Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What to Wear: Got Facial Hair?

So this morning my 15 year old son, Luke needed to borrow my husband's razor because he couldn't find his but instead I gave him mine. At first he questioned the purple throw away tool but I assured him he could use it. I told him I often use Daddy's razor so he could certainly use mine.
After about 5 minutes he hollered down the stairs and told me he needed another one. He said, "Mom, this razor doesn't do ANYTHING. I've tried and tried and it just doesn't work." So I retrieved my hubby's razor and told him to throw mine away because it was probably worn out.

And then I had a thought.

I found the razor in the trash and saw he hadn't taken the plastic cover off the blade! He was shaving with the smooth edge of a nice plastic cover! We laughed and laughed as he told me how "stupid" it was for razors to have covers! LOL!

So then I had another thought.
About OUR facial hair.

Every single one of us has some unwanted facial hair, even if it's just in your eyebrow area. But I'd take a guess and bet that most of us have some hairs on our face that we'd rather not have, right? Whether it's a pesky hair (or 2) that shows up on our chin or maybe you have darker hairs in your mustache area you'd rather not have.

Here's what I want you to do today. Get a hand mirror and go outside.
If your bathroom has good lighting then you can look there and if you don't have either then there's nothing like looking in the rearview mirror of your car to see every last hair!

Really examine your face AND your neck. (I had this nasty little (okay, long) hair that was growing out of a mole on my neck that I didn't even know was there until a VERY good friend pointed it out. Please tell me if you see hairs growing on me that I can't see.

As you're examining your face and neck, what do you see? (Besides BEAUTY, of course!)
  • Do your eyebrows need some shaping? Would a tweezer handle the job or do you need to get them shaped/waxed by a professional. (You can do this at most nail or hair salons for around ten bucks.) Maybe you have some gray hairs among your brows that need plucked out.
  • Now check your mustache area. Women are not meant to have mustaches. Please get it waxed off. You can get a do-it-yourself kit or have a professional do it for around 5 dollars. Some women bleach theirs but if it's extra furry, then consider getting it waxed off. You'll be so glad you did.
  • Now check your chin area. Run your fingers lightly along your whole chin. Do you feel any prickly hairs? Do you see any? These are not meant to be there. Either tweeze them out, OR get them waxed off. I have a little tool I use that I LOVE. It is actually called an eyebrow shaper and I take it an swipe it along my chin area and it takes off any unwanted hairs! And then about every 2-3 weeks I get that area waxed but in between times, I use this shaper to keep the area cleaned up. Here's a picture of the tool...this one comes in a pack of 3 and is $2.99 at Walgreens:

Brow Shaper

We are women and facial hair is not a good thing. Trust me on this.
So promise me that today you are going to inventory your facial hairs.
 If you have at least ONE, make plans to get rid of it.
You'll be glad you did.

The winner of last week's signed copy of Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad is Carol!
Please email me your mailing address, Carol!

I love you girls!!!!
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Love you!


Melinda said...

I have a facial hair question Shari. Are you just talking about the stray hair here and there? What about all that fuzzy stuff that goes all the way up the side of your face, you know like baby hair! You can't wax your whole face! What's your take on just shaving it off???

Danette said...

OMG the laughter!!! You tackle the hairy topics no one wants to talk about!!!

I wonder why you can see things more clearly in my rearview mirror? It's true!

My sister likes that product where you rub the hairs away...I nearly rubbed my hide off!

Congrats on the Zondervan listing!!! You go girl!!!

Shari Braendel said...

This IS a hairy topic!!! LOL! As for the hairs that go up your face, I know exactly what you mean because my sister has that...blonde fuzzy cute hair that's's my take: if it's NOT blonde, then bleach it. If it is blonde, and it's not so noticeable, then leave it. Of course if it really bothers you and/or is really noticeable then you can wax it off...but I'd definetely have a professional do it. Hope that helps! love you girls!!!!

Michelle Angelique said...

Oh, Shari! I LOL very loudly when I read this! Too funny! Our children are quite the character at times navigating the adult world aren't they! :) Thanks for sharing that belly laugh! :)

I had one pesky dark hair just under my chin all my life and have plucked it since I was old enough to do so. The rest of my hair is blonde so this black chin hair was disturbing to see but I could also feel it when I leaned my chin in the palm of my hand. I thought that I had finally got to the age where it wasn't growing back anymore because I couldn't see it or feel it....until one fateful sad day! I was standing on the steps outside my work talking to my 19 year old daughter who exclaims loudly, "Mom you need to pluck that black chin hair". Turns out that it was still growing and even longer now because my eyes couldn't see it without the magnifying side of my mirror and reading glasses and I couldn't feel it anymore because my fingers are so rough now. Old age crept up on my and it is the pits! I thought I was still pretty young at 42! LOL I am much more diligent about checking my face and neck now and I no longer laugh at my mother who complains that she can't see to put on her makeup or check her face without her glasses! :)

Hope you have a great time in Michigan! I would so love to attend one of your conferences but I am thankful to visit you here weekly! :)


Kathy Friend said...

I am cracking up. I have this "agreement" with my dermatologist and my hair stylist that if they see hair anywhere it shouldn't be...they should just pluck it out! As I get older, I notice I have a strange love of a good Tweezer!

Dani said...

Hysterical! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who inspects her eyebrows in the car! It's the only place I can see them. I actually keep a pair of tweezers in the console and pluck away at redlights.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for addressing this issue Shari! This is a issue!
I have a tweezer in every area of my house and my minivan- yep I said it. Best places to tweeze? Van, dressing room mirror and bathroom with lots of light!
There I said it!
You got it- Im obsessed with my hairs!
Love ya girls!

Lynda Hanford said...

Hi Shari,

I LOVE your new pictures on your site, you look fabulous!! I have a question for you, I have always thought it was a no-no to wear mis-matched jean pieces, like pants and a jacket that aren't of the same jean color. But I notice you are wearing 2 different jean pieces in your picture, can you tell me why it works for you?

Thanks, I see such cute jean jackets and I always though I would have to wear them with pants other than jeans. But this could change everything :)