Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What to Wear Wednesday: Thrift Store Pics!

 Happy Wednesday to you!
Some of you responded to my "ask" last week to send me pictures of you in your thrift store finds. Below, find the pics and some words from each woman who responded. Wow, I am impressed!

Here's Allison Morrison, and after, what she had to say about these finds:

The boots are a Christmas gift from my mom/dad (free)

The jeans are from Goodwill $7

Blouse from Goodwill $4

Sweater gift from mom (free)

earrings gift from GG after birth of my 3rd son (free)

necklace bought in Guatemala when we adopted our son (priceless )

Now here's Kathy Friend:

All from Goodwill or Thrift Store
Coach Sandals!
Her "Mom on the Go" Look after being a mom for 2 months!

Here's what Kathy had to say:

My friends didn’t believe that I REALLY wore things I got a Goodwill…and HA! I DO! I have so many great things from Thrift Shops – not just Goodwill. (Kathy's an image and fashion coach, too!)

And lastly Melanie!

In the first one (brown print) I am wearing a dress I got from a thrift store and I believe it costs $4. The brand is unfamiliar to me. It is simply an “R” in a circle. It is a good cut on me and it is lined. A v-neck is great for me and the length is my best which hits at mid-knee. I am 5’ 2 ½”. (My daughter is in the picture with me. We had just attended an afternoon wedding.)

The second one is of a top and pants I got for a total of $5. They are black although I don’t think that is a color I should wear. I have recently let the cuffed hem out of the pants so I can wear them with a slightly higher heel.
We snow ski so, of course, I loved the top. And the pants are the Rafaella brand in a petite size. They were too short to wear with heals but not casual enough for me to wear with flats. Also a cuff is not the best hem for someone my height.
Again, don’t cringe that I am wearing black!  I think gray is a better color for me but much harder to find at a thrift store.

Don't they look great?

See you next week...I still need someone for Monday's Makeover...anyone up for the challenge?

Love you girls!!!!



Seams Inspired said...

Cute outfits! I guess I missed your post, or I would have sent you some of my Thrifty Fall Fashions. :o) To date, I have spent $17 on Fall Fashion. I have 3 Dresses, 1 skirt, and 3 tops. You can see some snaps on my blog, if you're interested. Thanks for all the inspiration! Love your blog! :o) Larri at Seams Inspired

One More Equals Four said...

Wow! Such great finds! I wonder how long do people have to "Search" in the stores for the finds. I like the idea of the thrift stores but with home schooling four children...where I go, they go. I picture dragging four children in there and trudging through all the racks and I just don't do it. I guess that is just an excuse but really would like to know how often the ladies that frequently find things visit their store and how long they usually have to look.

Carol said...

All of you look great in your TS clothes. I'm ready to go shopping -and that's saying a lot for this girl! Knowing this blog was planned for today, I had to laugh Sunday at church. I gave one of the "more mature" ladies a hug and told her how much I liked the jacket she had on. She whispered to me "Goodwill". I should have asked to take her picture and sent it in!

~Brenda said...

Allison looks cute and comfy – perfect for running after 3 boys,
Kathy is chic and Melanie fantastic! Clothes from Goodwill Stores, WOW!

Emily B ( said...

I want to go to a "dig" store now! That's what we call them in AL (or I affectionately refer to the "Sal" = Salvation Army).

RuthintheDesert said...

I haven't found good things for myself at thrift stores, but I recently found a very cute denim jacket for my 9 year old daughter--for 5 bucks!

Question for you: what shoes should we be looking for this fall? Any ideas for those of us who are stuck with flats due to back problems?

Allison Morrison said...

I went back to Goodwill this week and came up with a few more finds...2 more pair of jeans (the ones I just bought are already too big), a cute Old Navy sweater and fleece, pair of Mudd shoes-cute, and a stripped blouse to wear with jeans or dress pants.

Melanie said...

In response to One More Equals Four,
I have one thrift store that I frequent more often. For one reason it is closer to my home and on Mondays the clothing is 1/2 off. For the record, I have never find shoes and that kind of grosses me out anyway. The clothing there is grouped in sizes either by number or by S, M, L. For the most part I can quickly scan a rack and see quality fabric. Then I zero in on those items and check them out. Many times I have found the tags still on the item. Clothing I normally purchase at the thrift store: Ann Taylor, Loft, J. Crew, White House/Black Market, Gap...I see lots of Chico and Talbots, however, those brands are not usually in a style I like nor are they usually in my size.
I can get in and out of my fave thrift store in 3o minutes or less and that is when I try something on. I only buy what I am really drawn to and will not buy something that is just like what I have in my closet that I am not wearing anyway. In the summer when I needed several pieces of clothing, I made a point of making my "Monday Run" for a couple of months. When I no longer needed summer clothes, I stopped going so often. Currently I am on the search for a pair of khaki chino pants for the fall. I live in Florida so I don't really need wool blends or many sweaters.
I admit it would be harder to shop with young children in tow.
I have always been a "bargain shopper" preferring to buy things at Dillards or Macys when there is a super sale but lately I have needed the deeper discounts of thrifting. I have been pleasantly surprised at my finds.

ImBlessed! said...

wow great find ladies.. I'm also a thrift store lover and i feel it's so practical to buy items from there. Cheap and for real it wouldn't be so heart breaking when we would not like to wear them after a while because we don't spend to much of it.
follow me on my blog too!xo