Monday, November 29, 2010

MONDAY MAKEOVER: Ashley Brandes!

Happy Monday!
I'm excited about today's Makeover Model! I met Ashley a few years ago at a Mother's Day luncheon at her church. Ashley's mother in law and I are good friends but I've really gotten to know Ashley thru keeping in touch thru the blog world.
You are going to LOVE what Ashely is giving away to one of you today...gracious, I WANT TO WIN it!

But hold on, let's meet her first!

Ashley Brandes is a stay at home mom of three boys. Ben is 7, Warren is 4 and Carson is 8 months old. Ashley and her husband Tyler lived in Florida for the last eight years but moved to Tennessee in August. She says it is definetely an adjustment but they know it's where they're supposed to be at this season of their lives. Ashley is a registered nurse and worked in the Labor and Delivery unit until her second child was born. She now works as an independent distributor for a company called It Works! It's a company that offers lots of products that help you get and stay healthy.

Ashley and her family have one goldfish named Goldie (that she won at the fair 2 years ago!) and a cat named Candice who showed up at their new house when they moved this summer (guess that cat was a pretty smart cat!) They live in middle Tennesse, out in the country where they have only 3 grocery stores, a Walmart (of course!) and only 10 major red lights in their entire county! Now THAT is living in the country! Ashley is also quite the blogger so visit her personal blog here.

First, some BEFORE pictures....Ashley says to notice that she used to either 'decorate her fluff' OR not decorate at all...take a look:

How do you like this beautiful AFTER pic AND her awesome haircut!
Even though she left off her head in this pic (LOL) you can see the great job she's doing with accessorizing!

Q: Ashley, describe the woman you saw in the mirror before you read the  book Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad:

A: I saw a fluffier homemaker with three young children who had no need to get dressed up or look nice.

Q: Did this book affect you spiritually?

A: Yes, this book did affect me spiritually. I think it has helped strengthen my relationship with God by helping me realize that God made me and he loves me just the way I am no matter how I look on the outside.

Q:  What was your favorite chapter and why?

A: I really loved the whole book but especially the Preface. I love the truth that Shari preaches to me! Such truth, I need to hear everyday! She talks about why we need to care about ourselves and care about what we look like too.

Q: What practical steps did you take to give yourself this makeover?

A: I met Shari a couple years ago at a Mother's Day luncheon. Wow! She knocked my socks off! She told me I am a SOFT and I'm a ROCK STAR (so I need to wear big accessories and prints.) I was there that I bought my
color swatches and I can tell you, I can't live without them! I still take them every time I go shopping. It is so good to know what colors look good on me and make me look my best.
Those colors really transformed my wardrobe!
I have also taken a look at my accessories-jewelry, purses, and everything else a busy mom of three needs to carry around. I try to "go bigger" now after meeting Shari and reading the book. What a difference it makes in my whole completed outfit! I also finally made time for "me" and got a haircut.

Q: What was the biggest challenge for you during this process?

A: My biggest challenge is remembering that I DO look good in the clothes I'm wearing. I guess it stems from the fact that I'm a little uncomfortable in my body right now. But I'm working on it!

Q: What did you determine your clothing style is and do you like knowing this?

A: I am a Pure Natural. I love that Shari points me in the right direction to know where to find these types of clothing (Chapter 8).
Laid back and casual clothes for me!

Q: What was the most memorable or transforming part of all of this?

A: Two things I learned from Shari's book are;
1) Don't decorate the fluff!
2) I didn't know I should actually sleep in a bra! Did you?

Q: Who do you see in the mirror now?

A: I see a more confident wife and mother of three who is still her own person and needs to look good. I once heard that your children form their opinion of their spouses based on their mom. I want my boys to grow up and have a high opinion of women and for them to want their spouces to look good and take care of themselves too!

Q: Why do you recommend this book to others and what benefit does it have for someone who reads it?

A: I recommend this book to all women, young and old! As women, we are presented with such conflicting views on how to act, look and behave. Shari gives such wonderful, godly advice to ALL women on how to wear the clothes that are out there so we can glorify God with our temples (our bodies).

Ashley, thank you so much for taking the time to be with us today!

Tell us a little about the awesome prize you're giving away to one of our readers:

Sure! I would love to offer one reader an herbal, all natural body applicator from It Works. It is valued at $20 and can be worn on your arms, back, tummy, chin, neck or thighs. It detoxifies while helping you tighten, tone and firm while hopefully losing inches in 45 minutes!

Wow! Girls, I think I'm gonna sign up for this one! Okay, okay, I won't, but I DO think I'm gonna get one for myself. Gracious! So leave a comment below telling us how great Ashley looks and why you'd like to win!

Love you girls! See you back here on Wednesday with some answers to your questions from previous weeks AND a look at a new clothing line I found that is eco-friendly.

P.S. For some reason the COMMENT section today is wayyyyyyyyy at the bottom of this page, so just keep scrolling until you get to it....I tried to fix it but can't figure out how....agh!!!! Thanks for your 'scrolling' patience!!!!!!

Praying you see yourselves beautiful!
love, Shari


One More Equals Four said... look AMAZING!!! I love these Monday makeovers because they give me hope for myself! I am a Tennessee girl, too...although we live in West Tennessee! I will definitely go check out your blog...but, wow! thanks for the inspiration!

Tammy said...

Thanks Ashley for sharing your insight into the things you've learned. I am so fashion challenged and every time I read stories from these Monday makeovers it helps me realize that if these women can do it...I can too.

Carol said...

Ashley - You look wonderful! I love the confidence I see in your face. God bless!

Mariah said...

Beautiful Ashley!!!

You got it going on! Hitting all the right steps to looking good. Your after pictures are so adorable! I can see how before you had an average ensemble and now you have a WOW wardrobe! Great job!!! :) I really enjoyed reading about your confidence in God and His love for you! It's very encouraging!!! Blessings!

Anonymous said...

I love the makeover. I know she feels so much better about herself.
Great job.

I have already bought 3 of your books as Christmas gifts and am ordering a couple more
today. And I bought one for myself.

Thanks for all you do to keep us ladies looking gorgeous!!
Carolyn Vandergrift

Elizabeth said...

WOW Ashley, What a transformation!!! I'm so glad you feel more confident in the way God made you. It's amazing what a great haircut, some properly placed accessories, and a confident smile can do for someone! You look amazing! Congrats and God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Ashley, you look great in your new look! Congratulations on making time for you!

Anonymous said...

Ashley you look awesome!! I love these Monday blogs because I can see me in a lot of the ladies.
On another note...I love the boots you have been talking about. I do have a question though.....what about summer and boots??? Shorts and boots??? I am planning ahead but wondering if I can still wear my boots this coming summer. I like to buy to use year round or at least several seasons. Any tips?

Allison Morrison said...

Looking beautiful Ashley! It's amazing what a few good pieces and a little different hair style can do for your lood GREAT!

Allison Morrison said...

Looking beautiful Ashley! It's amazing what a few good pieces and a little different hair style can do for your lood GREAT!

rskmom said...

You look awesome! Thanks for sharing with us and inspiring us!

Brenda & Jason said...

I love the after picture with the dress, a blazer over it (a look I hadn't even thought of to get my column look), and the boots. Very chic! You look really great in those after pictures! The herbal wrap sounds great. Thanks for offering something! Brenda

Kathy Friend said...

Ashley - you look amazing - and I can tell, you FEEL amazing too! ...and can we just talk boots for a second! WOWZA! Way to OWN that look sistah! (insert wild applause here)

Kelly said...

Gorgeous! I am a soft, and a rock star too, great inspiration here from Ashley! Love the pretty haircut!

Daphne said...

Wow, Ashley! You look amazing! I especially love the teal color on you and the scarf is fabulous :-)The herbal wrap sounds so pampering! I'll have to check out this company...sounds really interesting. Thanks so much for sharing :-)

~Brenda said...

Ashley, you look absolutely AWESOME! I love your shorter haircut and your boots; you really know how to accessorize. A few months ago; I ordered swatches from Shari and like you I take them every time I go shopping! I can tell you are really enjoying your new look and want to be the best for God and your family. Thanks for sharing with us!

Melanie said...

Looking great, Ashley! I especially like the first "after" look.

Victoria said...

Wow, Ashley! You look much better now! :-) We're all proud of you!

Elin said...

Ashley you look amazing! My favorite picture is the 3rd one.

Penny said...

It's been said over and over again, but you do look amazing Ashley. The changes you made using Shari's advice from her book simply enhance your God-given beauty. My teenaged daughter and I have ordered the book and are (patiently) waiting for it to arrive in the mail. Seeing your photos makes this a more difficult wait! Best wishes to you!

Adelyn said...

Ashley, I know it's been said so many times, but you look fan-tas-tic! I love how you are so confident and cute. =D you are rocking those boots, girl! Ooh I want a book now! Are you ever going to give some away, Shari? God bless and have a wonderful weekend!

Lisa Knapp said...

Hi, Shari. I have an 11 year old daughter and would love to see a section devoted to fasion advice for adolescent girls! Thanks

Anonymous said...

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