Monday, December 6, 2010


Good Monday Morning Makeover Day!!!!

We're all in for a treat today as you get to meet our makeover model!
For those of you who are new to this blog, each Monday we feature a makeover and blog post from someone who has read
It's so much fun seeing the readers transformed. If you've read the book and you'd like be featured here, please let me know by leaving a comment below. So here we go:

This week's featured reader/model is Mary Boswell and I met Mary this past summer at the annual She Speaks conference in Concord, NC. She Speaks is a writers and speakers conference hosted by Proverbs 31 Ministries. If God has given you a passion for speaking or writing, then you should definetly consider going sometime. Now let's meet Mary!!!!!!

Mary is a wife, mom & daughter of our Heavenly Father. Her husband jokes & says she is a retired nurse. She jokes back & tells him she is busier now staying home with 2 children & keeping up with the household duties than she ever was as a Critical Care Nurse! She loves following God in His plans for her life. For a time God had her ministering as a nurse.
When they began having children God called her to serve at home. Until just a few weeks ago she was an Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay. As their children are beginning to get to school age God has called her into Women's Ministry. She can't wait to see what he has in store for her! She would love for you to visit her blog The Calm of His Presence and grab a cup of coffee or hot tea and join her for Marriage Mondays.

Take a look at Mary's BEFORE pic:

Now here she is AFTER:

1. Describe the woman you saw in the mirror before you read this book:

I had the awesome opportunity to meet Shari at the Proverbs 31 She Speaks Conference this past summer. I sat in on her session and had my color analysis done. Before meeting Shari & reading her book I was the typical "Trendy twenty" woman she talked about on page 81 of her book. I have always been a jeans & t-shirt sort of girl. The problem is, I'm not 25 I'm 36!As a mom of young children it was a lot easier for me to just put on a pair of jeans & t-shirt & throw my hair up in a ponytail. But like Shari said on page 82 one day I looked in the mirror and saw "frumpy staring back" at me. My husband frequently told me I was beautiful but I didn't believe him. It was a pretty sad fact but my husband put more thought into buying me clothes at Christmas than I did throughout the year.

2. Did this book affect you spiritually? If so, how?

I love the verse Shari shared on page 15 "the king is enthralled by your beauty" Psalm 45:11. I never thought about the fact that God thinks I am amazing and beautiful. It actually made me excited! I realized he cared about all of me and that it is ok to want to look nice.

3. What was your favorite chapter and why?

I love chapter 3, What's Your Score? Making the Count in the Accessory Game. I have never been much of an accessory person. This chapter was full of helpful information. I really like the 16-point accessory rule. I now do a mental check before I leave the house. For the last 4-5 years I have carried a diaper bag as my purse. Now that I am carrying a purse I love knowing what size & color I should carry. I'm still looking for that perfect brown purse with gold hardware :). My new favorite accessory is a scarf. Not only do I like the way it looks it also keeps my neck warm without having to wear a jacket!

4. What practical steps did you take to give yourself this makeover?

Right now I am focusing more on my accessories. I am looking for
 scarves in my pop colors and paying more attention to my jewelry. In fact just a few days ago I went to a jewelry party and made my purchase based on Shari's suggestion for those in my color group.

5. What was the biggest challenge for you during this process?

My makeover is a work in progress. I am a frugal person so I have had a hard time getting rid of my clothes that are still in good condition. A few weeks ago after reading one of the Monday makeovers I went through my closet and gathered clothes to give to charity. It made me feel better knowing someone else will be able to use them. But, I do have to admit there were a few items I just couldn't part with. Over time I will add new items in my warm color group.

6. What did you determine your clothing style is and do you like knowing this?

One of the best things for me was learning that I am Classic Modern. Over the last couple of years I realized I needed to find some sort of style. Like I said earlier I was stuck in the jeans & t-shirt stage of my 20s. I frequently struggled with feeling frumpy. When I did go shopping for nice clothes I tended to gravitate towards more classic styles. But often feared I was dressing too old for my age in an attempt not to spend money on clothes that would soon go out of style.
I am now having a great time playing with accessories to modernize my outfits.

8. Who do you see in the mirror now?

When I look in the mirror I am now more confident in who I am. I see the beautiful lady my husband has always said I am. For the first time in years I am comfortable in my own skin!

Thank you soooo much, Mary! You look amazing!
I hear you have something to give away to one of our readers?!

YES, I would love to give away 2 Mini-Microdermabrasion sets from Mary Kay! Shari mentioned them on page 143 of her book. You have several different ways you can enter the drawing. If you comment on Shari's blog that is one entry, comment on my blog that is one entry and if you become a follower on my blog that is another entry. You have three chances to win! Please make sure to leave your email address so we can get in touch with you if you win.

Thank you so much, Mary!
We LOVED hearing about your journey and seeing you too!
And girls, last week's winner of Ashley's prize is.....drumroll......
KATHY FRIEND!!!!!!!  Let us hear all about it, okay, Kathy?

Love you all!


Anonymous said...

Love the God confidence ladies are discovering in the pages of Shari's book.

One More Equals Four said...

You look great! I totally relate to the being frugal part. I am a stay at home mom and I have not yet managed to part with my black wardrobe. I am not buying anything new in black...but I cannot afford to get rid of it all at once...I am definitely working on it!

Mariah said...

Mary, you look beautiful! When we dress our age it makes us look younger...I think that's the case look lovely!!! Great Green coat and love the turquoise on you!!! God Bless!

theaikenite said...

You are beautiful Mary. :.)

GrammaGrits said...

Love the Monday make overs, and this is a great one - beautiful!

Carol said...

Mary - You look great! I love the turquiose on you. Isn't it great to know what colors to look for?

~Brenda said...

When I saw your after picture;
i said, 'Whoa!' Mary you are awesome looking in your new colors; I agree with Mariah the green and turquoise look great!

I too am a Classic Modern and enjoy wearing a scarf.

Danette said...

You look awesome Mary!!!! Good job!!!

Kathy Friend said...

First, Mary - you look simply amazing! The confidence I see in your smile is the most beautiful accessory you can have!

Next - what? I never win anything?! HOW FUN!

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

Mary looks great!!! I love how she describes herself...

Penny Holland said...

Kathy, I think your new look is comfortable, yet stylish. Great job!

The Calm of His Presence said...

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments. I had a blast answering all the questions. Shari thank you so much for the way you uplift women and help them feel good about themselves. You are an inspiration. I do have to tell you all my precious little 4 year old daughter took the last 2 "after" pictures you see. Didn't she do a fabulous job!

Have a blessed week,

Adelyn said...
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Adelyn said...

I love monday makeovers! Such an encouragement!

Ruth Rackley said...

Wow Mary you look amazing! Now if you would just let your twin sister borrow that green jacket! Joking aside, The only person who has known you longer than me is our Heavenly Father and right now I can honestly say you radiate more confidence and love than I have ever seen. Looks like I need to get my hands on this wonderful book by Shari!
much love from your not so well accessorized twin, ;)Ruth

Beth said...

Enjoyed reading about your transformation to a beautiful you! I too have been in that 'frumpy' stage and recently purchased Shari's book! Looking forward to making positive changes in my wardrobe.

Erin said...

You are beautiful! I love reading Monday Makeovers! They inspire me as did the book! I am learning so much. I too am the jeans and t-shirt gal. I am slowly trying to update my look. Thanks to Shari she is definately helping me!

Emily B ( said...

The scarves are one of my favorite accessories, even in Alabama! they are inexpensive to find, and come in so many different styles and colors!

Melanie said...

I really like the green trench!

Tammy said...

Mary, love the look. The Classic Modern fit you well!

Anonymous said...

Just bought your book and finding our I have lots to learn.