Monday, December 13, 2010

MONDAY MAKEOVER: Brenda Breckbill!

 Happy Monday Makeover Day!!!!! I have heard from sooooo many readers thru emails and comments that you are absolutely LOVING Monday Makeover! I'm soooooo glad you do and that I listened to you...because it was YOUR idea that I do this, remember? 

Anyway, for those of you who are new to this blog or feature on this blog, Monday is the day we get to meet someone who has read my book Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad and find out how it affected her. The reader answers some questions and also lets us see some before and after pics of her. Before pictures of what she looked like BEFORE she read the book, and AFTER pics of her showing us what she looks like now!

This week I am excited to introduce you to BRENDA BRECKBILL.
Brenda is a stay at home mom and has an infant daughter and a toddler son. She's been married for 9 years to a wonderful, patient man! They reside in a small town in Pennsylania and she enjoys reading, sewing (often done for Christmas gifts), scrapbooking, baking (although she says now it's not as much fun because she doesn't eat it!) and her newfound hobby of shopping! (I think that's thanks to me! LOL!)

Let's take a look at 2 BEFORE pics of Brenda:

Now let's take a look at some AFTER pics of her:

Describe the woman you saw in the mirror before you read this book.

I saw a frumpy, extremely fluffy young woman who could look better, but didn’t know how to nor had the motivation to do all the work required for it.

 Inquiring minds want to know all about you! Give details!

I am a practical and frugal lady, so spending time and money on my appearance just didn’t fit with my values at that time. Also, I am soon 33 years old and am 5’3” tall. I always dealt with being overweight, but put on a lot of weight after the birth of each child. I am currently a size 18.
Also, I am a SOFT.

 Did this book affect you spiritually? If so, how?

I read the book “Captivating” several years ago, and the prelude to this book is similar to what “Captivating” covers. That was a great reminder about how women reflect God’s beauty—we’re made in His image. I also had been thinking I really needed to lose weight because my kids would most likely end up overweight or obese if their mother was. Even if they didn’t, I didn’t want them to be embarrassed about me when they started school. However, I didn’t think I could ever lose the weight because I lacked the self-control. I loved food and used it to soothe myself emotionally when I was frustrated or upset. When I read the beginning of “Good Girls Don’t Have To Dress Bad” and saw that my body is not my own but a temple of the Holy Spirit as well as belonging to God, I was convicted. I knew this in my head, but the book drove the point directly to my heart. He created me to convey his glory. The weight I was carrying around and my attitude and behavior toward food did not align with that! I knew there was no other option. In order to please God, I had to get my food attitude and choices in line. I needed my body to be healthy and honor Him with it. That was a month ago (at the writing of this), and I’ve lost 13 pounds. I am not looking to be thin. My goal is to be the healthy weight I was when I first got married. I’d love to fit into a size 12 again! I’m so grateful that God used this book to get me where He wanted me.

 What was your favorite chapter and why?

I love the whole book because it was exactly what I needed. I knew very little about fashion and how to put things together. I’d look in my closet and dread dressing for church because I felt I didn’t have anything to wear that looked great. Each chapter was so important in giving me an overall beautiful look. I can’t believe the transformation in me. My husband says that people are soon going to start commenting that he married out of his league.  Obviously the hints and helps in the book worked at transforming me! I love to get dressed each day now! It’s such fun and there are so many options! I really enjoy having jeans that fit! I am a “d” body type, and so I loved that I could go to 2 stores, pick out exactly the brand and size that would fit me and be done with it. I always dreaded jean shopping before!

 What practical steps did you take to give yourself this makeover?

I first ordered color swatches and got a haircut. (I was too frugal to pay for a hairstylist, so for years my husband used to trim my hair.) I used my much forgotten nail polish, weeded out the clothes that didn’t fit into my correct coloring or body type, wrote out a shopping list for the things I needed according to the book, and started sale shopping!
I didn’t realize how fun it all would be.

 What was the biggest challenge for you during this process?

 I wasn’t sure I wanted to do a skin care regimen (that Mary Kay Miracle Set stuff isn’t cheap and it takes time!), but decided I might as well do it and do things right. My husband and I both think my skin look so much younger after just a month of use. It doesn’t seem like a chore now. I actually kind of enjoy it because it’s a way to pamper myself; I guess it makes me feel special.

 What did you determine your clothing style is and do you like knowing this?

I love the classic modern look, and so that’s what I’m buying clothes to look like. I do like to know this because it helps me further narrow my search results when shopping.

 What was the most memorable or transforming part of all of this?

 Knowing how to shop is amazing! It makes life so much easier and shopping so much fun! I know what I need and what I’m looking for, and so I’m shopping with purpose!

 Who do you see in the mirror now?

I see a beautiful lady who radiates God’s glory and who now walks with confidence.

 Any final words for us?

Enjoy the moment of dressing, putting on makeup and doing your skin care regimen. It does take time, but the results can be so dramatic and you might as well enjoy how beautiful you look!

 Why do you recommend this book to others and what benefit does it have for someone who reads it?

This book is so amazing for anybody!
Even those who think they know about fashion could learn something further from it, I’m sure. Shari did all the research for us!
Why not take advantage of that knowledge?

Oh Brenda, thank you so much!!!!!!!! We had a wonderful time getting to know you and I'm thrilled to tell our readers that Brenda is giving away something special today! She is giving away a hand-made crocheted dish cloth! I would love to have one, how about you?

Gals, let Brenda know how amazing she looks and pour on the love!

And for last week's winner of the Microdermabrasion, I'll announce it on Wednesday's blog after Mary picks the winners today!
Love you girls!!
Pray for me...while you're reading this, I'm at Jury Duty! I told my husband I just might lead a fashion workshop for the other jurors to pass the time away...he thought I lost my mind...LOL!
Love ya,
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The Calm of His Presence said...


You look absolutely amazing! When I scrolled down to your after pictures my mouth fell open! I could see your proud Mommy glow in your before pictures. In your after pics I see a confident, radiant woman. So proud of you.


One More Equals Four said...

WOW!!! You could possibly be the most amazing transformation yet...and there have been some amazing transformations! You look fabulous and you can really see the confidence on your face in the after pictures! Great job on the weight loss and keep it up. You really do look amazing!

Danette said...

I kept scrolling back and forth between the before and after pics trying to decide if it was actually the same person!

Shut up! You look fantastic!!! Congratulations!!!

jacque said...

Brenda, you look fabulous! I can so relate to the weight issue. About three years ago I went through the same kind of thing. Funny, though as I began to dress better it was easier to get the weight off. I started too just to be healthy and lost more weight than I ever dreamed I would. I guess I felt better about myself to start with and it just snowballed from there. I lost a total of 40 pounds. The first 10 came off and then I took about a 5 year break! I'm really sorry that I did that (we did a lot of moving and job changes during that time) but then I got my head back on straight and started to exercise which was a big boost for me. Today I'm a size 6/8 (I'm only 5'2" so you have an inch on me!) and healthier than I've been in my life. I walk or ride my stationary bike every day but Sunday (I need one day off!) and eat right. Now it's second nature. Weight control really does have to be a life-style change and not a diet! Good luck to you. You're sooo on the right road.
Love the hair cut and the suit! I'm a soft too so I loved seeing the colors you have on.
Your comment from you hubs sounds like something mine would say! Loved hearing it!
Good luck and thanks so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

WOW! I had to take a double look to be sure it was the same person. You look great.

Daphne said...

Wow...just wow. I can't believe it's the same person! The haircut made such a HUGE difference! It's so cute and really makes you look so put-together :-) I really love the jeans and denim jacket on you...looks like something I would wear!! Congrats on your weight loss!! That's a hard journey, sometimes, but so very worth it in so many ways. Best of luck continuing on and happy shopping!

Terry said...

You look amazing! Your body type is the same as mine and Classic Modern is my style too! It was encouraging for me to see your after photos...I need to go shopping! :)

Karen said...

WoW!! What a beautiful transformation, Brenda! Although I did notice something that was the same on both your before and after pictures - your beautiful smile! :)

Lauri said...

I am just beginning my journey as I sit here writing this in no-makeup, adorned in a baggy sweatshirt and cut-off sweat pants :) I just ordered my color swatch set...after reading your story and seeing your pictures...I think I need to order the book! I identify with your "before" self and aspire now to identify with your absolutely fabulous "after" self!

Thank you for sharing your inspirational story!!


Emily B ( said...

Incredible! Now the outside reflects the amazing inside!

KarenA said...

This is the first time I've left a comment about one of the makeovers. They are all great, but yours is over the top amazing. I have to tell you, when I saw your first picture holding the baby, I thought, I'll be she'd be such a blast to spend a day shopping with, going to have an incredible smile and look like a girl who would be so much fun to be around! When I scrolled down, I thought, wow, maybe I should get my hair cut! Your cut is great (I've been down the 'having a friend trim it road') and it is now worth it to me too spending the money on a good cut. Keep it up Brenda! You look so classy! And you still have a great smile! Congratulations and thanks for the inspiration!! (Your little boy is adoreable!)

~Brenda said...

I'm so impressed with your makeover; with the clothes and new haircut you look marvelous and self- assured! Congratulations on the weight loss and keep up the good work! Thanks for being an inspiration!

Kelsie said...

Brenda~ You look amazing! As a Mary Kay Consultant, I'm glad to hear that you are taking great care of your skin. The results are SO worth it!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow, wow, Wow!!! Congratulations on finding your new look ang shining from the inside out!

Anonymous said...

Brenda you look even better in life then in the photos.

Thanks for taking care of your self, and letting God's beauty shine though you.

I'm so proud of how you made a choice and worked at loosing the weight. Not only do you look great, but you're taking better care of the body God gave you. Way to go.

Carol said...

Brenda - The first thing I noticed about you was your wonderful smile. Your son looking up at you like he his - he thinks his mom is pretty darn neat. The changes are astonishing. You are remarkable. And beautiful. Your story is inspiring. I'm ready to read Shari's book again and see if I can do better.

Libbi H. said...


Renee Swope said...

Brenda, you really do look amazing!! I enjoyed your story as much as your photos, too. It's so encouraging and fun to read all that you gained and the way you value yourself enough to apply all that Shari's book offered to you. What an inspiration you are!

Mariah said...

Love the transformation!!! Keep it up, mama, it's so worth it!!! God bless you and your little ones!!! They will not be disappointed in their mother! Love, from a sister in Christ with little ones too!!!