Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What to Wear Wednesday: Questions Answered!

                            Happy Wednesday to you!

I’ve had such a good week, decorated my house (tree’s still not up, but that will get done on Friday), did some shopping, celebrated my son’s 16th birthday and just plain had a wonderful time. I am so grateful for a comfy home…it’s not big and grand, but it’s the place I feel the most relaxed and rested…and a family I love and one that loves me back. God is good.

I promised to answer your questions so this is the week for that!

I went back all the way to the beginning of October and grabbed up all the questions you’ve asked along the way. I hope I didn’t miss any. I also noticed that some of you answered questions for each other and I love when that happens, so thanks to those of you who helped me out on that end.

A few things first!

The winner of the RED SCARF from last week’s blog comments goes to:

Tomi Jo!!!!

Congrats to you, Tomi! Please email me your mailing address so I can get that to you! Send us a pic when you’re all dressed up in it and we’ll show you on here. Speaking of that, for those of you who have won things on this here blog over the past year (I know that wasn’t proper English but I wanted to sound southern (!), I’d love if you’d send me a picture of you either holding it, wearing it, or whatever it is you do with it cause I’d love to do a special photo feature over the Christmas week…so pretty please?

Next thing, for those of you who left comments on October 13th, I told you that you would get a special gift and that gift is a webinar, just for you!

I’m planning it now, so I’ll let you know as soon as it’s set up. There were about 36 of you who left comments that day so I can’t wait to spend time with you. For those of you who didn’t comment that day, don’t worry, you’ll have more opportunities to join a webinar in the new year. I’m planning all kinds of fun stuff!

Okay, so here we go with the questions!

Katy-Anne said...

Hey I have a question about bras. I am sick and tired of being in pain because the wires in my bras keep jabbing me. I've been fitted, and one of my problems is that I'm in between a 38C and 38D, so nothing will fit perfectly.

I need underwire and really need push up as well, but the only comfortable thing I can find right now is a high impact sports bra.

How do I find a bra that is comfortable? My husband is so tired of spending money on them only to have to spend more money a couple of weeks later because my bras are hurting again.

Katy-Anne, most women are in between sizes so finding the best bra for you can be a painful experience, literally. Have you been professionally fitted? If not, please do. Your best bet is a dept. store with someone who has been trained. Call and ask them if they have such a person. I recommend you check out Walcoal bras. They are expensive but they REALLY do the trick. Another really good bra is Le Mystere. Both have underwire and they push you up. You might find that you are really a size 36 when fitted properly and actually be a C or D cup. Let us know the outcome, okay?

Just answered the question above and found out Katy-Anne is pregnant! Congrats! But now she has a new dilemna and if any of you are pregnant, you may be in the same place…here’s here question:

I'm pregnant now, and I have the worst time when I'm pregnant. All I can find for maternity bras are ugly and non-padded, non supportive nursing bras. I've never been able to nurse and never will be able to, so I don't really want an ugly nursing bra. I want a nice, padded, supportive maternity bra. Any suggestions?

My best suggestion is to try Lane Bryant’s maternity bras or Motherhood’s bras. Both have a selection of pretty non-nursing maternity bras.

Mariah asked:
Do you know of any great clothing lines that do fit small bodies...I'm not talking petite, per se, but just skinny styles. I have a friend whose similar in size to me, but way taller...her legs are like a mile long and she can't find long enough pants for her tiny body...have any suggestions, Shari???

YES! Tell your friend to try Banana Republic and The Gap. They have very small sizes AND come in talls!

Karen said...
What do you think about 50-something women and the boots and leggings look? I love it, but am wondering if I can pull it off without looking like I'm trying to reinvent myself as a teenager! I'm 57, 5'4" and 119 lbs. I will NEVER let myself look frumpy, but I'm wondering about this look. So far, I've worn boots with skirts in the fall and winter, but I'm in a quandary on the leggings, though like I said, I love the look! What do you think??

Well Karen, it sounds like you have a pretty good figure, so I’d say go for it! Just make sure your tops are on the longer side of things, just above your knees, and not too short. Sounds like you have good style and would be able to look in the mirror and see if it is a no-no. Trust your own judgement.

Amy Watson said...
Everyone is wearing boots, but me! I did buy a pair this last weekend, but I have been thinking about returning them because I am having a little buyer's remorse. They are black, but I think I need to get a brown pair to match my hair, like you said. Although I wear a lot of black. What should I do?

Amy, if you wear a lot of black, then go with the black. I’m assuming if you’re wearing a lot of black then you’re not a SOFT (right?) so your hair is probably a dark brown, so the black boots are just fine. But even so, if you wear a lot of black with your current wardrobe, then black boots will be perfect for you!

RuthintheDesert said...
What shoes should we be looking for if we can’t wear boots? Any ideas for those of us who are stuck with flats due to back problems?

Ruth, go for a cute ballet flat or a comfortable loafer type. Nurture has really comfy, yet trendy styles, and you can find them on the web or in dept. stores. Find something with a leopard print or croc embossed for a little extra stylin’ edge!

Katie said...
Quick question about wardrobe budgets: What would be a good breakdown of funds, no matter how much you have to spend? (ie. 40% on shoes (because they tend to be more expensive and can last a lot longer if you spend for quality), 30% pants, 20% tops, 10% accessories?) Does that make sense? What are your thoughts?

Instead of breaking it down by percentage, try using my Lifestyle Wardrobe Plan Sheet (you can get it under Free Stuff on my website) and make sure you have all you need based on that. Then, if you need an item, you get it to fill in. It makes more sense, I think, to plan it this way.

Elizabeth said...
I have a very quick question for you. What would you consider to be the best fashion magazine out there?? I love fashion and want to keep up with the trends, but so many of the magazines have celebrity gossip and other stuff that I just don't want to read. InStyle looks like the best to me. But even that still has little stories in the back. So, I don't know. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Elizabeth, I have to agree with you…InStyle would be my choice as well. Hey, anybody up for a Christian fashion mag? Hmmmmm…!!!!

Melinda said...
I love boots and at 5'2" I need the heels but I have developed bunions and the heeled ones hurt so I have been looking for a pair of flat ones...I love yours. How far should boots come up on my leg since I am short. Did you say they are from Dillards? What brand? I need them in black. I also agree with Karen. I am 51 and love the boot with jeggings look but wondering if I can pull it off without looking like I am trying to be younger than I am. I love fashion and would love to be able to wear them.

Melinda, You can def wear boots that go to your knees, no problem. Just create a long line by keeping your boots and leggings or jeggings similar in color so you don’t break up your look. Keep your look as monochromatic as possible. A long scarf with your look in a pattern or pop color will create excitement with your look and elongate you as well. And my boots did come from Dillards and they are by Antonio Milani. They truly are as comfortable as wearing tennis shoes. I think I’ve worn them every single day. I LOVE them. They are very good quality and worth every penny I spent on them. And I checked for you and they DO come in BLACK!
So go get you some!

Seams Inspired: I have a question for you. I only have black boots. Can I get away with wearing a brown skirt / top with black boots? Or do I need to keep it all in the brown family? What are your thoughts?

Find a scarf with a brown/black leopard print a print with black, brown and some other colors in it to pull off the look. Add black accessories with it and you’ve got a good look.

Kerri said:
What about summer and boots??? Shorts and boots??? I am planning ahead but wondering if I can still wear my boots this coming summer. I like to buy to use year round or at least several seasons. Any tips?

Ahhhhh….NO. There, I said it. They just don’t work unless you’re a working girl, ya know? LOL. Leave them for the winter time. Sorry, Kerri. On another note, teenagers can carry off cowboy boots and shorts and get away with it. But not anyone over 30, okay?

Allison Morrison said...
What should I wear with a Cashmere scarf ( I won the drawing over on She Reads). I have no idea! I think it is blue (haven't gotten it yet). Any ideas?

Well, Allison, cashmere goes with just about anything in winter! Wear it with jeans and sweaters, dress pants, a long skirt, with your winter coat, you name it. You can always send me a pic and let me check it out for sure for you. I LOVE cashmere….yummy!

Adelyn said...
What do you think about when you need to put an outfit together fast? Because of school (and EM classes) I only have like 5 minutes to figure out what I'm wearing and I feel like I keep wearing clothes that don't present me in the way I want to be presented {as a modest, yet fashionable teen}. Any suggestions?

Adelyn, this is when having a mix and match wardrobe is the only way to go! Make sure you download my Wardrobe Plan Sheet that I talked about above and plan your wardrobe around it. You cannot miss this way! Basically, when you have 3-4 pair of pants and 5-6 tops that all mix and match, it will all work. Try the plan sheet and let me know how it works for you, okay?

Beth said...
What are some good ho liday looks for someone who is in the WARM color group? I know I'm not supposed to do red or black, but those are two of the most popular holiday colors. Can you tell me how to look festive for parties and family gatherings while staying in my color group? I really don't want to wear green ALL the time! ;-) Thanks!

Absolutely….go gold or copper! There are fabulous sparkly, sequined, and festive tops and sweaters in metallics (for those of you who can wear cool colors, go for pewter or silver metallic) and add your tops to dressy jeans and strappy heels. Or go for skinny pants (or wide leg) and wear the new bootie shoe that is sexy and cute! Get some fabulous dangling earrings and a cuff bracelet, and you're good to go!

Oh girls, this was a lot of info! I need to be better at answering your questions each week so I don’t leave it all for one time! I wonder how best to do this?
 If you can answer below in the comment section one of the following, I have a few books to give away!!!! Just in time for Christmas!!!!! How about I give away 2 books and 2 scarves in pop colors????? Sooooo….FOUR WINNERS this week! Comment about one of following:
  • Best way for me to answer your questions  OR
  • What would you like to see in a webinar in 2011...topics?
So there ya go! Have a wonderful, faith-filled, fashionable week!

                                             Love ya!!!! Shari

You may have to scroll down a little (or a lot) to get to the comment section...have no idea why this crazy thing is doing this!


Ruth said...

Hi Shari,
How about "Makeover Monday", "What to Wear Wednesday", and "FYI Friday" (For Your Information) - a quick blog to answer any questions asked during the week?
As far as Webinars go, I'd love to discuss the idea of passing onto our daughters the ideas of looking good and being the (young) woman God created her to be without encouraging a sense of dressing for others or vanity. I have an 11 year old tomboy and find it really difficult to encourage her to dress "nicely" (i.e. not in green trackpants and an orange top every day this week!). Would love to hear your thoughts :)

Megan C said...

Hi Shari and readers! I'm an RN at a senior care home, and at the age of 27, I'm a supervisor. I try to present myself professionally, while abiding by our dress code. I would be interested in a webinar about looking my best in scrubs, and uniforms of any industry for that matter.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ruth on the FYI Friday. I think it is a brilliant idea but of course I truly could read your blog 5 days a week!!!! I find it so informative but you are the one having to manage and balance your time. Thank-you so much for helping all us fashion challenged women. I would love to read your book!!! Nicole

Seams Inspired said...

Thanks for answering my question, Shari, as well as all the questions! It was very informative and fun to read. :o)

I've been on a pictorial fashion journey this week, as I've looked back through the decades leading up to my 40th birthday. Fashion was pretty scary for me during the 80s! And all that high hair! LOL I'm glad to have a blog such as yours to refer to when I feel fashionably challenged. Thanks!

Happy Wednesday! :o)

Katie said...

Hi Shari!

In regards to answering questions, I feel like there was a month or so that you did a "combo" on Wednesdays - You presented your prepared information and answered questions from the previous week. I thought that worked well because the questions from the previous week were usually a few points of clarification or specificty from that week's topic and the new topic spurned the new questions, etc....but I also like the FYI Fridays idea.
Webinar topics...In all honesty, I can't think of many things that I have questions about that you either haven't already covered or that are just very specific to me. Being that I live in Chicagoland, anything about making your wardrobe work year-round would be great. I like to try to make my tanks do double duty by layering under cardigans in the fall, but more ideas about that would always be welcome!

Thank you for all that you do for us!

Vanessa said...

FYI Friday sounds like fun! I like that idea! I don't have too much to say for the webinars... I've never seen one, so I don't know what to recommend. :-) You're doing a great job! Thank you!

Shelia B. said...

FYI Friday sounds wonderful but as another commenter noted - Shari you are the one who has to do it so it is your time that has to be put into it. I haven't had the chance to get your book yet - no bookstores close to me. I have to drive over an hour away to find one. But it is planned to be my Christmas present to myself. I just ordered. So, i'm sure there will be lots more questions to come.

Karen said...

Thanks for answering my question about the leggings and boots! I am going to let the mirror be the judge, just ordered some denim leggings and we'll see! I planned on wearing tunic-length tops and all should be well! My comment though is about the Christian fashion magazine. What a fabulous idea! There has to be a huge audience for that sort of thing! Real life, real it!

jacque said...

A Friday Blog post sounds great to me too! I wait every Monday and Wednesday for your posts so another day would give me one more thing to look forward too! I say GO FOR IT!!!

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of FYI Friday but like others have said, it is your time and only you know what you can manage in it :) I would like to make a suggestion to the folks who are asking about leggings/jeggings. I have found boot cut jeggings and just love them. So very comfy and flattering. I am 44, 5'2" size 6/8 and every time I wear a pair I am complemented. I, of course, still wear tops that are long but not necessarily tunic length (which I have been told is finger tip or longer). I do still wear leggings tucked in boots and get compliments on them, also.
Hope everyone has a woderful week.

Cheryl said...

I agree with the others about the FYI Friday idea. If that seems too daunting, perhaps just a special edition post on the first Friday. I also like the idea of adding the questions to Wed's post because it is helpful when they tie in to previously discussed info.

I would love to see you offer webinars by body type where you would discuss the best ways to achieve flattering looks for various environments/occasions (out shopping, at church, small group gathering, at home, date night, office party, etc.). I struggle with how to match the level of formal/casual of my clothes with the event.

As always, thank you so much for all that you do. I was just about to search your site for that wardrobe planner, so I'm very excited that you linked to it. I'm about to get serious about cleaning out that closet!

Ashley said...

I just love you, Shari! You are such a wealth of information. I love the questions that these ladies come up with and want to know the answers :)
Love Ruth's idea of the FYI Fridays. But that could add to your already busy schedule. You could just add it to Wednesdays (even in a separate post that you schedule to post on that day) to answer questions from the previous week.
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer all these questions!
Merry Christmas!

One More Equals Four said...

I love Cheryl's idea about the Webinar. I have so many questions about how to dress my body type since I read the book. I am so fashion challenged...maybe you just need a fashion guide for me! :) Really, I love that idea, though.

As for FYI Fridays, love the idea but echo the thoughts of the other ladies. As much as I try, I just can't seem to blog more than once a week and you are already doing it twice. Your family comes first...even though we wish you could help us every day!

Carol said...

I would like to hear more about stretching a wardrobe over several seasons - I'm in Indiana and like Katie, try to make as many things as possible work year round. As to answering questions, once a month FYI Fridays sounds good.

~Brenda said...

Shari, thanks for answering the questions! The most helpful to me were finding out where to shop for small sizes and what to wear during the holiday’s as I too am in the warm category. I like the idea of having a day for answering our questions; any day that would suit your schedule is fine by me.

While in my 30’s & 40’s I worked in clothing retail. I had fashion all around me and loved how I was inspired and knew what to wear. A few years after I left retail; I didn’t have my pulse on the current trends.

I would like to see a webinar on fashion for those of us over 50; I agree with Karen and Melinda I want to dress fashionably and age appropriate.

Daphne said...

Hi, Shari :-) I love the suggestion of an FYI Friday, but it would require a lot from you. Perhaps just answering a few questions each week from the previous week would be easier on you and still help all of us.

As far as webinars, I agree that something on teaching our girls to honor the Lord with their fashion choices would be great. To add on to that, how do we address this issue in our extended families? In our churches? It breaks my heart to see girls (and their moms!) wearing things to church that shouldn't ever be worn, but as women, we all know how sensitive a topic it is and how much pain it can cause if not addressed in a most loving and non-threatening way. What do you think?

Your book is on my wish-list. We moved a few months ago and I haven't been able to purchase it because funds are too tight right now. I've heard such wonderful things, though, that I can't wait to read it!

Also, I'm following up with a Kika Paprika rep here in MN to see about the line and possibly becoming a rep! Thanks for the wonderful find!

Libbi H. said...


Emily B ( said...

I think it may have been said, but one day devoted to answering a few questions, or maybe answer one or two questions along with the Wednesday blog.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to know what to do when you are a 29 year old gal who is trendy and loves the fashion, married, no kids, and needs the larger sizes. Seems like lately all the stores I find larger clothing in is horizontally striped (yikes) or somethign my grandma would have worn. Very frustrating.

Katy-Anne said...

Shari I love the idea of FYI Friday postings too. I also love the idea of a Christian fashion magazine, and have actually wanted to do one, but I fear that it would be "too conservative" for most of the women who read here. I would be willing to help write stories for someone else who was doing one, because I know you all wouldn't appreciate mine very much lol. I could be the conservative side of things for whoever did it haha.

Shari, I have two Blogger blogs, and I think the big spaces at the end have to do with how many times you hit "enter" during your post. Once you get to the end of the post you are drafting, put the cursor way down the bottom, as far as it can go, and keep hitting "delete" until you get up to the last period of your last sentence. That might help, it's what I have had to do a few times. It would be easy to then edit it out of your other posts as well.

Your book is on my Christmas wish list and I have a sneaking suspicion it might be one of the things my husband bought for me.

Mariah said...

Hi Shari, thanks for answering my question. I like the idea of answering the questions on a separate blog post on Wed. If you alreay have the time to do it that day, that would be great and less confusing than adding it in to the new "what to wear" Wed. topic.

So, what's a webinar exactly? And how are we going to do that with you? As far as questions for that..I'd ask you to really define colors. I still think some of us are miss using our colors. I think I'm a soft, but I see others who say they are a soft and we are definitely not wearing the same type of colors...lots of colors and distinct differences would be really great to see.

I'm going to e-mail you about the posting a picture of what I won. :)

Tonya said...

I agree with FYI Friday. That was going to be my suggestion, too. Just take the questions from the week and post the answers on Friday.

Love your blog!

Tonya Mankin
Rogers, Ar

Brenda & Jason said...

I think answering the questions under the following week's topic or doing a Friday Finale with answers from that current week are both great ideas. I enjoy your blog a great deal!

I'm not familiar with a webinar, but I think hearing about how to wear scarves, hats (yes or no), how to pair jewelry appropriately with the outfits (not too dressy, not too casual, not too attention-getting, etc) would all be helpful.

Thanks for working hard to make us all feel more beautiful!
Brenda B.

Elin said...

I liked Ruths' comment! Mabye you should do the FYI Friday thing and until you catch up do the comments from a post or two. I hope that makes sense!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

FYI Friday sounds like a great idea! You wouldn't have to post it weekly. Maybe every other week. Then you wouldn't get overwhelmed with lots of questions at once.

Bridget said...

Thanks Shari. This was such good stuff today! I think answering the questions on a different day is a great idea. Maybe you could start a draft post and work at it as the week progresses with questions. (Easier said than done...LOL!)
For the webinar, I think separating it by body type would be nice. Seeing how to take the standard pieces and change up the looks for diffent occassions would be so helpful. I'm visual, so I need to see it to understand it.

Thanks again..I really enjoy the blog.

Adelyn said...

Thank you so much, Shari, for answering out numerous questions! I love Ruth's idea of FYI Fridays! And then you could follow it up the next Friday {so you would have all week to work on it. haha} with something like feedback Friday.

For the Webinar, it would be really cool to have one about hair. yes hair. So many people have beautiful hair, but have know idea how to wear it. Because you're not a hairdresser, I guess this could be a bit challenging... so I have one more idea - what about a webinar all about makeup? That would be so helpful to many!

Kimberly said...

Well, I have to agree that I love the FYI Friday idea. If that is asking too much though, maybe just tag a question/answer on the end of the Mon/Wed posts?
Thanks for all you do!!

Anonymous said...

Love the Friday idea of having questions answered. Great suggestion.

Penny Holland said...

Hi Shari,
I like someone else's idea of adding a question day to the blog. I know that creates another day where you must give the blog your attention, however, it would also present an opportunity for readers to answer and assist each other and it would cut the number of questions into bite-sized pieces for you.
I'd like to see something perhaps for teenage girls for one of your webinars. My 17 year old daughter watched one with me recently when we first discovered you via Amy Bayliss. She and I have ordered your book and are reading through it now. She's more interested in fashion than I am and I think young women would benefit from mentoring regarding personal grooming and style.

THanks for your blog!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Shari for all the wonderful and awesome advice you give!!! Thanks for using your God given gifts to help the fashion challenged like me!!! Keep up the great work and I would love to buy a Christian Fashion meets Faith magazine!! God bless you and may your greatest dreams be the least of God's reality for your life!!!

NicoleM said...

I love the idea of the FYI Friday. Today's post was very helpful. I would love to see more like this.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! FYI Friday would be great! Affordable fashion would be a really helpful webinar for me.

Anonymous said...

Affordable fashion. Brands to suggest. Colors and accessories, too. More on hairstyles.

Henna-Maria said...

Thank you for this great blog! I am reading through your book at the moment. I am so stuck with the Color Me Beautiful seasonal groups that I wonder if I'll ever recover from being a 'summer' and wear gold without guilt :D I think I am soft....still trying to confirm it...
I liked the way you answered the questions on Wednesdays from the last week. Often you had a chance to explain and clarify your previous post. But if you have time to blog and love doing it, go for an extra day!
What is a webinar?

rskmom said...

I would love to see pix of the mix-n-match wardrobe in action - the pants with various tops, the top with various pants, etc.

Molly said...

Would love to see more on how to be fashionable after 50 without crossing the fine line between looking good and looking like you're trying to be 20 again. I so DON'T want to look like a dowdy old woman but I sure don't want to be one of those gals who dresses like their granddaughter.

Cynthia said...

Love the FYI Friday gig!

I would like to know more about dressing for body type and hairstyle for face shapes. I am not a super trendy buyer but I do want to have a look that is in style for a longer haul than a blink of an eye.

Anonymous said...

Shari, I'd like to see some cute shoes for those of us with wide with feet! I LOVE shoes but have a hard time finding wide widths that are fashionable.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shari! I'm a college gal fashionista who had been struggling with how to bring God into my wardrobe choices. Then I found your book! I've since shared it with my entire family, and all my other friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I would love it if you offered a webinar (or even just highlighted the topics in a blog post!) on (1)how to apply make-up to best highlight your features (I've read several tips in fashion magazines, but you have a gift for writing in a no-nonsense, easy to understand style!), and/or (2) How to rock your style in different climates. I will be moving soon from Michigan to Central Florida - and I am clueless when it comes to transfering my cold-weather style to a very-hot-weather style without becoming immodest or wearing t-shirts all the time!

Ayla E

Katie said...

You could answer a question or two on Makeover Monday, although FYI Friday sounds good, too! Also, it would be great to have an Ask Shari section of the blog where the answered questions are. :) Merry Christmas, a bit early! said...

suggestions for woman in their 50's, 60's & 70's to look updated as well as appropriate.

I also like the FYI Friday suggestion!

Lauri said...

I loved the marathon question and answer section :) Selfishly, because I just read your blog for the first time. It is inspiring as I am in my "before" phase...just sent you my picture to confirm the color analysis. As for ongoing question and answer, I would dedicate one day each week "Weekly Wonders"..."Friday Fashion Facts" OR one day each month "Monthly Q & A"..."Personal Monthly Session...PMS you can look forward to"..."Monthly My-Dolls"..Okay, I will any case, no matter how it is done, I am excited to have discovered it!


Dina-Marie said...

I enjoyed today's long answer session. I have just returned home from a hospital stay and have enjoyed catching up over the past 2 weeks of info - missed ya!

Anonymous said...

I hadn't noticed before in my searches!
Excellent and helpful factor of perspective on the subject, I’d be interested in hearing much more on what you had to say.