Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What to Wear: Spring Makeup!

Happy St. Patty's Day! Hope you're wearing some green today!
Before we head into today's topic, I want to tell you about a couple of things.
As promised, the newsletter is going out this week but it didn't go out on Monday like I thought it would. It is going out tomorrow morning, Thursday!
This spring edition of the newsletter features the ONE pair of pants you MUST have for spring, the COLOR of shoes you MUST have for spring AND THE jewelry you must have for spring!
I'm also bringing you designer inspired ideas from Valentino and how to have the look in your own wardrobe without spending a fortune.
If you're not signed up yet, make sure you go to this link today and do it so you'll be sure and get the newsletter tomorrow morning.
I am hosting a Beauty Boot Camp on April 30th and May 1st in Charlotte, NC. You will read all about it in the newsletter tomorrow (or you can click on this link and find the info) but I've told a few women about it already so I want to give you a sneak peak regarding it. If you've ever wanted to know exactly what works for you, how to do your makeup correctly, what clothes are best for your body type, how to wear the new spring colors based on your own coloring and have an individualized shopping plan just for you, then this is the place for you to be. I am flying in a professional makeup artist who has experience in TV, film, runway fashion shows, and bridal makeup. However her TRUE passion is working with everyday women and helping them realize their TRUE beauty while helping them enhance their outer appearance through beautiful makeup application. She will be working with each Beauty Boot Camp participant one on one to determine the best makeup  look for you. The best part is that she LOVES the Lord and I'm thrilled to be able to bring her to you. Her name is Raquel Simone and I'm excited for you to meet her! I am limiting the bootcamp to no more than 12 participants so  if this is something you want to attend, make sure you let me know. The early bird price is $795 but payment isn't due until April 10th. The cost of the boot camp includes your hotel for Friday night(double occupancy) and all meals. If you are planning to attend, please let me know soon so I can count you in the class (even if you're not paying till April) this way I know when we've hit our 12 participants. I want everyone to have individual attention and this way it can be accomplished. We will start at 1pm on Friday the 30th so you can fly in that morning. Transportation to and from the hotel will be provided for you. We will end at 4pm on Saturday so plan for an evening flight out.
Now for today's topic: Makeup!
Since I'm bringing in Racquel for BBC I got to thinking that so many women don't know how to do their makeup well. Also, many don't understand the proper use of skincare, makeup brushes, or anything else that pertains to making your makeup look amazing. One thing that is so important are the colors you wear for your makeup; for blush, lipcolor, gloss, lipliner, eyeshadow, etc. Your makeup colors are based on your dominant color characteristic and should be worn accordingly. So here's what we're going to do today. In the comments below, this is your opportunity to ask what you'd like to know about makeup, skincare, etc. Racquel is going to look at your questions and together, she and I are going to answer them. No question is a silly question. Every question is valid. All your questions will be answered in next week's blog. From your comments this week, we are going to draw 5 random winners and you will get to be on a personal conference call with me and Racquel to gain personal insight just for you! The winners will be announced next week and the call will be scheduled after that.
I'm excited to see what you'd like to know...soooo, let's get started! And don't forget to let me know if you're one of the 12 Boot Camp participants, okay?
Love you all!


Katie said...

Hi Shari and Racquel,

Long time reader, first time commentor ;)
I have a question about eye shadow. When I went for a consultation for my wedding a couple of years ago, the make-up lady showed me to use three colors - medium shade all over, light shade in the corner and on the lash line, and dark shade in the crease, followed by the medium shade as a once-over to bring it all together. On an episode of WNTW last week, Carmindy showed a woman to put medium shade all over, dark shade on the lash line (she had also given her false lashes) and light shade in the crease/upper brow. So, which is it? And does it matter on your DCC, shadow color, and occasion?
Thanks for the input!

Julie said...

Im so happy I found your blog! A friend of mine was talking about an event you are doing and I wanted more info. I saw you a few years ago and got so much practically and spiritually...

My question: I am a soft, and typically wear just blush, lipgloss, and mascara. Someone suggested eyebrow pencil but I feel like a clown with it! Do the colors of make-up need to follow your color swatches that I use for my clothes?

Jolene said...

I wear glasses and was wondering what you recommend to emphasize my eyes. I have never worn eyeliner because I have sensitive eyes and have never mastered the technique of an eyeliner pencil. Any new ideas or suggestions?

Love your blog Shari - always tons of great ideas. Looking forward to receiving my first newsletter. Do you keep these archived on your website? I haven't been able to find past issues. Just a thought...

Dale said...

I just celebrated my 59th birthday on the 15th ... and have found over the past couple of years that the eyeshadow colors I've used forever no longer work ... and that my not-so-firm skin around my eyes make it difficult to achieve a smooth appearance. I'm "Soft" according to last Saturday's analysis. What colors and types (powder, cream ...) of eyeshadows are best?

Kim said...

My question deals with money and what products you recommend. Do we need to spend a lot on skin care and make-up? Can we get some good products at Target or the local drugstore? If we are going to spend some money, what should we "invest" in?

As far as make-up goes. I'm all about the "natural look". However, as I'm approaching 40, I also want to make sure that I'm looking younger!

One More Equals Four said...

I have very sensitive skin and can pretty much only wear Physician's Formula make up. I cannot find any eyesahdow that I can wear. My problem is that when I use eyeliner, it tends to "bleed" onto my eyelids, I think, in part to the fact that I don't have the eyeshadow on to kind of set it. I have used blush before, dusted on my lids (which for some reason does not cause an allergic reaction) but it looks very, well pink! What would you suggest I do with my eye makeup knowing that I cannot wear eye shadow?

Faith said...

okay, my question is basically the same as the one above about money. I am going to be 30 in a few days, and I know I need to change my skin care routine, but I have agonized over what is financially wise while still taking care of my skin. What is worth the money, what do I really "need" to use, and what is just out there to entice us to spend more. Same with make up... can I buy off the rack, or do I really need to switch to something from a counter...

Anonymous said...

What is the best product to cover dark circles? I have tried a variety of colors, and products and nothing seems to do the trick.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shari,

I just love reading your What to Wear Wednesday. I definitely need your help. I am 67 but still care what I look like even though medication has made me lose some hair (I wear a wig) and I have gained some weight. I want to be in style and also wear the right clothes and make up. I don't have many wrinkles for my age but I can't seem to bring out my eyes like I want them. I do wear glasses most of the time now. I like the natural look, can't wear foundation but do wear mascara and some blush. What do you suggest for me? Can't wait for your next newsletter. By the way I am a "SOFT". Thanks!

Anonymous said...

What is best for dark circles under my eyes???I've tried so many products and nothing works well... from cheap to very expensive. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hello! First of all, thanks for writing this blog. I enjoy every post!
My question is about wearing makeup in the summertime. Where I live, it gets very hot and humid, so sweating (a lot) is unavoidable. What little makeup I wear gets smudgy and smears right off. What should I do? Are there certain products that will endure the summer heat better than others?
Thanks so much!

Lynda said...

I just had a baby and have not been getting much sleep. PLEASE HELP with my dark circles!! I had dark circles before but now they are really bad. Every time I look in the mirror I just feel like I look terrible.

I have tried a few products but nothing really helps. I have very light skin. I live in Miami and try not to wear thick make-up because it just makes me sweat.

Thanks so much for your blog! I just found you and am so thrilled! I just ordered your first book and can't wait for the new one to come out. I really need help!

Melinda said...

My question concerns skin care. I am 50 with a small face and neck. I really don't mind "looking" 50 but I don't want to look "older" than 50...if you know what I mean! LOL Anyway, I have been using Mary Kay microdermabrasion for about 6 months and I also use Mary Kay cleanser and moisturizer. I use Bare Minerals makeup (and LOVE it by the way). I hate looking in the mirror and seeing that wrinkly skin on my neck! Any ideas?????

Karen said...

I am another one who would like to know how to cover the dark circles under my eyes.

I would also like to know more about the use of make-up brushes. Could you explain which ones we use, when and how?

Thank you!

Elin said...

I have alot of acne in my T-zone, what do you recommend for covering it up? Also, I don't know what colors look best on me, how can you tell?

Melinda said... is an idea for future What to Wear Wednesday blog....SWIM WEAR!!!! I want a 2 piece but one that won't show my "muffin top"...LOL

A Touch of Country said...

Hi Shari,

I would love it if you showed some basic pieces and how to mix and match them to get different outfits and also a few ideas to show us on how to "rock" the look for spring 2010 with photos.

Thanks Shari!

Can't wait to see what you come up with.


Anonymous said...

i very much adore your posting type, very exciting,
don't quit as well as keep writing considering it simply just good worth to follow it,
excited to looked over much more of your articles, have a good day ;)

Brandee said...

I hope it is not too late to comment :) I have a question about the best type of foundation to use for acne prone skin. I am 35 and still am prone to getting breakouts and my skin is pretty oily.

Thanks for any advice :)
Brandee, TN

Stephanie said...

Thank you so much for what you're doing for Christian women with your blog and your ministry. You have already been a help to me in the time that I have been reading! I want to know what color eyeshadow to wear--I've never found one I really felt made the most of my green/hazel eyes. I have medium/fair skin, brown hair with blond highlights. I wear black eyeliner and black mascara, and I like to highlight right under my brows with white. What color should I put in the crease?

One Small Voice said...

I am a new reader of your blog but have always loved your column in Susie Mag!
I'm fourteen and have really bad acne and...even worse...acne scars. I wash my face with Clinque's 3-Step Skincare Acne Solutions every night and it help keep my face from going crazy, but my face is still tired, inflamed, and colored with the old spots from past breakouts. I feel hopeless. What should I do?

Amy said...

Wow, wow, wowie, wow! Your devotion today is great. I've been praying and praying to be a better listener. Now I'm going to make sure that I'm not talking about myself. I especially related to the "follow-up" story syndrome that you referenced in the application steps. Great devo, friend! (Not that you needed me to say that!)

Jolene said...

Idea for What to Wear Wednesday - Talk a little more about size of pattern and accessories based on body type (Movie Star, Rock Star, etc.). I am a Movie Star but don't really know what would be considered a medium pattern or a medium size handbag. Help!

Anonymous said...

I, too, love your blog! And ditto about your devo today for P31! Our MOPS leadership has been focusing on what being a good listener is and how to be one and this is perfect!!!
I heard you in MN last fall at the Hearts at Home conference. Now I know I am a CLEAR--dark brown hair, blue eyes. Is there one basic color scheme of eye shadow colors I can wear most days? Or should I change my shadow to coordinate with what I am wearing each day? I don't like to have all the different eye shadows that I only use once every few weeks or months, as it seems wasteful-they get old before they're gone and I end up tossing them. Any suggestions?
Thanks so much for your passion!

Pat said...

I am sitting in the Tampa airport headed out to do "what I do". When I read your email I almost cried sitting here in the crowd. OH MY. You have nailed something I didn't even realize I was doing until God just showed me through your post on P31 Devotions today. As I read, I heard Him speak to about my own need to hear "you are doing a good" from others. I have felt it from God but have been using OTHER voices to confirm HIM. Jehovah God Oh My!! I didn't even know it!
Thank you girl. AMAZING written!!
Here goes my 30 day trail!
Blessings sister,

Bridget said...

Great devo today. I was so convicted by the questions at the end. I believe a 30 day fast from myself maybe in order! Got the newsletter and it is so helpful.
Make-up question...I use Neutrogena mineral make-up and really enjoy it. However, as I'm getting older, red spots, acne scars and dark circles are getting harder to cover-any advice? Also, I enjoy eye shadow, but sometimes feel I over do it. What's the correct way to apply it?

Jeanies Heavenly Treasures said...


I loved your devo on Proverbs 31! Oh, that's where i am in my life! I'm learning to be REAL QUIET and listen to what HE wants to say to me! It is Awesome! Thanks so much for the devo!
Then, I come over to your blog to leave the comment for you and find out you give beauty advice. That is wonderful! I sell purses so this is right up my alley!

God Bless You,

Anonymous said...

I would also love to hear about a two piece swimsuit for those of us with muffin tops. I'm thin but after having twins, my midsection isn't what it used to be.

And I would also love to hear your advise for those of us with dark circles under our eyes.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your bog! Hoping to have the opportunity to learn about speaking and writing ministries.