Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What to Wear: Makeup Instruction

Hi gals!
It's super Wednesday (not super Walmart!) and I'm thrilled you're reading this! I hope you've had a terrific week and I'm glad you're back.
A couple things before I get to this week's topic which is makeup instruction.

First of all, I was torn apart by all your comments last week. There were several of you whom I've had some one on one conversations with and I'm praying you have breakthroughs in your life. Not just the ones I spoke to, but ALL of you.

Our beauty wounds run so deep, don't they?
You'd think as Christian women, we would understand that we are designed by God, therefore we are defined by God. The problem is that we live in a world and society who tears us apart by beating us down...and for some reason it mostly affects our outer appearance and how we feel about that. Why is that? I think it's because what we see in the mirror each and every day comes to define who we are and we believe we just aren't good enough. Or pretty enough. Or -------- enough. You fill in the blank.

I wish I could talk to each one of you and put us all in one big room where we could share out hurts, pain and then one by one, begin to encourage each other about how beautiful we really are. I really, really pray that you, my readers, will begin to see yourselves the way you really are. Not the way you "think" you are. But really are...and that is GOOD.

Enough for today on that.

 I wanted to tell you about a video I found last week as I was doing some research for one of my magazine fashion columns I was writing for. I want to share it with you here because I LOVE the way this guy explains how to put on makeup. Now, he is using L'Oreal  and the entire brand is made up of powders...the foundation, the concealer, radiance powder (which you don't need), the blush, and the finishing powder. But what I like about this video is that he does a good job of explaining "where" to place the cosmetics. Take a look at this video.

Whether you use a liquid foundation or powder foundation, the placement is the same. Also, I think he did put too much blush on her face so go lighter with that application please. I do wish he would have used a more "real" looking woman, because honestly, I'm not sure her lips needed "turned up" as he called it or not...whatever that is! LOL!

Anyway, am taking makeup questions this week and will answer them next week so be sure and check back.

A couple announcements....if you live near Bloomington, Illinois, I'll be speaking at the WOW conference this weekend with Jill Savage from Hearts at Home and Jill Montaldo who is the Coupon Queen. I go on at 10:30 so hope you'll come out and see us! I think it's like $5 to get in!

Also, if you live anywhere near
Bloomington, MN I have a Beauty Boot Camp planned for end of October. Be sure and check out the link on the sidebar.

And lastly, the winner of the book and swatches from last week is Larissa!

And one more thing,
I'm considering posting one additional day during the week but instead of a regular Fashion Post, I'm thinking about featuring women who have read my book and what they've learned from it. I'd post a picture of them, and interview them on how they've changed or  learned....what do you think about that?
I'm hoping it may help other women and be a wonderful way to feature YOU, my favorite girls. What do you think about that or do you have another idea that might be better...I want to feature women somehow....your thoughts? And what day is the best day to do this, besides Wednesdays? I GREATLY value your input. Thank you!!!!
love, Shari


Mariah said...

Awesome idea about the additional post. I think is would be GREAT to feature us women of all different shapes and sizes and what we learned for our own body types or even for our heart(spiritually). I've been waiting in anticipation to get your book, it's first thing on my (off-budget) list!!! :) I would hope to be one to review and post! :)

Anonymous said...

Good morning, beautiful ladies, I love the idea of another post from you, Shari. I would like a Monday one - get everyone's week off to a great start !!! I am so glad I found your blog through P31 devos. I have always enjoyed fashion and have dabbled in it for many years but over the last few had become somewhat discouraged (not sure if that is the right word) about wanting to look nice and the whole is that vain thing... You have really helped me to understand that it is O.K. and I am again putting thought into my outward appearence and getting compliments on my dress, hair & makeup. So, many thanks, Shari, for getting me back on track.

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

I agree - another post!!!

I also agree that the "model" he used in that video looked great without make-up, so a "much more real person" would have been better. ha ha.

I do so enJOY your blog and I have been talking about your book to the women at my church. I know I have told you before, but I just want to say it again, "I really like your book". :)

Michelle Angelique said...

Shari, I would love another blog any day of the week from you - I do like what Lori said, Monday's would be a great way to start our week. I have loved your book so much that I bought an extra one to loan to my Mom and girlfriends until they could buy their own. I even took it with me to a craft show where I was selling my jewelry and had it displayed on the table - you wouldn't believe the comments I had from the women - all positive and wanted to know where they could get your book! :)

My makeup question would be regarding eyes. I am 42 (chubby so not wrinkled yet) I am a "soft" with dark blonde hair and have medium dark green eyes and I have a hard time finding eyeshadow and or liner that I think looks right and brightens up my eyes. I don't want to look immodest so I just stick with the basics (powder foundations, blush, mascara and lipstick or gloss). But on the off chance that I ever date again or have a special occassion to dress up I would like to know what colors I should wear. I love neutrals and lilac purples - they do seem to make my eyes look greener but sometimes they look "muddy". Also, is there a certain age that a woman should stop wearing frosted or shiny eyeshadow? Does it show up creases more or is there a difference? My problem is I know what I like when I see it but I can't always figure out how to duplicate it.

Thank you so much for all your advice, you are a wealth of information and encouragment for a fashion challenged gal like me! God bless you! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Shari,

Thanks for your weekly blog. You sure know how to encourage and remind us that we are God's workmanship; a beauty to behold despite our shape, size and hue. My make up question is: I am dark skinned more like probably olive hard to describe with sheen on my face; what kind of powder do you think I should use? Whenever I put on anything on my face, it tends to just glisten despite I try to use items without oil.

Yes another post is welcomed. Monday would be a good day. You could vary the topics on that day such as interview people who have read your book, readers could send in topics of interest that you would choose one and write a post on it, do a bible study on a most voted verse something like that.

Thank you for your timely posts. Look forward to your well informed comments on my question.

~Brenda said...

I found your website through Proverbs 31. When I saw your website Fashion Meets Faith; I was intrigued. I read the reviews on your book and bought it! I have been applying your suggestions to my life and WOW! I used your Color Enalysis and you helped me decide I am a WARM. I have been wearing the wrong color of clothes and makeup for some time so I have been making changes and whenever I wear warm colors and makeup I receive compliments! And then I think; Shari was right. So, I am very interested in you writing another blog post about your book! I agree with the other women, Monday’s would be a great way to start the week.

Haylie Jo Gregory said...

Hey Shari!
I think that every women has beauty hurts. Most people joke around with me, but when they insult what I am wearing, even in a joking matter, I tend to take it to heart and I NEVER forget it even if I try and Im only 16.. think of how many things have been said to me? Forgivness is not one of my strengths even though I do try, I always seem to fail. But with God as my strength I will overcome this.
Also, I think that posting about women who learned from your book would be GREAT! I REALLY enjoyed your book! You posting about what women learned will help other women want your book as well! I am actaully giving away your book in the Mod Style Lounge Fashion Show! First place winner! I wish I could buy one for every girlt hat thrives to be beautiful inside and out because you do touch on those subjects :)

Thank you for reading :)

Haylie Gregory

proudgrits11 said...

I wanna be featured, talking about your book!!! :) It is a great idea--very cool to see what everyone out there is doing and thinking.
I got my hair cut yesterday...and I've already gotten compliments on it (I posted before and after pics on Facebook)! I'm gonna blog about it soon!!
Anyway, I love the idea! go for it! :)

Mariah said...

I'm so stoked right now! I just ordered your book! It took me awhile to save up some extra cash, but it was worth it. Can't wait to read it the end of this week! YAY!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. Braendel!
My makeup question: Which stays on better under high temperatures and some sweat: Liquid foundation/concealer, or powder foundation/concealer? Or would tinted moisturizer work better than either of these?
Also, I think another weekly blog post would be great. It can be very helpful and encouraging to read about what other people have learned or experienced personally from something.
Thanks so much!
Alex L.

Melinda said...

Hi Shari! Another weekly post would be great! My make-up question is about the lips. My lipstick has a tendency to bleed into the wrinkles arund my lips, especially when I use a gloss. I have been told to use lip liner but the liners I have used tend to run also. Any suggestions???

Karen said...

Hi Shari!
I think the idea of interviewing women who have gained so much from your book is a great one! Please consider this - we'd all love it. I personally have learned so much and keep it close by as a reference book!

Anonymous said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the idea of a Monday blog! I'd be honored if I could be an interview-ee, especially with all the help you gave me in determining that I'm a "soft" instead of a "clear" :)

My makeup question is: is it OK to use a lip liner just outside my lip line to make my upper lip look a little bigger? I don't have much of a cupid's bow and it's kinda little. Gloss alone looks funny to me, even though I'd like to do only that sometimes.

Thanks for your ministry, helping us accept and love ourselves just as we are!

Sue (Suzigirl) Tipler