Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Color E-nalysis Site is Ready!!!!
I am so excited to have you try out the NEW Color Site! I know that so many of you have been waiting for a very long time for this and it is up and ready. Now mind you, there may be some glitches that we are unaware of yet but we won't know that until you begin trying it out. Today is the FIRST day it is LIVE so you get to be the first to give it a try. If you already know your DCC (dominant color characteristic) try it anyway!
It is a FREE three-step online fashion and image e-tool that allows you to discover what colors will make you pop – and which ones you should drop. By choosing photos that match your own hair, eye and skin color, you can have a customized color profile and find the “right” colors. The color e-nalysis will accurately interpret dominate color characteristics and recommend colors that will enhance your natural beauty and make you  shine and banish colors that should never be in your closet.

Wearing the “right” colors:

· Makes your eyes sparkle and shine

· Can help you look years younger

· Gives your skin a healthy, flawless glow

· Gain you consistent compliments while giving you confidence


Wearing the “wrong” colors:

· Dulls your complexion and magnifies skin imperfections

· Makes you look older than you are

· Can make you appear tired and sick

· Gives the illusion of added weight

Now go try it! And PLEASE come back here and tell me what you think!
I would appreciate it so much!
Love ya, Shari
Beauty Q&A of the week:
Most of your questions pertained to white legs this week! LOL! You had questions about sunless tanners, sleeveless tops, panty hose or not, varicose veins and a breathable shaper, a.k.a sucker inner things!
Melinda, Wear the sleevless things and don't worry about droopy arms and such. It's hot outside! If you really don't want to show your arms then opt for a linen blouse or lightweight scarf to wear as a wrap when you want a little more cover. As for whether or not you should show your white legs, YES, show them, or add a little self tanner to them...will explain below about those.
Several of you wondered about the whole panty hose thing: I say leave them alone. Go for a good self tanner and give yourself a little color. Here are a few to try:
Neutrogena Instant Bronze: Deep or Medium

A sunless tanner and instant bronzer in one product. Put the cream on for an instant bronze color with the actual tan setting in 30 minutes. The bronze tint helps insure an even application since you can see where the cream is as you put it on. The fast dry formula allows you to dress within 5 minutes of application. Comes in medium and deep tones. $About $24
Bain de Soleil Streakguarde Self Tanning Creme

Aside from uneven application, streaks are one of the biggest problems with self tanning. This inexpensive self tanner is formulated to eliminate the streak problem while leaving behind a beautiful bronzed color. Won't clog pores. This gel has a coconut scent that is reminicent of the beach. Available in medium, dark, and deep dark. About $9.99
Clarins Self tanners are terrific and run about $29. They have a few to choose from but what I like best is there is little to no smell from what I remember!
And then there is the one from Jergens called Jergens Express Tan...Around $13. Thank you for the tip from one of my readers on this one!
And Ashley wondered about a lightweight shaper...Oh dear, I wish there was an easy answer for this one. I checked with our local dept. store where there is a bra and undergarment specialist (and she really is!) and I asked her this question. She told me that of all the lines out there, she still thinks Spanx is the best and most comfortable. I did a little more checking and found Hanes is really nice too, especially their camisole doesn't work as well as Spanx but it is a bit cooler. My advice: only wear it when necessary and go up a size in your clothes so your clothes don't cling so much and your fluffiness doesn't show so easily.
I hope this helps girls! I'm leaving for Guatamala on Monday for 2 weeks! I'm not sure I'll have internet so I may have to get some guest pray for me and my son, Luke, if you will, as it's his first mission trip. We're going with Susie Magazine and Compassion and about 270 teenagers! All girls and about 40 you know why I need prayer! Ha! love you girls...please let me know what you think about the Color Site!
Be Blessed!


One More Equals Four said...

Loved the color analysis site. I was, admittedly, a bit skeptical but after going through it, I agreed with the results. My favorite part...I got permission to wear black! HOORAY! Thanks bunches! :)

Shelia said...

Love the color analysis site. I was shocked that it said i should NOT wear black as that is my staple wardrobe. In fact I even have on a black/white top and it specifically said to stay away from that combination so close to my face. AHHHH!!!! I had no idea. Now if I could just leave work to go shopping!!!! Must get new wardrobe!!! Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Shari - I did the online analysis this morning and it came out the same as you thought! Of course it did! But, I just wanted to let you know!

Have a wonderful time in Guatamala!

Anonymous said...

Loved the color enalysis and it was spot on. I love your blogs and site and have told many of my friends about it.

One tip about self-tanners, mix a little body lotion with whatever you decide to use and it makes the application more foolproof. Much more even and much less streaking.

Have a blessed trip.

Anonymous said...

Hey Shari,

Thought I'd let you know it worked great for me - exactly what you had told me at SheSpeaks last year.

This is SO cool to have online. I am going to send my sisters to do theirs next!

BTW, I did notice that the "home page" button at end of my analysis wasn't functioning.


Anonymous said...

Loved the much anticipated color e-nalysis. Was very surprised to find out that, as a clear, I should not be highlighting my hair, which I have done forever. Thank you for such a helpful tool.

Michelle Parker said...

The color analysis tool is great! I have dark hair and dark eyes and thought that I was a Deep, but my skin tone is relatively fair. The analysis says that I am CLEAR. Wow! I guess I bought the wrong color swatches.

Thank you for all of the great tips and beauty/style advice!

Kristin Hansen said...

Tried the color site this morning - loved knowing that I was getting advice on this particular topic from someone who KNOWS what they're talking about! I was VERY surprised by the results though - I've actually done this kind of black for a soft?? Uh-oh, better make some big changes to my work wardrobe once hubby gets a job again...

Kristin Hansen said...

*EDIT TO PREVIOUS COMMENT* I've NEVER done this type of thing...

Anonymous said...

Hi Shari,
I'm new to your site, but I must say I really liked your Color E-nalysis site! I thought the graphics were great and it was easy to use.

Since I'm new to your site I don't know if anyone has asked this but.....

Do you have any fashion suggestions for pregnant women? I'm almost 3 mo and while I don't wear pregnancy clothes yet, eventually I will. Sure, I can wear my husband's big shirts, but I want to feel like a woman, not dowdy. I've seen some cute clothes at Target. I'm going to go with my color e-nalysis for colors. But what about styles?


Amy V.

Mariah said...

The online e-nalysis says I'm a clear, but I look TERRIBLE in black. I know I'm a soft, but I definitely bounce between the 2(clear and soft)...what should I do if I don't fully fit in to either one? I would LOVE to know what my POP colors are. :)

Shari Braendel said...

Mariah, first thing to do, make sure you have a mirror in front of you in good lighting when you do your color analysis on, if you're still sure you're a soft, but it's coming up clear, send me a very recent photo to and let me take a look at you...remember I'm leaving for Guatamala on monday for 2 weeks so if you can do it in the next day or so that would be great! I'll check out your coloring personally cause we want to make sure it's right. love ya! Shari

Shelly said...

Hi Shari,

I just did your online e-analysis and I came up as "clear." When I met you at Northlake Mall earlier this month, you deemed me "soft" and I bought soft color swatches.

What are the defining characteristics that distinguish between these 2 (soft and clear)?

Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy your trip to Guatemala!


Heather V said...

I actually had to do the e-analysis 3 times before I could get it to agree with what you said I was at a conference. It said I was a Clear, then a Bold and finally a Warm. Like the concept but can't say I was completely sold on the site.

Shari Braendel said...

Shelly and Heather, it's very important that we get this right and for the first week of the site being "LIVE" we are finding a few glitches...mostly with the brunette category. Here's what I'd like anyone to do if they are finding that you are coming up different than what I've analyzed you before: 1)Make sure you have a mirror with you when checking your hair, skin and eyes. You might even want someone else to be with you to help you choose the correct colors because its helps to have another opinion. If it's still not coming out like how I've told you before, PLEASE email a picture to my assistant and I will look at the photos when I return from Guatamala on July 12th. Her email is
Shelly, I've already personally emailed you, so Heather if you will do the same that would be great. (You said Bold above, but that must be a typo cause there is not a bold, is it soft? Thanks girls! Want to get this RIGHT! love ya and thank you for letting me know!

Mariah said...

thanks for showing me I'm a "clear" and not a soft. I'm totally stoked to be a clear, since turquoise is my birth stone and a color of jewelry I really like to wear! yay! Also, I am finally able to know what my POP colors are and can get them in my wardrobe when possible. thanks again! you're awesome!

Lynda Hanford said...

I am so excited that the site is up and running, congratulations!! I know it was a lot of hard work.

My feedback:
- it was a little challenging for me to see the difference in the eye colors. My eyes are green but I could hardly tell which eyes were green. I took the test a few times clicking on different eyes and got different results. I like how the face colors had samples rather than just the faces. Maybe for the eyes you could say the color next to it...
- it wasn't simple to re-take the test, I had to re-enter my info. It would be nice if I could just re-take it.
- I really wanted to be able to print my results. I ended up copying and pasting the info onto another document, but a print option would be nice.

Thanks again. I am pretty sure I am a soft... so sad, no black. Time to go shopping :)

Soaring Eagle said...

I just discovered your blog form other Proverbs 31 women! I took the color test; I may have to go shopping! I am really looking forward to your book. I read your prior blogs and will read more later - thank you. Someday I hope to meet you in person if you ever get to Iowa that is. :) Anita

Anonymous said...

I had my color analysis done at Hearts at Home this fall. I was surprised to be told that I'm a Light. So, I was excited to find out if the e-nalysis would tell me the same thing. I do highlight my hair but it's naturally darkened every year. I'm not sure if it's technically any of your brunette choices on the e-nalysis. I decided to take the e-nalysis twice, which was difficult. I wish it was easier. First, I chose the lightest brunette color offered with the hazel eyes. I was told "DEEP"! I have friends who are deep and I know I'm not one. The second time, I chose one of the darker blond options and was told I was a "SOFT". Now, I'm just confused! :)
I am probably naturally a dark blond although I highlight my hair. I have light skin which freckles (tans in summer). My eyes are hazel with a lot of yellow in them. There's a sweater I wear in the winter that's a very bright green (think green apple) and EVERY TIME I wear it I am complimented. Can you help me?
Thanks so much!