Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What to Wear Wednesday: Boots and Leggings!

Well, I just have to say I've been bitten by the bug.

Not just any bug, mind you, but the BOOT BUG!

I've just got me a pair of the coolest, most beautiful, stylin', fabulous boots EVER! Here, take a look at them:
And can you tell they match my hair, too? Oh dear! These are some fabulous, amazing boots if I must say so myself! One of the things I love about them is how the toe fades to a deeper shade making my size 11 foot appear smaller. At least like a 10 and a half don't ya think?

I'm so excited about these boots and how they'll go with everything in my wardrobe (yes, Kathy, I'm even getting leggings, smile!) that I want to encourage you today with your boot-buying.

See, here's the thing. I trained two new image consultants this weekend at my image training course. Mary came from Dallas, TX and Sherry came from Alberta, Canada. They had boots on when I picked them up at the airport.
They had boots on when I picked them up for dinner.
They had boots on when I picked them up for training the next day.
They had boots on when we went to the mall.
Basically, I think they even slept in boots. (Not sure about that, but I did want to sneak in and check, but I didn't. Are there slipper boots out there?)

They even BOUGHT some new boots when they were here. And not just one pair.

So they convinced me I needed a pair. (You'd be convinced too, if you were the only one who didn't own a pair!)
Mary found them.
She came rushing up and told us she found the PERFECT pair of boots for Shari!
So we ran BACK up the escalator to see them. And Wow.

But NOT being an impulse buyer, I had to be certain they would go with my wardrobe. So I examined it when I got home, knew I'd need to add a couple pair of leggings and tights to go with my sweaters and capes I already own, and picked up the phone and called my favorite shoe guy at Dillards and ordered me a pair (cause girls, you just can't always find those 11's, ya know?)

And so, they arrived yesterday...and oooohhhhh are they every purty!

So now I want YOU to get a pair! And you don't have to spend a lot, or buy more than one. Just find a pair that will be casual enough to go with most of your outfits and FOR SURE if you are only buying one, get the color to match your hair so you can have a head to toe look. I did a little research for you and found that Payless is having a bonkers sale right now where you can buy one get one and half. So maybe you CAN get 2 pairs, or you buy one for you and then buy one for your daughter. Or take a friend and split it down the middle. Cause honestly, when I looked around EVERYWHERE we went, I really was the only one NOT wearing boots. What's THAT about?

And best of all, they are comfy, (especially if you get a flat or wedge heel) and they are stylin'!
Here's a pic of some at Payless:

And then don't forget to add some tights or leggings:

Since it's getting cold in places, I'm excited to get my boots in gear!
I'll be wearing them to Alabama tomorrow as I head out to speak this weekend so if you see me in the airport you'll know it's me!

And in honor of my mother's birthday  (she would have been 74 today!), I'm going to give away a pair of FABULOUS tights to go with your new boots or your flats. My mother was the most fashionable person I ever knew so I hope you'll enjoy them!
Leave a comment telling me your take on boots and next week I'll announce a winner.

Love you girls!!!!
Love, Shari


Shelia said...

Oh i love boots. I have a couple of pair already and just bought a pair of ankle boots this past weekend. And you're not the only one not wearing boots, my mother hasn't been bitten by the bug yet. She's still hip and young so i think she could definitely pull them off if I convinced her.

Cheri said...

Those are fab boots Shari! I absolutely have boots on my "to buy" list!!! A trip to Payless is likely in my future! Thanks so much for the giveaway! :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE boots and look forward every autumn to pulling them out. I am so excited that leggings and tunics are in style and I can wear my boots as a fashion statement with them. I have several pairs and usually add a pair every year (I do purge when the need arises). I love tall boots, short boots, shooties, flat boots, healed boots, wedged boots, any kind of boot and I'm in. My recent addition is a pair of faux fur lined wedged shooties that I am anxiously awaiting to arrive. Looked so fabulous in the pictures with leggings and boot cut jeans.


Sherry said...

Hi Shari,
I love boots too! I have had a pair of black and a pair of brown suede high heeled boots that I purchased 4 years ago. They are an expensive brand, but they have been well paid for by now - I have had one pair reheeled and polished. What I would like to get is a pair of flat boots - like yours but in black. Thanks for the Payless information. I don't think boots ever go out of style - do they?
Thanks for your heart for God and what you do!
Sherry :)

jacque said...

I love my boots too! My girls are in middle school and high school and here flip flops are "in" all year. It drives me crazy! I just said to my girls this you not have boots? They both do b/c I'm a firm believer in warm winter feet. Well, I even offered to buy them each a new pair in the appropriate color! Hadn't thought of Payless though. That's a great idea. I have both black and brown...but I'm going looking this weekend for me a new "golden brown" pair to match my hair don't ya know! Maybe I can convince my flip flop lovin' teens to join their mamma!
Great bloggin' keep it up!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

I LOVE boots!! I have a great pair similar to what you bought - only with a heel - at 5 feet I need all the help I can get. I also have a couple of ankle boots - with heels.

Vanessa said...

Oh, I love boots! I think that they are adorable! :-) Although my mom thinks that I am nuts for wanting to wear boots, because we live in Florida... :-D Haha. So I don't have any! Thanks for the giveaway! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Shari,

I love boots but am not sure what to wear with them. If I tuck them into my pants, I feel like Robin Hood. And I'm really unsure about leggings. Would you please show some suggestions?


rskmom said...

I love boots! I have size 10/11 feet and last year at Kohl's I bought the most gorgeous black boots with a sort pointy toe - oy, that toe makes me feel hot! LOL!

GrammaGrits said...

No boots yet but still hopeful. Have your book on order and it should arrive today!

Haylie Jo Gregory said...

Those boots are TOO CUTE!!! And you HAVE to love the leggings! It's a modest girls go to item.. well.. one of them! LOL!

I lvoe boots because you can pretty much wear them with anything!!! It has fianlly gotten a bit cooler here in sunny Florida and I got to wear my one pair of boots 3 days in a row! I paired them with a skirt, jeans and a dress :) Boots show character and personality in my opinion :) They can show whether you are more daring anf funky or if you are more classic but still very stylish! Boots say it all!!

Anonymous said...

I have a pair of ankle boots- I want another pair though b/c boots are fun. As long as the heel isn't so high that I injure myself.

Kelli said...

I LOVE boots and since I'm only 5 ft. tall, I love boots with heels. I found a great new website, Great boots & discounts too! Thanks, Shari!

Anonymous said...

love this..wear cool boots they make you feel like you can handle anything...or at least kick it really hard!!!

Danette said...

I think boots are all that I'm just not sure that boots and leggings are an appropriate option for me. My daughter wears them all of the time, but she's about as big around as a toothpick. I'm, let's say, bigger than a toothpick and am not convinced that it would be the best look for me. Any suggestions, thoughts, pictures of examples if appropriate? Thanks Shari!

Melanie said...

I HEART boots but the weather here on the west coast of Florida does not cooperate for very many days. However, since last winter it was unseasonably cold maybe I should get a pair. I would need "blonde" pair though since I have gone lighter this year.

Heather V said...

I love boots! I just realized that I only have pairs of dress boots and needs some tall boots that are more casual & match my hair. Surprised to hear you are a leggings fan. Tell us what to wear with our leggings and boots...please! :-)

Allison Morrison said...

Love me some boots...I have a black pair and a brown pair. I really want some of the flat heeled ones this year...I'll have to put it on my Christmas list :-)

Doris said...

I like boots...on other people. I've not owned a pair since the 80's. My legs are sorta heavy and I think boots make them look heavier...I've not even tried a pair on in forever! Hummmm, maybe I should reconsider??

I surely think your boots are beautiful!

Sara said...

I love your boots! I recently bought a pair at Lane Bryant because I needed some with wide calves. They really aren't very comfortable. I will be shopping for some more. I will have to check at payless.

sw said...

I love boots, but they must be comfortable and they must be functional. And I should be able to wear them to work too. I only own a pair of black boots and snow boots and am looking to add a pair of brown boots and then I should be good. I just really don't understand those boots with the spike heels. How on earth are you supposed to wear those when the weather is bad?

Diana said...

I was just eyeing boots on colleagues today! And the pair that caught my eye (style & comfort) were from Payless! Hearing that it is BOGO time is good news indeed!!

Ana R said...

Love boots, especially with skinny jeans - or leggings - and a tunic style top and a cute scarf! Make sure they are comfy!

The Calm of His Presence said...

I love boots too! I am 4'11" so my boots have heels. They help me feel tall and pretty. I am really excited to start wearing my boots now that the weather is cooling down. Would love some new tights to go with them. Can you give us some ideas of how to wear them with tights, especially for us short ladies.



Sharon said...

Love your new boots! I have several pair but now need to go find me some outfits to go with them! ^_^

Emily B ( said...

It's almost ridiculous how many pairs of boots I own...but I love them. Just because I live in Alabama, where it doesn't snow (now I've jinxed it--yay!) we wear them proudly. As soon as Labor Day is past, you can bet your bottom dollar within a couple of days you'll spot someone with their tall boots on! Never fails. I'm not one of them, because it has to be just a bit cooler before I'll put them out of hibernation, but it doesn't take long before I'm itching to pull them on. I've got several colors and fabrics, differing heel heights, short boots and tall boots, even a couple of in-between pairs too.

I've got a pair on today!

I love boots with jeans, pants, tights, skirts, leggings and dresses. I plan the outfit around the shoes!

shelley vanderkolk said...

okay, you have convinced me ... gotta get out and find some boots! :-)

Anonymous said...

I bought boots after I read your book. I was always in tennis shoes and couldn't find a pair of shoes I liked to wear with my new outfits until I tried on these boots....and now.....can't hardly get them off me. I have wore them everyday since then and have been searching to find another pair before I wear these completely out! LOVE BOOTS!!!
Kerri Lynn

Bobbie said...

YOU have a size 11 foot???!!! I have a size 11 foot!!!! OK. Now we are best friends.

Kathy Friend said...

I can not stop cracking up - seriously...I have tears in my eyes! Leggings, boots and long sweaters - YA BABY! You drank the legging Kool-Ade! Hee hee!

I got some new boots this season too - one pair is called Juggernut by Naughty Monkey (black, suede - so cute). The other are by Restricted (love that brand, super stylish, great price) - grey leatherette. I have my eye on some at DSW - they remind me of a pair I saw on a girl on a flight between Moscow and Irkutsk Russia 3 years ago...yes, 3 years ago and I am still salivating over her boots - which is why I must now go to the DSW website and just get those patented leather, pointed toe, bug buckle boots.

You've inspired me to help the economy and buy another pair of boots. This is why I love you!

Amy Watson said...

I have been having this same dilema...everyone is wearing boots, but me! I did buy a pair this last weekend, but I have been thinking about returning them because I am having a little buyer's remorse. They are black, but I think I need to get a brown pair to match my hair, like you said. Although I wear a lot of black. What should I do?

Karen said...

These boots rock Shari! I love the way the toe fades to a darker shade - what a fabulous design! I have a question: What do you think about 50-something women and the boots and leggings look? I love it, but am wondering if I can pull it off without looking like I'm trying to reinvent myself as a teenager! I'm 57, 5'4" and 119 lbs. I will NEVER let myself look frumpy, but I'm wondering about this look. So far, I've worn boots with skirts in the fall and winter, but I'm in a quandary on the leggings, though like I said, I love the look! What do you think??

Bev said...

I have 2 pair of boots. I have large calves so not just any boot will fit. But they make boots just for larger calves. You might have to look a bit harder but they are available. I think I will look for an ankle boot this season.

Megan C said...

Hi, Shari! I love your post on boots. I love boots. I own 1 pair black leather knee high boots with a silver zip up the inner side. I've worn them for special occasions, like my hubby's birthday. I wore a gray sweater minidress, black leggings, and those boots. If I knew how to insert pics on here I'd show you. I also own Alaskan mukluks that were a gift from my parents, who went on a cruise for their anniversary. I wear those all the time in the winter. Tucking jeans into them looks cute. What I don't have is a pair in my hair color, but now I know. I'll be looking, and let you know.
Thank you for your advice.

Daphne said...

Like so many of the other comments, I love boots and I even own a pair. BUT, I always wear them with a long skirt and would have absolutely NO idea on where to even begin with leggings or tights. I feel too "big" to wear them with a long top and wouldn't know how to pair them with anything anyway. SO, could you maybe do a post about tights/leggings and how to best choose them for your body type and what type of blouse or top they should be paired with?

Love you and bless you for all that you do!

Wander said...


Boots are THE THING!!!
My teen girls and I all have several pair. Tall ones, dark ones, shorties...leather, Ugg...THEY ROCK!!
I love boots!
Can you tell?

Welcome to the fashion YES of boots, friend!

Lisa Gay- said...

I just bought a pair of boots at Payless. Every year around this time, I get a new pair or two, if the price is right! My take on boots is that they look good on just about everybody and if you get the right pair they can be equally comfy. I know it's Autumn when I start seeing them come out. My hubby is not the biggest fan of them but if it were up to him I would never wear makeup either and that's not gonna happen! I love boots!! This year I got a pair of ankle booties and a pair of knee high's! So glad you joined the boot lovers club Shari!

Dina-Marie said...

I would love to buy a new pair of boots. I have a pair of black cowgirl boots but they do not seem to go with a lot of my skirts. I will have to check out Payless - thanks for the tip! I love yours!

Anonymous said...

I love to wear boots....but the only kind that really work for me, since I have to put a large full size orthotic in it, is the Ugg brand. I wish there was another brand that has a deep toe box, 1 inch heel or less, and come in wide. That is a VERY hard combination to find! It is hard to find a dressier pair to wear with a deep toe box, that doesn't look like a snow boot that you wear when you shovel snow! Does anyone have any suggestions??? oh , and by the way.... I could use a pair of tights. (wink) :) Gerry

Ashley said...

Oh Shari! I have a love/hate relationship with boots!!! How I wish I had skinny calves to be able to wear the higher ones. But God didn't see fit to bless me with those- yet. I have looked at all different kinds and styles and colors of boots. I have succumbed to the fact that the lower rise boots are best for my build. Recently, I found a black pair at TJMAXX! I was soooo excited! They are lower and zip on the side- a must- and also have a small piece of elastic on the other side to have some give. Now I just need to find a brown pair. I think all those girls look so cute in the skirts and boots (have you heard of Sevier Skirts???). Oh well, one of these days! Maybe!

PS. I could do a Monday Makeover if you want- I fit into a couple of those categories :)

Anonymous said...

I am loving my boots as I posted earlier but I also would like a refresher on what boots to wear with what. Just a general idea....certain types of boots with pants only or can all be worn with dresses or skirts too??? I know you will have the answer! LOVE BOOTS!!
Kerri Lynn

Melinda said...

I love boots and at 5'2" I need the heels but I have developed bunions and the heeled ones hurt so I have been looking for a pair of flat ones...I love yours. How far should boots come up on my leg since I am short. Did you say they are from Dillards? What brand? I need them in black. I also agree with Karen. I am 51 and love the boot with jeggings look but wondering if I can pull it off without looking like I am trying to be younger than I am. I love fashion and would love to be able to wear them. Also, how long should the blouse be to be considered appropriate.