Monday, November 8, 2010

MONDAY MAKEOVER: You won't believe this!

Oh my goodness wait till you see this!

I'm so excited to show you pictures of an amazing transformation. One of the women who I trained in my ICS/CIC training from this summer is now a certified Image Consultant after finishing the training with me in June. We use my book, Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad, as the basis for the training and then they spend a few days with me learning how to put the info to use for their own clients. I'm excited to show you the makeover now.

Both the consultant's name AND the woman who was made over are named Sherry...and spelled the same way! Take a look at Sherry's BEFORE pictures:

Now take a look at her AFTER pictures:

Can you believe this!!!!!!!!???????

Oh my goodness I love this!

Here's what Sherry (consultant) had to say about Sherry's makeover:

We went shopping earlier in the day and she was amazed at what looked good on her and I was amazed that she tried on everything I brought to her! She made some purchases and then back to my place for the transformation. Oh yeah, and a new bra! The skirt I bought the day before, without her, before I even knew her style or size; it was just so beautiful! Before much talking, I thought she was going to want a Pure Natural style, so she surprised us both! In about 2 hrs, she got 3 jackets, 3 shirts, 2 jeans, 2 bras and then I had the skirt and some accessories for her at my house. Oh yeah… we were in the check-out line and she mentioned the shoe sale they were having and I said “Let’s take 5 minutes and go look”. We literally spent 5 minutes. I picked out 2 pair of great shoes for her. They both fit and she loved them and they worked with the outfits, and we were back in line. She said it takes her forever to find a pair of shoes to fit, she is all about comfort, but these fit, very comfortable and looked great. She would have gotten a lot more, she loved everything I chose, but we weeded out for budget reasons. It was a very good, successful shopping trip.

After the hair cut and makeup, I didn’t let her look in the mirror until I finished with her. She covered her mouth and said “Oh my gosh!” and jumped up & down, I jumped up & down with her and then… she cried. She was so excited and shocked! A couple of times, she said “who knew?” meaning she had no idea she could look like this. These pictures are without make-up and not the best accessories in every outfit, with the skirt, needed gold jewelry and Capri’s need some length adjustment, but we will do some make-up, adjust hair a little, ( grow bangs longer) etc. and make some more “after” pictures.

She is still so excited and open to a “little make-up” and hair products! She doesn’t own a blow dryer ~ but is now ready to buy one and even wants a flatiron.

Does that blow your mind, girls? I know you might think it's easy to have a makeover when someone does this for you, but you can do it too!
I promise you all you have to do is follow the book step by step and you, too, will get a transformation. Why not do it with a friend? The two of you can decide to give yourselves complete makeovers and help each other along.

Women pay me big money ($595 for 4 hours) to take them shopping and to help them have new looks but the reason I wrote this book is so women like you can get the same results. For $14.99 the book is a lot more affordable than having me in person for four hours, right?! Or if you want to come to the next BOOTCAMP on January 10-11th, click here for information. I am limiting this next class to just 5 women...registration is up now. (The registration says the class is limited to 8 but I decided to change it to 5.)

So are you ready for your own Makeover?

You can do this!!!!!! I know you can!!!!!! If you do it with the book, send pics and your story will be shown here!

Love you girls!!!!!



Seams Inspired said...

Wow oh wow! :o) Sherry looks fabulous!

Tammy said...

What a different...she looks fabulous!!!

I have just finished reading your book and have learned SO much.

Can I be honest with you? Before this book, if you were to see me you would've have thought that my style wasn't too bad but now...I'm working it! Just the other day someone said "Those colors are great on you." I was letting my age (52) get the best me.

Thanks Shari for the time you've put in to this book!

In His Grace,

jacque said...

What an amazing transformation! I'm just curious what makes a woman decide to consult an image consultant? It's something I've never even thought of so I was just wondering the emotion/thinking behind it.
I think the bangs look great grown out or not! What a difference color makes. This is a great example. I'm loving all these makeovers. It's just good to see real life examples of what you're talking about in the book.

b said...

It's amazing to see the difference. The hair color and style are wonderful. What a beautiful woman.

Danette said...

Shut the front door! She looks amazing!!! I love seeing transformations like that! Fantastic! Amazing! Awesome! Woo Hoo!!!

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

She does look fantastic!!! I don't blame her for jumping up and down too - how exciting for her!

~Brenda said...

What a metamorphous! I love
Sherry's hair style and color.
She is great looking in her new clothes and is awe-inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Sherry, you look great. Work that look, you look fabulous. The hair color brings out the warmth and glow in your face and the style does wonders for you. You are so beautiful. Such an inspiration for others to see what a transformation can do.

Haylie Jo Gregory said...


Cherie said...

SO loving this Shari! She doesn't even look like the same woman! At least 20 years younger looking! You are a magician!

Dina-Marie said...

Wow, what a wonderful difference! Shari, thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us!