Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What to Wear Wednesday: How to wear them!

This week I'm addressing the questions that came from last week's post regarding how to wear boots, leggings, etc. So you'll see some pics, too.

But first, I want to announce last week's winner of the leggings....drumroll.....


Diana, you were the one eyeing your colleagues in boots so now you'll have to get a pair to wear with the leggings I'll be sending you! Please email me directly so I know what size to get you. I'll also need your mailing address.

Also, before we head into the day's discussion, I want to say a big thank you to Ruth for reminding me (in an ever so gentle way) that I never went and commented on the "looks" that you all did for Amy's homemaker's challenge. I am sooooo sorry about that and I am writing it down right now to make sure I do that over this weekend. I want to honor all my committments and I didn't do that for that, so I will do that in the next few days. Please forgive me.

And so now for some answers to questions about how to wear boots and leggings and so forth.

First of all, I am loving my boots. I have worn them most every day and NOT with leggings I might add. I really was going to get a pair but I'm not sure I'm going to do that. I really think I may be past the age limit....for me. I have seen some beautiful mature women wearing leggings but they were shorter than I am and their legs were thinner too. Now don't get me wrong, I think my legs are just fine, but I'm 5'11" so things are not as long on me as they may be on the average height for women so I tend to look a bit like I'm trying to pull off a look that just doesn't work for me.

I think it's one of those things that if you look in your full length mirror and you really just are not sure, then don't.

Take a look at some pics on how to wear boots and leggings:

I only recommend this look for someone who looks like this in leggings...get my drift? Otherwise, the shirt is too short, but for someone who has this kind of style and figure (and age) it is a good look.

Now, many of you asked about boots for heavier calves. Well I have found your solution! I am thrilled when I have good news AND good buys for you. Take a look at these styles below (and there are A LOT more where these come from!)

All of these fabulous wide calf boots come from this store. It is called Woman Within and they have a HUGE selection of boots for wide calves. And most of the boots are on sale now, too! What a find! Check it out!

So now take a look at pictures of some women who are not so skinny, perhaps have a little fluffiness (or a lot) and who still look awesome in's some ideas for you, actually, a lot of ideas...I just coudn't stop with the pics!

 I love this look, BUT, the top needs to be longer, perhaps just a few inches above the knee, but you can see how great a long scarf looks with this look.

Good look, but could be a bit longer depending on your fluffiness level.

And now some more looks for your boots:

And finally, some pics of some short boots with outfits:

And so, our boots and leggings feature for this season! I hope you liked what you saw today and are inspired to try something new!
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Look for a Monday Makeover model coming this Monday! I'm excited to see her before and after pics, too! Love you girls!
If you live in or around the Charlotte area, I'll be speaking at Pitt Baptist Church in Harrisburg, NC on Thursday evening of this week. Come on out and have some fun! I'd love to see you there.

love, Shari


Anonymous said...

Love the boots and love the pics. Thank you soooo much for answering and showing us how to wear the boots!! I can't wait to get a couple more pairs after seeing the pics!!!! The pictures really make it easy to understand what to look for, and with your help, watch out for. Thanks Again!!
Kerri Lynn

Carol said...

I've been thinking long & hard about boots - in my case under jeans for a bit nicer look and under slacks for work. Hmmmm.

Seams Inspired said...

I love my boots! I love even more that I found them at "Salvation Armani" for only $6...still new with the tags on leather! I'm wearing them with my $2 dress. You can see it here...Thrifty Fall Fashion

I don't think I'm a leggings & boots kind of girl. Any top above my knee, even with leggings, just doesn't feel right on me. I love the look, just not on me.

I have a question for you. I only have black boots. Can I get away with wearing a brown skirt / top with black boots? Or do I need to keep it all in the brown family? What are your thoughts?

Can't wait for the newsletter! Love your blog! Happy Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

I found great wide calf boots at this wonderful website and I have 19 1/2" calves:
I bought 2 gorgeous pairs and these are the first boots that I have ever been able to fit. I also have a wide width foot and all of their boots come in wide foot widths too. They even have over-the-knee boots in big calf sizes. Good luck!

Katy-Anne said...

What about those of us who posted questions about stuff not relating to boots? Are you going to answer any of those? If not, I'll try to find out that stuff somewhere else.

~Brenda said...

I've been thinking of buying a pair of boots; apprecitate the photos on how to wear them.

Looking forward to receiving your newsletter!

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

Ok, you convinced me what I am going to get for Christmas -- A NEW PAIR OF BOOTS! Thank you! I really like how you posted the many different kinds, now decision time....

Mariah said...

I LOVE wearing my tights(I bought as an accessory after reading Shari's book) and pairing them with my only boots I have. I actually really enjoy the tights! I bought 2 pair, one in oatmeal pictured on the Monday make-over and then one in chocolate brown that blend with the boots...SUPER cute!!! :)

Allison Morrison said...

OK, so the short boots are not my favorite. I love the calf boots in the light brown. I forsee a shopping trip to but leggings and boots. I think I may try Payless for the boots. Target for the leggings...not sure where to get the top/dress but I'm sure I'll find one!

Allison Morrison said...

OK, so the short boots are not my favorite. I love the calf boots in the light brown. I forsee a shopping trip to but leggings and boots. I think I may try Payless for the boots. Target for the leggings...not sure where to get the top/dress but I'm sure I'll find one!

Ashley said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Thank you sooo much for finding those boots for plus size legs :)!!!
Ebates has some great coupons for Woman Within! ($40 off, 20% off, and more!)

Haylie Jo Gregory said...

OOO I'm loving all of that!!! So cute so stylish!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

I LOVE boots!! Ankle or knee length they are fantastic. And can really help a girl who's only 5 feet tall. ;)

Just wanted to share that my mom was visiting recently and read your book while she was here. Then we went shopping for her birthday present to me and she ended up buying a great looking suit in a color and style she would have avoided before reading your book. She went home and wore the suit to church the next Sunday and got lots of compliments. :) She promptly bought her own copy of your book and has been telling everyone about it. Now I'm trying to talk her into buying some boots. :)

Maybe we could do a mother/daughter thing for your Monday posts. (btw, she's 56 and I'm 36)

Racquel Simone said...

I'm ADDICTED to leggings & boots. I love them. I am "fluffy" but the key as Shari stated is longer shirts/dresses/coats. If you are fluffy or typically plus sized like me, it is pretty much a MUST that your hind parts are covered at all times while wearing leggings. If you are looking for wide calf boots, AVENUE has some PHENOMENAL and VERY trendy ones. All of my boots have come from there. I am 26 and on treand with the rest of my peers thanks to the AVENUE's shoe/boot collections. Check them out here: