...

You have just described the first week of the new year. After looking in the closet, myself, underwear drawer, etc. I realized too many things have been far too neglected. Hence, a trip to the store, new clothes, makeup, underwear. Although the price tag wasn't my favorite, I feel liberated.

bubbie_boogie said...

Do you ever post any pics for your full Figure Girls? Some outfits that diminishes (I thike this definition: To make less important)the tummy.

Anonymous said...
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