Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What to Wear: Vegas, Bra Straps and Fashion Answers

I spent the weekend in Las Vegas with my husband and 2 other couples. We had a wonderful time eating our way through the many buffets and visiting all the different hotels to take in the scenery. And boy did we get scenery! I know that women want to dress sexy, I get that. But did you actually know that you can dress fashionable, fabulous, modestly AND still be sexy? Really, you can.
You see, I've got something to say today and I hope you'll listen to me.
As Christian women, (and most of you are) we have a responsibility to dress a certain way. I'm not talking about being fuddy-duddy old fashioned mamas (as in hot mama or NOT hot mama). But it seems that we all need a good old fashioned (there's that word again) lesson on how to dress. Seriously. So, this week, I'm going to remind you of some basic rules of dressing because I know, that I know, that I know that many of those women who were in Las Vegas last week might confess to be Christ-followers. Okay, maybe I don't know for sure, because most of the women I saw sure didn't dress like it, but I can't believe that NONE of them were, right?
So here you go, a list of some Fashion Guidelines for when you go on vacation (and most apply to when you aren't traveling either.)
Rule #1: There are different clothes for daytime and nighttime. Wear them at the appropriate time of day.
Rule #2: Bra Straps should never been seen. I understand when they slip out from under your top because it's an accident but when your purposely wear your bra with a strapless dress or with a tank top and such it's not right. 
Take a look at these pictures for what NOT to do:

Rule #3: Please, please wear clothes that fit you. It is better to go UP one or two sizes than to squeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzeeeeeee into something that doesn't fit you. When you look at yourself in a mirror, do you see any fluff hanging out? Do you see any rolls through your clohtes? If you are certain your clothing item fits you but you still see fluff or rolls, then wear a shaper to suck it in girlfriend. See pics below of clothes that should be bigger:

Rule #4: Buy a full length mirror and check yourself out before you leave the house...make sure you look at all angles.

Rule #5: Do Not Wear your bathing suit in public. Especially at the grocery store. Please?
Rule #6: Please keep your boobs to yourself. I know I don't have to show you pictures for this one.
Rule #7: Your dresses shouldn't be so short that you have to wonder if you have underwear on. Come on people. (Okay, I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but maybe you have some friends you could pass this onto?) Oh, yeah, I guess they'd know why you sent it to them when they got to this part, huh? Oops! Hi friends! LOL!
And I'll leave it at 7 rules for today!
Now for your questions of the week:
Mariah asks: Is there such thing as a combination DCC? Like can someone be a soft and clear, or another combo? I feel like I'm having trouble with bouncing between two of the DCC colors. Thanks!
Answer: Well, actually, most women are very close to two, but ONE always wins out.
Cyndee asks: I've got a question for you - I am an "A" body-type and am struggling with placing my column on the outside. Am I doomed to wear solid color pants with a matching solid color cardigan (or jacket) forever? What about jeans? BTW, I am a soft so black is out, making shopping just a tad bit trickier...
Answer: LOL! Doomed, No! But it is a bit trickier, yes. When you wear a print, try to get one that has the same color BACKGROUND as your bottom piece. For example, if you have a brown bottoms on, then get a print top with a brown background with a print of soft colors. Or when choosing solids, find colors that are close in intensity..for example, when wearing a medium wash denim for jeans pair it with a medium intensity color like gray, teal or brown.
Bridget asks: Question for you-nail color (fingers and toes) Do you follow the same guidelines for your lips? How do you decide what's the appropriate color to wear?
Answer: Always blend your colors so they coordinate with your DCC. For example, if you are a Cool, then go with pinks, berries, or plums. They don't have to match exactly, just coordinate.
Karen asks: I have a question that goes along with Bridget's about nail polish color. I have a pair of bronze wedges, and would like some suggestions about the color of toe nail polish to use that would go with bronze?
Answer: I just went shopping for some new polish when I was in Vegas this weekend and found some beautiful golds, coppers and bronze polishes. I was at CVS. Check any store for these colors..they look great with everything!
Daphne asks: Hi, Shari :-) I like the color of lipstick, but I really don't like the "heavy" feel of most of them. Is there a way to tone down the heaviness, or should I stick with a gloss?
Answer: There are some really lightweight lipsticks out there. You know I'm a big fan of Mary Kay and they have a liquid lip color that's pretty fab for $13. And Bridget gave us this good bit of's what she said: I wanted to share with you a lip color that I recently found. It's called Neutrogena Moisture Shine Lip Sheers. They have just a hint of mint moisturizer and SPF 20. I typically use blistex and my lip color all the time, and these tubes are the perfect combo! I bought them with a coupon, so I don't remember the price...probably around $7. Love them! Thanks Bridget!
Anonymous asked: I will be attending "SheSpeaks" this July and meeting with a publisher. A very amazingly kind relative just recently told me that she wanted to sponsor my wardrobe for that interview. She said that she would buy whatever I needed to look my best. This is SUCH a generous offer and I am so excited for God's provision! I don't own any pant suits. I have never been to a speakers or writers conference before and I have definitely never met with a publisher. PLEASE HELP!!! She wants me to make this purchase at JCPenney's. I have no idea what to choose. I don't own any blazers except a jean blazer. I have dark hair and a tan skin tone. I think I am a b body type. I have one pair of peek-a-boo toe black shoes, but do I strictly need to have closed toed shoes? Should I buy a black blazer with a nice dress shirt under? Is a skirt appropriate or are pants the way to go?
Answer: Wow! That IS a wonderful offer! I checked out the JCP site for you and came up with the following. I don't know your size but my best advice is to wear a nice pant suit. It is MOST important that you wear a color that is flattering to your skintone because your publisher meeting will be in a seated position so they'll see you from the waist up (so the peep toe shoes are fine!) You said that you have dark hair and tan skin so you're most likely a DEEP. This pant suit I found had great reviews! I kept going back to it after looking at some others but like this the best...but make sure you ditch the belt. If you are a b body type you won't need it and the reviews say it's better without anyway! And this is a pant suit. Here is the link for it. If you need more help, email me at and I'll help you more then. YOu'll need to wear brown or copper or bronze shoes with this and some nice accessories. Nothing huge, choose more on the medium size. And come find me at She Speaks and show me!!!!*

Katie asks: We've had some pretty amazing humidity the last week in Chicagoland (and by amazing, I mean sticky...). What are your suggestions to be cool and comfortable when temps and humidity are high? Could you also speak to pieces that are great for transitioning between cold (not cool) air conditioned areas and the great outdoors that don't make you want to sprint to the car and crank the ac?
Answer: Katie, the best thing for you are pieces that are 100% natural fibers, like cotton and linen. These pieces will keep you comfy when you're inside and cool
when you're outside. Layering is also a good thing. Wear lots of shortsleeve or sleeveless tops and carry a lightweight linen blouse with your to wear when inside. Get one in ivory or white (J Jills has some great ones, as does Eddie Bauer) and it'll go with everything.
Kerhoo asks: I also have been wondering about nail polish they match the outfit or not .....just stay in your colors.....or just how do you decide which colors to wear with what?
I also was wondering about the online color you know when it will be up?
Answer: See the nail polish answer above, it's all about coordinating. Wear what you love, but dont clash! And as for the E-Color's almost done!!!! It was supposed to launch today but it had some final touches to get look for it to launch NEXT WEDNESDAY on the blog!!!!!!  Thanks for asking!!!!
And Danette asks the final question of the day: When will your new book be out? I can't wait to get it!!!
Answer: Oh girl, I'm so excited! Thanks for asking!'ll be out late July...official launch date for the nationwide Makeover Contest is August 9th! I can't wait to share all the exciting stuff with you guys!!!!!! It's available for pre-order now on amazon.
But August is gonna be a fun month!!!!
Thanks so much to everyone for your questions this week! See you next week...when we kick off the Free E-Color Site! I'm gonna need your help to test it!!!!
I'm in San Diego this week speaking at a teen conference so if you're near, come see me!
Love you all!




Paolo said...

Hi Shari,

Thanks for recommending Eddie Bauer for base layers to help our Chicago friends bear the humidity! Linen works!

Paolo, Eddie Bauer

Melinda said...

WOW - Shari there is alot of info on this weeks blog. Can't wait to go back and read it again. I do have 2 questions this week.
1. To wear panty hose or not to wear panty hose? My problem is that my legs are 50 years old, they are white, freckled, uneven skin tone, and sagging at the knees. Get the picture!!! I am a size 6 so my legs are not big. I do like wearing sandals with my dresses and have some really nice ones but I know the rule is "no panty hose with sandals" I don't want to offend anyone with my legs. I have tried sunless lotions but can't seem to get the hang of it. Any advise?
2. Can I get away with wearing sleeveless or not? Again, my arms are 50 years old and tiny, but gravity has taken hold and, well you know what I mean! I live in South Mississippi and it is HOT right now. I would love to be able to wear sleeveless. Is it appropriate to wear it when your age is beginning to show?

Is there any help for me!?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Like Melissa, I was wondering about panty hose, too. My arms have a bit of tan but my legs are pale.

Any tips on care of panty hose would be helpful. The afforable ones look like the old lady from the Laugh-In show and the expensive ones snag way too easily.

PS - I've pre-ordered your book. hopefully it will arrive before I go on vacation:)

Ashley said...

Can't wait for your new book!!! :)
My question is do you know any sucker-inners that aren't so hot. I have some spanx that cover my upper legs and go up to under my bra line. But I sweat so much in them- especially in this wonderful, humid, HOT Florida sun! I know I need the back and leg help, but they are so uncomfortable(from the heat). Any suggestions?
Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Melinda and Anonymous about the pantyhose questions. Do you have any suggestions on how to cover up varicose veins?

Thanks (to you and Paolo) for the information about wearing linen in hot, humid weather. I didn't realize that before.

Looking forward to your blog next week about the color analysis!

Mariah said...

sunless self tanners??? what's the best for the price, Shari??? I've heard Banana Boat makes a good one for a cheap price, I've also heard Clarins, Estee Lauder, and Clinque have good ones in the $20-$30 range. What do you think? I'm looking at more of the $10 range.

Anonymous said...

I don't wear panty hose at all - tights in the winter. Self tanners are a girls legs best friend. My fav, and Allure magazine readers pick, is Jergens Express Tan found in your local drug store.

byebra said...

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