Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What to Wear: A Spring Handbag!

Last week Amanda asked me for some ideas on how to choose a handbag for Spring based on the fact that she is a DEEP. Tara seconded her comment so
 in that light, this week's post is going to be about just that! And your getting
LOTS of pictures!
It's most important when dressing and planning your wardrobe that you take your dominant color characteristic into account. For those of you who are new to my blog, here is a run down on the DCC's:
Soon, oh very, very soon, you will be able to do an on-line color analysis on my website! My web designer husband has been working very very hard on this project and has plans to finish it before the end of this month. Everything else is on hold in his world until that is done. Get ready to have fun with that!
In the meantime, here is a brief description so you can sort of guess if you haven't been analyzed at one of my conferences.
DEEP: dark hair, dark eyes
LIGHT: blondes, light skin, light eyes
WARM: redheads, strawberry blondes
COOL: silver, gray, salt and pepper hair
SOFT: dirty blonde, mousy hair, medium complexion
CLEAR: dark hair, bright eyes
Keep in mind this is a brief, overall description. You might think you fall into one category when really, you're in another, but at least it's a place to start.
For your handbags this Spring, get one that makes a statement. Your handbag finishes your outfits. Your handbag hold lots of stuff. Your handbag is an accessory. Your handbag should reflect your personality. Sometimes it's the first thing another notices on you. Is yours: Shabby? Dirty? Old? Worn out? Too small? Too big? Stained?
Below, some ideas for you this season! Keep in mind, some of these may be designer bags, some from thrift stores, and some from department stores. They key to your spring bag is not how much it costs, (or how little) but the key is how well it compliments you.
These are just ideas for you to give you a starting place.
RULE #1:  Bags this year are colorful! If you decide to buy a bag in a color, pick one that is in a color that will compliment most of your wardrobe. For example, if you are a DEEP and you wear lots of black and white, then RED might be a good choice for you...or a deep BLUE.

 If you'd like to go metallic, then either gold OR silver would work, or one with both, like this one.

IF you are a COOL, then silver metallic or a beautiful shade of BLUE would be fab for you.

WARMS, choose gold metallic or copper...or ORANGE OR YELLOW! If you want to stay basic brown, then get one with a croc or snakelike imprint.

LIGHTS: PINK, WHITE OR BEIGE would be super beautiful. I LOVE this beige one. It would also look great for a SOFT.

CLEAR: how about a high contrast bag of BLACK AND WHITE? Or a brightly colored bag like this Pucci design or small flowered bag?

SOFT: a beautiful soft shade of GOLD or a pastel YELLOW, or a lovely bag in muted designs would compliment you beautifully. Here's one in pink and yellow mix and also a denim-like muted design with metallic look to it.

  Now remember, the trick is not to look for an identical bag, but this is to give you ideas! Here's a great backpack I found (in 2 colors) for those of you who like wearing these. Find one in a perky color like these!

And here's an animal print bag I love. Most any coloring could wear this, just make sure to find one with handles that are best for you, as in black or brown. You know who you are if you're not supposed to wear black. This is a black and brown mix that is really pretty.

Well, that's your lesson this week! I will eventually show you my new purse by my son took my memory card out of my camera and I washed HIS memory card he left in one of his pockets so we are without the use of a camera!
Also, I don't have all the details yet of Beauty Boot Camp, but we are finalizing those. I do know the dates are April 30th and May 1st and is 2 days long. It will take place in Charlotte, NC. There will be a special early bird price that you will know about first. Details will go in the next e-newsletter later this month.
And by the way, Have any of you ever wanted to do what I do?
If so, I am designing a certified 4 day course! I am taking a very limited number of students for the very first class in June. Please email me seperately (or leave a comment with your information on how to get in touch with you) and I'll tell you all about it,
re: costs, location, what's involved, etc.
 Finally, an image course with faith as the foundation! I'm excited!
I believe God is asking me to train others up in this amazing industry and the ideas are just flowing through my brain like crazy. So girls, what are you waiting for?
Lots of Love and Beautiful Blessings,


Kelly in Bham said...

Hi Shari! Love all those pics! They are super helpful. Question -- on a rerun of "What Not to Wear," Stacy and Clinton advised those of us beyond our twenties (or maybe even teens) NOT to wear chunky or platform flip flops. This caught my attention as those are a staple of my almost forty, summer wardrobe. (You know those great Volatile wedge flip flops?) What are your thoughts on this? And what would you suggest as an alternative? I'm over winter and boots and ready for spring and sandals!


Amanda Chamberlain said...

Thanks so much, Shari! I've had my eye on a silver metallic purse and I'm glad to see that will fit the bill for Spring/Summer. This is exactly the practical help I need and I appreciate it so much!

Shari Braendel said...

Ohhhh Kelly...I have to agree with them. Platform flipflops are better left to our teenage population...YOU my dear will look so much better in a cute wedge metallic or straw sandal..and they're everywhere! Perhaps my blog should be about spring footwear next week? Hmmm! Thanks for the ideas!

Melinda said...

I definitely need a new summer purse. I will be so glad when you get your online color analysis ready. I still can't decide if I am cool or soft. And I think the idea of spring footwear on you next blog is a wonderful idea. I am 50 and would really like some new summer sandals so some good advice before I spend my money on the wrong thing would be great!

Shari Braendel said...

Melinda, okay you talked me into it! Next week, for sure, spring and summer footwear! And since you are not sure if you are a cool or a soft, why don't you opt for a pretty purse in pink or light blue....either would be wonderful regardless which one you are! Or you can get a metallic bag that's mostly silver...cause that'll work for both too! love ya!

Kelly in Bham said...

Hi Shari! I will look forward to your post next week about spring and summer shoes! After looking through my closet, my shoe collection consists of boots, lots of chunky heel flip flops (which I will be giving to my 21 yo niece!), open toe or peep toe heels, and one little lonely pair of ballet flats. So here is a follow up question for you --- what in the world do you wear in March/April when it is warming up and you are tired of boots but can’t show your toes yet??? What is that happy shoe in between boots and sandals?

Have a great weekend!

Tara said...

Shari, thank you for the great purse tips and photos! I'm a Clear, so I've got a really good idea of what to look for now.

And, I am now very much looking forward to your posting on spring/summer footwear! I fall back to wearing my flip-flops, and no, they're not the fancy kind, they're more of the beach-y kind. I need to step things up a bit. : )

Barbara said...

Wow... thanks Shari, I love all the pictures they make all your words come alive.. I feel inspired.. and ready to feel pretty!

Hisprincess122 said...

Love all the info. Keep up the good advice...